Coming Out Of Golf Swing Too Early & How To Fix It

Coming Out Of Golf Swing Too Early & How To Fix It

Every time a new club is released. We average players are assured that it will cure every flaw in our game and make us better golfers.

The reality is, the best equipment in the world cannot make you hit the ball straighter and further, but tweaking your swing can.

In this article, we are looking at the act of coming out of a golf swing too early. A problem faced by many amateurs. We will provide tips on how to fix this error to help you hit straighter shots and give you more scoring opportunities.

Although there are numerous drills to help you counter this challenge, I am focusing on the ones that helped me eradicate the problem.


Intro To Coming Out Of The Swing Too Early In Your Experience

When I started playing golf, I struggled with coming out of the swing too early for years. It caused three issues for me.

The first was that I chunked more shots than I hit cleanly, and the second problem was a recurring slice, with the odd push shot thrown in as well.

The final issue I endured with coming out of a swing too early was the reduced distance on shots out of the middle. Hitting on the up caused the ball to balloon and me to lose yardage.


What Exactly Is An Early Release

Golf coaches also refer to an early release as casting the club. In this scenario, your hands begin to come through before the rest of your body.

Setting you up to lose your balance, rhythm, and an open clubface.

It may also cause you to hit behind the ball, as Peter Styles from Golf Info Guide explains in this video. Furthermore, an early release leads to you striking on the up, causing a ballooned shot.


Early Release Vs Late Release

As I mentioned before, an early release causes you to hit on the up, leading to a ballooned strike, loss of balance, and a slice or push your shot.

Conversely, Styles explains that a late release reduces your clubhead speed and results in a lower ball flight and less distance.


What Problems Does An Early Release Cause?

Loss of Balance

The first problem that an early release causes is the loss of balance.

Instead of shifting your weight onto the front foot at impact, you shift onto your back foot.

It is difficult to square the clubface up at impact from this position, and you will either push or slice your shot.


One of the common results of an early release is that you will frequently slice or push your shots.

This stems from the inability to distribute weight through the swing and an open clubface at impact.


When you come out of your golf swing too early, you also interfere with your rhythm.

As a result, you can’t rotate your hips sufficiently to transfer the weight from your back foot to the front.


Another common problem I endured when I came out of my swing too early was hitting the ground before the ball.

Also known as a fat shot or a chunk. It caused me to lose significant distance and destroyed my confidence.


Surprisingly, I also suffered the complete opposite fate to hitting a fat shot.

Because I would release early, it would cause me to lean back and hit on the up. Leading to a loss of balance and ballooned shots. Leading to a consistent loss of distance.


Does Early Release Cause A Slice?

A slice is one of the shots that an early release can cause. 

It stems from players opening their clubface at impact and bringing your hands through before the rest of your body.


How Hard Is It To Correct An Early Release?

From personal experience fixing an early release is no easy task. It requires practice and dedication.

If you have struggled with early release for a while, the swing will be built into your muscle memory and is hard to unlearn.

To fix an early release, you must retrain your muscle memory to complete a more fluid swing that follows a neutral plane.


Tips & Drills For Curing An Early Release

Stop & Go Backswing

Considering how quickly we move from takeaway to impact, it can be difficult to identify what is leading to our early release.

That is why the stop-and-go backswing helps you to find the point where it all unravels.

Alex Elliot explains in this video that the drill helps to give your more control over your downswing. It also promotes better weight distribution.

One-Handed Swing

Swinging the club with one hand also helps you to control your takeaway and downswing better.

While you shouldn’t play like this, it is ideal for practice and helps to get you into the habit of swinging along a neutral plane.

Tee Behind Your Ball

Coming out of your swing early can cause you to chunk your shot, which is hard to eradicate.

I suggest placing a couple of tees or pennies behind your ball to focus on striking the ball first before anything else.

Weight Distribution

When we release early, we bring our hands through before the rest of our body which restricts our ability to rotate our weight from the back foot to the front.

This costs us distance and accuracy, but it can be overcome with a simple drill.

Place something under the toes of your front foot, making it easier to rotate on your downswing.

Repeat this to get used to the motion of hip rotation. Without rotation, you will continue to lose distance and risk leaving your clubface open at impact.


Our Favorite Early Release Golf Training Aids

Anti-Flip Stick

The Anti-flip stick provides golfers with an affordable training aid to optimize your swing from take back to impact.

The stick trains you to keep your hands steady during your downswing to avoid casting and instead promotes a cleaner strike.

It is easy to know when your swing veered off path because the stick will hit your side, as is displayed in this video.

Overall, this training aid helps you improve your takeaway, swing plane, wrist movement, and contact with the ball.

This stick costs next to nothing, and you don’t need to go to the range to use it. You can practice your swing at home, with or without a simulator or launch monitor.


  • Affordable
  • Improves your takeaway
  • Neutralizes your swing plane
  • Promotes the shift of weight from the back foot to the front during the swing
  • Helps you strike the ball cleaner


  • It does not fit on junior clubs
  • The stick only connects onto standard size grips

Overall Score: 95/100

Check Out More Reviews Here:



Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit

The Total Golf Trainer (TGT) 3.0 is a complete swing training kit to help your hit the ball straighter and cleaner more consistently.

The set seeks to help you achieve the best wrist, arm, and elbow position throughout your swing.

Furthermore, the kit helps you improve your posture and rotation to strike the ball more consistently throughout your round.

The TGT 3.0 set consists of three components the TGT V2, TGT Hip, and TGT Arm. They work in unison to improve every element of your swing to help you hit the ball straighter and longer.

The TGT V2 aims to create lag which leads to a squarer clubface and a powerful strike. Added to the V2 is the TGT Arm designed to improve your takeaway and wrist action for a more fluid backswing.

Finally, the set is capped off by the TGT Hip that promotes hip rotation and weight distribution for a powerful transfer of energy between clubhead and ball at impact.

The TGT 3.0 is a suitable tool for all golfers. But mid to higher handicappers will extract the most value.


  • Designed to help you square your face up at impact
  • Improves your takeaway
  • It helps you to develop the correct wrist action
  • Promotes hip rotation
  • Encourages better weight distribution


  • More expensive than other training aids
  • The setup is uncomfortable to start with, but you grow into it.

Overall Score: 94/100

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Conclusion On Coming Out Of A Golf Swing Too Early

Throughout this post, we have learned that coming out of a golf swing early can cause multiple problems in your game.

From pushing and slicing shots to chunking them or achieving too much height. It is a problem that many average golfers face.

Fortunately, if you follow the tips provided above. You will overcome this challenge and enjoy straighter shots in the future. If traditional drills don’t work for you, there is always the option of a training aid.

If you are thinking about an early release golf training aid, you can take a closer look at the Total Golf Training Kit 3.0 here.


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