Do Golfers Have To Wear Hats? – A Look At The Benefits, Styles, History & Practicality


“You’re so British!” This was the description that given to me because I didn’t play golf wearing a hat. I live in America at the time and you never saw people on the course without a hat. I don’t want to end up looking like a tour golfer with the white forehead though.

When you watch golf on TV you very rarely see golfers without hats on, Robert Rock is one exception. They are a money-maker as hats are a place sponsors can be presented but does that mean average golfers should wear hats? What is your preference?


Hats In Golf

The primary reason for wearing a hat is protection from the sun, we tend to play in good conditions so it’s important to protect your head.

As I said above, sponsorship is a big part of this too though, it is prime real estate on a tour player and can bring a lot of money to a player.


History Of Golf Hats

If you look through historical images of golfers you will often find big names like Old Tom Morris and James Braid sporting a flat cap or bunnet. This type of hat stayed in the game for decades up to Payne Stewart and is still worn by Bryson DeChambeau. The visor is also a golf favourite.

The baseball cap has become the staple of golf and is worn by almost every single tour golfer. It can usually be seen with a few sponsor logos on there too and can be worth up to $500,000! Being a pro golfer can be expensive so if wearing a hat helps pay the bills then it is hard not to.


Do You Have To Wear Golf Hats To Play Golf?

Personally, I don’t wear a hat on the course often. I like wearing hats but I don’t want the white forehead, call me vain.

You don’t need to wear a hat on the course, you should think about sun protection though and if your not wearing a hat you should sunscreen up as a minimum.


What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Hat Playing Golf?

Well we normal golfers aren’t going to rake in $500k for wearing one.

The benefits for us mere mortals are the sun protection mentioned above, it can keep the glare of the sun out of our eyes and keep hair out of your eyes if it is long. There is another thing though that Tiger Woods liked.

Tiger saw his hat as his protection from outside distractions. The brim of his cap helped him close out the distractions of the outside world when he was competing and helped him focus on the task at hand. If it is good enough for Tiger then it is good enough for us!


Summer Hats Vs Winter Hats

Whilst the baseball cap is the on-course staple most of the year, during the colder months they just don’t cut it.

This is when the beanie or bobble hat comes in to keep those ears cosy. Winter hats cocoon you and give you some warm comfort on cold days, they also can’t blow off.


Golf Hats Vs Golf Visors – Who Should Wear A Visor Instead? Who Wears A Visor?

The most famous visor-wearing golfer has to be Ian Poulter. If you want the glare-beating benefits of a hat but like to show off your hair then a visor could be ideal for you. Think of those icy blonde tips from Poulter peaking out of his Ryder Cup visor at Medinah in 2012.

Other famous pros who wear a visor are Louis Oosthuizen and from time to time you will spot Phil Mickelson on the course rocking the classic visor. Some love the cool air on their scalp and for them the visor beats the hat.

Golf visors are also very popular with female golfers who tend to have longer hair that may get damaged under the abuse of a full baseball cap, (Muni He pictured above).


Famous Golfers Who Don’t Wear Hats

When you watch the Ryder Cup you can see the golfers who don’t like to wear hats. Here you will see guys like Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose going hatless.

Other famous golfers who don’t wear hats are Robert Rock and Ollie Schniederjans who simply prefer showing off their great hair.


Did Fred Couples Wear A Hat?

“Boom Boom” as he is affectionately known has worn both the visor, the baseball cap and gone hatless through the years.

This is a guy that has always oozed class on the course and he has one of the smoothest swings in history.


How Much Do Golfers Get Paid To Wear Hats?

We’ve touched on this briefly already, but PGA Tour players can pull between $250,000-500,000 to have their hat sponsored.

This is some serious cash but even as you get to the second tier of golf these figures diminish rapidly. It’s only really the top 200 in the world that get big money here.


What’s The Most Popular Hat Brand On Tour?

Whilst you see the hats of club manufacturers like Titleist and TaylorMade on tour you will also see a lot of sponsor logos that make it hard to tell who made the hat.

One company that make most of the hats on tour and the best hats in the world are New Era.


Why Do Golfers Wear White Hats?

White hats are cooler on hot days and can help keep the heat off you.

There is also the fact that only new white hats look good so there is a bit of status about it in some ways.

I used to play with a guy who only wore white hats and couldn’t give me any reason other than he liked them more.


What Color Golf Hat Should I Wear?

I like to match my hat with what I am wearing but you can really wear whatever color hat you want.

At The Masters this year Brooks Koepka wore a modest outfit with a super-bright hot pink Nike hat.

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, that’s my philosophy.


What Are The Different Types Of Hats We See?

Nowadays on the course you are most likely to see baseball caps, visors and, increasingly, bucket hats (Rickie Fowler).

They all help keep the sun out of your eyes and the bucket hat offers the most protection from the sun.


3 Best Golf Hats To Buy

Titleist Tour Sports Mesh

This hat from Titleist is you classic tour hat that you will see the best players in the world playing.

It comes in three colors and the mesh fabric keeps you cool on those really hot days. A great all-rounder.

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PGA TOUR Men’s Knit Beanie Hat

For those colder days when you want to stay nice and toasty, the PGA tour have the perfect beanie hat to keep you covered up and looking fresh.

This beanie is cosy and looks fantastic, what more could you want?

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Adidas Super Light Golf Visor

Adidas are a brand that often get overlooked in the golf market but this visor is ultra stylish and available in plenty of colors.

This hat ensures you look the part for your upcoming round, 100%.

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It is easy to overthink what you wear on the golf course, the sport isn’t the best at letting people relax on the dress code-front.

If you don’t like wearing hats then that’s all good, if you want to wear one then wear one that makes you feel comfortable.

Current fashion is taking us back to classic styles like the rope hat and some like to go with a bucket hat to stand out.

If it keeps the sun out of your eyes or keeps you warm on cold days, that’s all that matters. Just remember to take it off when you shake hands at the end of the round.