Dynamic Gold S200 Vs Dynamic Gold S300

The shafts that you plug into your irons should say only accurate things about you as a player.

The shafts you use in your irons are extremely important and should reflect your strengths as a player – as well as compensate for some of your weaknesses.

If you have ever shopped for iron shafts, then you already know the name Dynamic Gold. Arguably one of the most iconic and recognizable iron shafts on the market, the Dynamic Gold series has a little something for everybody. The only question is, which of their shafts offers the most for you. In today’s comparison overview, we will be taking a close look at the Dynamic Gold S200 and S300 shafts to help you decide which is better for your game.

Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft Overview

“The Dynamic Gold S200 comes in stiff flex and is the lightest Dynamic Gold stiff flex option.”

You can also choose between  tapered and parallel tips. This is a 127g gram steel iron shaft that has a very smooth bend profile. Though there is slight activity just below the butt  section, you can load up without fear of instability at impact.

Dynamic Gold S300 Overview

“The Dynamic Gold S300 is a slightly heavier version of the Dynamic Gold S200 shaft.”

The S300 checks in at 130 grams so it is a nice middle ground for players with moderate swing speeds. Like the Dynamic Gold S200, most of the action occurs just below the grip section. The confining of action higher up in the shaft allows for a lower trajectory that moderate to fast swing speed players will really enjoy. And like all Dynamic Gold shafts, you can expect a silky smooth transition from the Dynamic Gold S300.

Key Differences

“The only difference of note is weight.”

The Dynamic Gold S200 is a 127 gram shaft while the Dynamic Gold S300 is a 130 gram shaft. The bend profiles are very similar and you can get them both in either parallel or taper tips.

Who Should Buy Each?

“It will essentially come down to your swing speed.”

While it may not seem like it, a three-gram difference in weight could have a huge impact on your swing. Our testers who swung under 90 MPH fared better with the Dynamic Gold S200 because it allowed them to increase their club head speed without detracting from accuracy. Most of our testers swinging above 90 MPH preferred the stability of the Dynamic Gold S300. They reported that the Dynamic Gold S300 was more congenial to their strong loading action.

Dynamic Gold S200 First Impressions

“During testing, we of course noticed how light the Dynamic Gold S200 was in comparison to the S300.”

However, we were surprised that a shaft in this weight class was able to achieve such a low trajectory. By no means is the Dynamic Gold S200 the lightest steel shaft on the market. But it was really nice to see such a manageable and comfortable shaft still achieve low trajectory congenial to faster swing speeds.

Key Features & Performance

The strategic weight placement in this shaft is really what gives it its accuracy. Most of the mass was placed near the tip in order to enhance stiffness. That means that even when you load up on this shaft, the club head will return to a square position and yield a straight shot – as long as you are at least moderately accurate. And even with the stiffer tip section, the Dynamic Gold S200 still manages to feel light and manageable in the hands and on your downswing.

Dynamic Gold S200 Irons Review

Most of our testers weren’t getting huge distance increases in the long irons.

They averaged between 2 and 5 extra yards of distance gains over their gamers. But the Dynamic Gold S200 really shined in the short game. Almost all of our testers mentioned that they felt more control over the club head and knew where it was at every point in their swinging motion. This led to better spin control, rollout distance and distance control.

Dynamic Gold S200 Wedges Review

The same control was displayed in the wedges.

We were able to achieve optimal apex height. We were also very pleased with the wedge consistency.

Dynamic Gold S300 First Impressions

“Even in this heavier shaft, we could feel the action below the grip.”

The Dynamic Gold S300 wasn’t a very fun shaft to test because it was so consistent. Even on full swings, the Dynamic Gold S300 wants to stay out of the wind and rollout a good amount. Despite a clear high kick, you could expect the same launch window and shot shape.

Key Features & Performance

The high kickpoint offers a lively feel to an otherwise stout-feeling shaft. The S300 doesn’t feel boardy by any means; but you only really activate it with strong loading.

Dynamic Gold S300 Irons Review

Our testers loved the clean release they got from the long irons.

You could just tell that the Dynamic Gold S300 was pulling its weight on full swings.

Dynamic Gold S300 Wedges Review

The launch was a little disappointing in the wedges.

However, most of our testers were able to put enough spin on the ball to hold greens.

Dynamic Gold S200 Pros & Cons


  • Feels light
  • Active below the grip
  • Improves smash factor
  • Great spin control
  • Workable launch


  • Short-iron rollout
  • Not great for slow swing speeds

Dynamic Gold S300 Pros & Cons


  • Excellent consistency
  • Smooth load/release
  • Great for fast swing speeds
  • Good spin control
  • Great long-iron distance


  • Take a strong load to activate
  • May be too stout for some

Who Should Buy it?

“The Dynamic Gold S200 is a great option for anyone who wants a lighter DG shaft.”

It will easily work for 80-90 MPH swing speed players and is a manageable transition if you’re switching from graphite shafts.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy it?

“Anyone with a moderate to aggressive tempo.”

Only strong loads will activate this shaft and yield significant distance gains. So we recommend it for players in the 91-95 MPH swing speed range.

Overall Score: 95/100

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