Do I Need To Carry A 3 Wood – Find Out Who Should And Shouldn’t

Fairway woods

Certain clubs are always going to make sense to have in the bag. For instance, most players agree that without a putter, a pitching wedge, and even a seven iron, it may be hard to get in a great round of golf.

However, the 3 wood is one of those clubs that are not necessarily mandatory to keep in the bag. If you are not sure if the 3 wood is a smart club for you to keep in your bag, we have the answers for you.

The 3 Wood And What It’s For

There are two main things that the 3 wood is good for. The first is for having something other than a driver to hit off the tee.

The second is for the ability to reach a par 5 in two from time to time. A 3 wood can be used both on the tee and off the fairway effectively but a hybrid way be easier to hit from the rough.

Overview Of 3 Wood And Its Advantages

The greatest advantage of a 3 wood is its distance. Aside from the putter and the driver, the 3 wood is going to have less loft than any other club in your bag. The low loft helps the ball travel a long distance and get plenty of roll as well.

Many people also find that the 3 wood is easier to hit off the tee than the driver; since the club is a bit shorter, it can be controlled easier, and it is a better option for many players.

Does Every Player Need To Carry A 3 Wood

Because a 3 wood has less loft than other golf clubs on the market, it can be more challenging to hit. This means that not every golfer should have a 3 wood in their bag.

Higher handicappers are going to need to be very careful about using the 3 wood from the fairway. A low lofted club that people try to hit from a thin lie can result in a very poor shot.

High Handicappers – Key Reasons to carry

  • If you struggle with the driver off the tee
  • If you have a really great lie in the fairway with a wide open fairway
  • It can be an easier road to learning how to hit longer shots than working with the driver

Mid Handicappers – Key Reasons to carry

  • May give you a chance for an eagle
  • Great to pull out of the bag on the days the driver is struggling
  • Clubs are getting more forgiving and easier to control, even with the lower loft

Low Handicappers – Key Reasons to carry

  • Great for accuracy and placement of a tee shot
  • It can help bring eagles into play much more often
  • Good for windy days when you want to hit stinger type golf shots

What Are The Main Benefits Of The 3 Wood

There are numerous benefits to hitting a 3 wood, and they should all be considered before you end up putting one in your golf bag.

Off The Deck

No other club is going to get you more distance off the deck than the 3 wood. Since a driver off the deck is a challenging shot to hit, the 3 wood can really make sense to consider using.

Off The Tee

Since the 3 wood is a bit shorter than the driver, it is much easier to control when hitting shots off the tee.

Keep this in mind on those days when the driver doesn’t seem to feel as grooved as the other clubs in your bag.

Easy To Get In The Air

When put on a tee, a 3 wood can be easier to get in the air than a driver when it comes to your tee shot. Keep this in mind if you struggle with launch from the tee.

Replacement for driver for some beginners

IF you are new to the game, tackling the driver can be a big undertaking. Having the ability to go with a slightly shorter and more accurate golf club will make quite a bit of sense.

Disadvantages Of 3 Wood

As great as a 3 wood is, there are some major disadvantages as well.

Long And Wieldy

It is certainly harder to control a 3 wood than it is to control a hybrid. The 3 wood is better suited for lower handicappers that have more control of their clubs.

Not Good From The Rough

Fairway Wood Image

The 3 wood simply does not have enough loft to be effective from the rough.

Leave it in the bag as you don’t want to mess with trying to hit a low lofted club from the rough. The results will not be all that good.

Who Should Carry a 3 Wood And Why

 Those who are smart about when and where to use a 3 wood will have much more success with it.

This typically means the mid to low handicappers that have some idea of how to manage the golf course are going to have the best results.

Who Shouldn’t Carry a 3 Wood And Why

Golfers that try to hit the 3 wood from various locations and struggle with the ability to get it up off the ground should put a 5 wood in their bag instead.

Typically speaking, slower swing speed golfers are going to want to choose a 5 wood as opposed to a 3 wood.

3 Wood Vs. 5 Wood – Who Should Carry Which

Typically speaking, if you have a slower swing speed and you struggle with controlling the golf ball, the 5 wood is going to be the better choice as the club has more launch and is easier to get in the air.

The extra loft a 5 wood has is going to make a significant difference for players. As you improve and you increase your swing speed you can move to 3 wood for more distance.

3 Wood Vs Hybrids

Hybrids are becoming more and more popular in the world of golf and it is easy to see why top pros like Dustin Johnson are now carrying regularly.

Hyrbids combine tha larger head of a fairway wood with the shaft and face of an iron which gives the benefits of both clubs to the golfer.

Hybrids can be significantly easier to hit well for high handicappers and that is why we recommend for beginners to always carry at least one hybrid.

Hybrids are also known as rescue clubs as they much easier to hit out of the rough as well.

3 Wood Vs Driving Iron

When I started out playing golf, I struggled with the driver and also with the 3 wood and the shafts were too long.

I quickly noticed that I could hit better and more accurate tee shots with a 3 iron and regularly used it off the tee.

That is the role a driving iron can play, for those who can hit them well which wont be everyone. Better to test out a 3 iron or driving iron before committing to buying one.

They are also great for low piercing shots when conditions are windy.

Our Favorite 3 Woods

Best Choice: Callaway Mavrik

Although the club head itself is a bit large, this is a 3 wood that is going to help make the game quite a bit easier. Whether you are hitting off the deck or from a tee box, the Callaway Mavrik is a great choice to consider.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Best Premium: TaylorMade Titanium SIM 2 Rocket

This is a premium fairway wood made with only the best materials. Low handicap players that want to see what a 3 wood can do to help their game will enjoy this option.

Overall Score: 98/100

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Best Budget: Callaway Rogue 2020 3 Wood

With the release of the new Mavrik, now is the time to grab some of the Rogue equipment and get it in your bag. The Callaway Rogue 2020 is easy to hit, high launching, and will, without a doubt improve your game.

Overall Score: 94/100

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Conclusion – Should You Carry A 3 Wood

Deciding whether or not to carry a 3 wood can be a tough decision to make. There are some great benefits to a 3 wood, but you have to consider the negatives as well.

If you don’t hit your 3 wood well, you are going to end up with a recovery type shot as your next shot.

Keep this club in your bag when you feel confident in your abilities, and you know exactly the benefit it can provide.