Does The Swing Jacket Really Work – Reviews, Comparison & Other Effective Training Aids

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With the golf season almost upon us, golf is picking back up and plenty of people are getting out on the course and onto the range in an attempt to hit the ball further or at least straight the majority of the time.

Slices, mishits and air shots are an all too common occurrence for the beginner golfer and a ton of training aids, gadgets and gizmos have made their way onto the market to address the issues that players have in their games.

The swing jacket is one of these training aids and PGA Star Padraig Harrington once referred to it as the most effective training aid on the market right now.

Is The Swing Jacket Effective

Swing Jackets

The swing jacket absolutely will force you to use your full body in the swing and use your hips to turn through the golf ball.

I got to mid handicap level with a pretty poor swing and I would constantly find that I was slicing and skewing the ball. I had an arm swing and found it difficult to turn my hips into the movement and while I was achieving good and consistent scores, I was sacrificing a ton of distance, especially on my drives by not following through and this was causing me to mess up on my approach shots as well.

I was being too cautious, playing it safe by using an arm swing and playing it safe was actually costing me a lot more than I was gaining.

The swing jacket has been a huge help for me in correcting my swing. I would play with other mid handicap and low handicap players all the time and they would tell me my about my swing and I would try to listen to them and incorporate what they were saying but it always would feel unnatural and I would revert back to my ‘Old Man’ swing.

The Swing jacket has ultimately help me to fix up my arm swing and I’m hitting the ball further and straighter naturally now. I only had to use the jacket for about 2 months on the range and I was done with it for good. My new swing has allowed me to hit further and straighter, reducing my score and my handicap almost immediately. Sure you could pay for expensive golf lessons and that still may be a viable option for you but if your problem is an ‘Arm Swing’ like I had, this will work wonders for you.

Ok So Know Here Is The Downside

Swing Jacket

Getting this device on for the first couple of times is an absolute pain in **** and while you are wearing it, you look like someone who is wearing a strait jacket and that is not a million miles away from the truth.

I love the device and how effective it is but I always find myself looking for a quiet corner of the driving range where nobody would see me and I would hit my first 30 or so balls with the swing jacket on before removing it (With great difficult) and trying to maintain the same rhythm and tempo for as if I had the device on and the improvement in my swing would carry over onto swings without the device.

The more I used the device, the earlier I felt comfortable taking off into my range session and after 2 months I didn’t need the device at all. As with anything, it is important to be consistent with this device and it will get the job done.

The Downside is that it is difficult to put on and take off, the way it looks will put a lot of golfers off and you have to be consistent in practicing with it for the improvements in your swing to etched into your muscle memory.

It also costs about $150 which will put some people off and you need to get the adjustment just right for maximum benefit.

Your friends will probably laugh at you if you bring it on the course but on the range or at home it should do fine and it definitely does the trick in correcting your swing.

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Swing Jacket vs Swing Shirt

Swing Shirt

The swing shirt is less than half the price of the swing jacket and it is about twice as easy to put it on and wear it.

We found that the swing shirt wasn’t as strict as the jacket but it was still good at forcing you to keep arms in the correct alignment and to turn your body into each swing.

Again the swing shirt is not a magic bullet but if have trouble turning your back foot into your swing and using the proper swing plane, these are the perfect training aids for you.

We found the Swing jacket to be slightly more effective but it also comes with a higher price tag and is far more difficult to put so we would have no trouble recommending the Swing Shirt if you are in the market for something to improve your swing.

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Swing Shirt 2

The Swing Jacket, while awkward to put on and set and looks just as awkward, was really effective in helping us to improve our game. You can use this at home or on the range but it is a bit slow and cumbersome for actually using on the course and you would look like an idiot.

Even for practicing or warming up on the course, this would draw a lot of attention and I won’t lie, I visited the range at quiet times and found a spot where I wouldn’t be seen. That being said it did the trick for me to bring my back leg into my stroke and get my hip into the shot. It had a big impact on the straightness of my shots, the distance of them and I have a lot fuller swing now. If you are on the fence I would recommend giving it a go.

Other Training Aids To Consider:

There are tons of other training aids to consider if you are hoping to improve your game this year. All of these training aids will have a different level of effectiveness and will work on different part of your game.

Izzo Golf Smooth Swing

Izzo Golf Smooth Swing Trainer

The Izzo golf smooth swing training aid is a much less expensive version of the Swing Jacket and shirt. It can be slipped on easily and while it is far less strict, it is a perfect training aid for warming up before a round or for use at the range as it will force you to keep your arms together and turning your hip into the swing, eliminating the arm swing. This is a quality aid and for under $10, we would definitely recommend it for any bag.

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SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer Attachment for Improving Hand Positioning

SKLZ Golf Grip

This is another inexpensive gizmo for anyone who puts their hands in the incorrect position during their swing. If you come from a sport like baseball or cricket, this can be common and by using this aid at the driving range or on the course, you can quickly get into the groove of a proper golf swing.

These aids need to be used consistently until the problem is solved and this one is no different. It can feel quite strange to get used to a new grip and some people will be more stubborn than others but at just over $10 it is perfect for perfecting your hand positions on the golf club.

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SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick

Sklz Golf Trainer

The Golf Swing warm up stick is perfect for getting your rhythm and tempo right as it forces your swing plane into the correct position. The Sklz Flex trainer is one of the most popular training aids on the market at the moment and it corrects the same issue as the swing jacket as it almost guides you to include the lower part of your body in the swing and follow through with your hips, building your muscle memory and if you get nervous on the first tee when there are people watching like I do, you will be glad to have this device to perfect your warm up swings and start your round in style.

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Super Speed Golf- Training System

Golf Speed Trainer

Once you have mastered your swing rhythms and you are hitting the ball far and straight, it is the perfect time to increase the speed of your swing for extra distance and the Super Speed training system is used by pros all over the world to do just that.

The system comes with three different club weights that allow you to increase the speed with your driver and your irons. The training system clubs are 45” and the long drive clubs are 48.75”.

The system comes with a ton of videos to add 5% to the speed of your swing in under 6 weeks and increased our speeds much faster than that and we use it as part of our warm up routine to get in the zone.

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