Do Low Spin Golf Balls Go Further, Straighter & Fix A Slice?

In a quest to improve my golf I have spent time researching the best driver to add the most distance, I have also studied the internet for the most forgiving irons, along with the most accurate putters.

I’m sure you have done something similar in an attempt to shoot that record score. However, have you researched what type of golf ball you should use?

My go-to ball has always been an expensive soft-covered high spin model. You might be surprised to find a low-spin ball might be the best golf ball to suit your game.

Read on to see how it could improve your score as much as using the most expensive golf clubs on the market.

Do Low Spin Golf Balls Lead To Straighter Shots?

Low spin golf balls have been shown to go straighter and farther in studies completed by TaylorMade.

These balls are mostly 2-piece. Their core has a high velocity which reduces the revolutions per minute of the balls. Since there is minimal backspin and sidespin, these balls do not hook or slice.

Low spin golf balls do not have higher trajectories, they have lower trajectories. Low spin balls have a good carry and rolling distance. These balls have the most forgiving flight.

Do Low Spin Golf Balls Lead To Further Shots?

Low spin golf balls travel farther and straighter than high spin golf balls, this is a scientific fact.

However, the distance of the ball depends on the launch angle and backspin of the club. The lower backspin of the clubs will enhance the carry and rolling distance of your ball.

When using a high lofted wedge the trajectory of the ball will travel high and stop shorter. In contrast to your driver, which has a low loft, it will travel further and lower.

Add in a low spin golf ball and the distance the golf ball travels will increase. Also, there is a nominal backspin and sidespin which aid in reducing the hooks and slices.

Can Low Spin Golf Balls Reduce A Slice?

If you have a problem with a slice or hook a low-spin golf ball could be the solution. Low-spin golf balls have been reported to reduce slices and bad shots.

These balls have a core that has higher velocities which reduce the revolutions per minute of the balls. Not only do low-spin balls produce less backspin, but they also produce significantly less sidespin.

Sidespin causes hooks and slices. Because of the low sidespin rpm, these balls are less likely to be sliced or hooked.

However, an uncontrolled swing and a higher club speed will still generate more backspin and sidespin which might cause slices and hooks. It will help, but isn’t the magic answer!

Do They Reduce Side Spin As Well?

A 2-piece low spin golf ball can reduce the sidespin revolutions per minute on your shots. There is next to no sidespin on these balls.

Because of the low sidespin rpm, these balls are less likely to be sliced or hooked. Low spin balls are likely to hit more fairways in regulations. Mostly, soft feel balls have lower spin.

However, swing curvature, swing speed, and club backspin are a few factors that might generate sidespin on these balls.

5 Reasons You Need Low Spin Balls In Your Bag!

  1. Straight as an Arrow: Low spin 2-piece golf balls have a high velocity which aids them to go straighter.
  2. Drop Bombs: Due to their long-distance conforming compressions, these balls go farther.
  3. Minimizes bad shots: Low spin golf balls have slight backspin and sidespin revolutions per minute. This prevents hooks and slices and you can get a straighter shot.
  4. Fastball speed: These balls have next to no backspin and sidespin. A controlled launch speed adds a few more yards in the carry and rolling distance of the ball.
  5. Less Drag: Due to high compressions on the balls, there is a lesser air drag on these balls.

Why You Might Want to Avoid Low-Spin Golf Balls

Uncontrolled Distance:

Due to lower spin, these balls have uncontrolled distance. Course conditions play a vital role in determining the distance. Ball carry remains the same, but softer fairways will reduce distance and harder fairways will increase the ball roll. You

Less Spin Control:

If you are a better player you might find the lower spin generated challenging around the greens. They can be harder to control and get to stop, particularly on firmer surfaces.

Limited Shot Options:

Low spin golf balls have a straighter flight. During dog-leg holes or on-course obstructions, these balls might not be favorable if you are a player that likes to shape your shots with a draw or fade.


Since these balls have lower trajectories, they might not be helpful during tree obstructions or immovable objects. If you are looking to land your ball from a height to help it stop on difficult greens these might not be the best option.

What Are The Signs You Should Switch To A Low Spin Ball

These golf balls will be perfect if you are struggling with your distance and direction, a switch to the low spinning golf balls could help your game.

These balls cover distances, so the ball travels further. Also, as mentioned with lower trajectories, they go straighter with little to no air drag.

Therefore, for a newer golfer using low spin golf balls the chances of hooks and slices are much less.

Do Any Pros Use Low Spin Golf Balls Irons?

No prominent professional golfer uses low-spin golf balls on tours and tournaments. On the contrary, professional golfers use high spinning golf balls.

Their primary concern is ball flight control and high spin around the greens for a better short game. Low spinning golf balls do not offer this, but for a higher handicapper, these balls can be perfect.

Should Mid Handicappers Use Low Spin Golf Balls

Low spin golf balls can be perfect for mid-handicap golfers. They should use low spin balls if they are struggling with the distance and direction of the shots.

These balls will provide them with added distance. Low spin balls will allow them to hit more fairways in regulations without hooking or slicing. This will certainly lower their strokes.

Which is better – Low Spin Vs Mid Spin Balls?

Low spin golf balls offer straighter and farther high-speed ball flight. Their low backspin and sidespin prevent hooks and slices.

They have lower trajectories, ideal for the high handicappers. Mid-spin golf balls have slightly more backspin and sidespin.

They have mid-high trajectories. Ball distance is also reduced by a few yards. Ideal for mid and high handicappers.

Which is better – Low Spin Vs High Spin Golf Balls?

Low spin golf balls offer straighter and farther high-speed ball flight. Their low backspin and sidespin prevent hooks and slices.

They have lower trajectories, ideal for the high handicappers. High spin balls have the highest trajectories. They have high backspin and sidespin. High spin balls are ideal for low or scratch handicappers.

Best 3 Low Spin Golf Balls

Soft feel golf balls are the best low spinning balls. However, every golfer has his personal preferences about the feel and requirements. Following are the best low spinning golf balls of 2022:

  • Titleist AVX – a low spin golf ball that has the same cover as the Prov V1 golf ball. This ball will provide an excellent feel around the green even with less feel.
  • Callaway Chrome Soft X LS – Another excellent low spinning golf ball that is great within 100 yards. It will lack the feel of a high spinning ball but can still provide impressive spin.
  • Srixon Q-Star Tour – These balls have an excellent soft feel from the putter, and excellent short game control even for a low spin golf ball.


So I think that low spin golf balls could be the answer to my golfing problems. I’ve spent so much time looking for a marginal gain in equipment such as clubs, loft, and shaft flex but never spent enough time looking into my golf balls.

Choosing a low spin golf ball can give me extra distance from the tee, greater forgiveness, and still provide excellent control around the greens. This could be the answer to improved golf scores.

If you’re looking to improve your golf even further why don’t you read our article on whether to use a driver or a mini driver from the tee.

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