Flightscope Mevo vs SC300 – Which One Should I Buy?

FS Mevo

A good golf launch monitor should be convenient, accurate and give the shot data and metrics that matter most. If you are in the market for a golf launch monitor to improve your swing and lower your handicap, you owe it to yourself to read our review.

Today we are pitting two of the most popular golf launch monitors against each other to help you decide which one would be the better buy for you. We focused on performance, features, price point and their overall ability to help a golfer improve his or her swing.

Before we begin we should say that there is a lot that both of these models can offer but we did feel that one was a cut above the other. Take a look at what we found.


The Flighscope Mevo

Mevo Review

The Flightscope Mevo provides audio feedback after every shot you take. You set it up a recommended 4 to 7 feet behind the ball and the voice feature tells you how far you hit each shot. It can be used both indoors and outdoors since it relies on Doppler radar for its readings.

It is important to note that the Flightscope Mevo does not have a heads-up display so you more or less have to rely on smartphone connectivity to control it. That being said, it does provide smash factor, ball speed, club head speed, swing tempo, carry distance, spin rate and of course distance.

Some of the more advanced metrics it provides that we thought were helpful include apex shot height, vertical launch angle and hang time.

You can sync the Flightscope Mevo to your phone via the Flightscope App which allows you to store shot data and even see the superimposed data of your shots applied to actual video footage. This works by using your phone’s camera to record your shot and applying the data onto the video.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Accurate with long fairway shots and drives
  • Has a great battery life
  • The video data feature is really cool
  • You can see the data/video overlay on your TV or device
  • Voice readings are fast and responsive


  • No heads-up display
  • Some shots require metallic stickers to read
  • Doesn’t have a modern design
  • Too many functions are only accessible through your phone


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The Swing Caddie SC300

The Swing Caddie SC300 is a bit more of a straight-forward, self-contained unit. While it does also provide voice output for the distance of each shot you take, there is also a heads-up display that shows you all pertinent data depending on which mode you are in.

In practice mode, you will get readings on carry, launch angle, apex, smash factor, swing speed and ball speed (as well as distance which you will hear from the device itself). You can also manually change the club you are using by pressing the club/loft angle button at the top.

You can control the Swing Caddie SC300 with a remote control too which is convenient since you don’t have to bend over and press buttons when you want to switch modes. You can also connect and control this launch monitor with your phone via Bluetooth.

The Swing Caddie SC300 also uses Doppler radar to track shots up to 370 yards. It is powered by a single lithium ion battery and takes about 3 hours for it to get a full charge after it’s been nearly drained.



  • Can be controlled via remote control
  • Features a heads-up LCD display
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Voice output
  • The target mode is pretty fun and helpful
  • Very accurate with shorter shots


  • Seems to read a little long on drives
  • The screen freezes sometimes
  • Easy to lose Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ball spin readings don’t seem accurate


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Performance Comparison

We tested both these launch monitors with the same clubs. We started with our drivers and found that the Mevo’s spin speed readings offered a lot of information on what was going wrong and what was going right with our drives when compared to our swing speed.

The SC300 left more to the imagination which was less helpful for us in determining what needed to be changed with our clubs. But we really liked that you can see all the pertinent information on shots right away on the heads-up display of the SC300.

With the Mevo, you have to take out your phone and look at it in order to see more detailed shot information. At least though, the Flightcsope Mevo app is very easy to use and intuitive.

But of course, accuracy is king when it comes to launch monitors. We also tested both of these devices with lob wedges for those tough to gage in-between shots. In this arena, both the SC300 and the Flighscope Mevo performed very accurately.

Where the accuracy gap widened a bit was on longer shots. With our woods, we were noticing that the SC300 was giving anywhere from 3 to 10 extra yards on our shots. We found the Flightscope Mevo to be accurate to within 2-3 yards on these same shots.

What About the Garmin G80?

G80 Review 2

You may also be looking at the Garmin G80 which also has a launch monitor function. The Garmin G80 would be a great device for you if you can also find use for golf GPS functionality. It has preloaded course information, a green view setting and a fun practice mode that you can use anywhere.

And as a launch monitor you get distance, smash factor, club head speed and ball speed information. The basics. But overall, if you want more information on your shot that can help you improve, a pure launch monitor would probably be better for you.

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Which is the Better Buy?

Accuracy is so important with these kinds of devices so we have to go with the Flighscope Mevo. It was more accurate overall and that’s what matters most.

The SC300 has the LCD display and the convenient controllability but those are negligible advantages in light of compromised accuracy.

Plus, both these launch monitors hover around the $500 price range so we think the Flightscope Mevo is overall the better buy. If you want to improve your swing, give the Flightscope Mevo a try.



Flightscope Mevo

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