Cobra XL Speed Men’s Golf Club Set Review

If you have been using and old set of golf clubs that you found in your house up to now and you have finally decided golf is a game for you, or if you want to upgrade to a premium golf set for beginners and intermediates, then you need to check out the Cobra XL speed set for men.

Cobra have become a leading name in the golf world for producing high quality club sets and this one is no different. What we like about this most is that you can customise the set with steel or graphite shafts and you can also pick a regular or senior flex meaning these clubs will cater for everybody whether do you have a slow or a faster swing speed. These clubs are light with big forgiving heads and we were impressed with the accuracy and distance we were getting with the driver, woods and irons. This is a complete set of 12 clubs and it really caters for beginners all the way up to professional level.

These clubs do cost a bit more and the regular beginner set but you do get a lot of extra quality and value for your money with these.

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What’s in the bag

Cobra Golf Club Set Review

This is a 12-piece club set, it contains a driver, 3-wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 6 – 9 in the irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a blade putter

You can get the clubs in left-handed or right-handed and you can also get the lady set which actually costs a bit less.

The Cart Bag

Cobra Golf Clubs

This one comes with a 14 opening golf cart bag that will sit comfortably on any pushcart but you also get a shoulder strap if you want to carry these clubs around.

There is a large ventilated beverage pocket that can hold up to 14, 12-ounce cans which is quite impressive, I just used it to carry my water around.

You get 7 zippered compartments that will hold all your golf balls, Tees, GPS devices and other equipment and you also get 1 velour-lined valuables pocket for safekeeping of your mobile phone and other  valuable items like your keys.

The Driver

Cobra XL 3 Wood

This 10.5-degree driver has an oversized head and is built for distance and forgiveness for beginners all the way up to intermediates. If you go with the light set, you get an 11.5 degree oversized head.

You get low back heel weighting in the driver which helps you to get distance while also hitting straight as much as possible.

The driver performs well and you can get great distance, it also comes with an 11.5-degree loft in the lighter set to make it easier to get the loft you need.

The 3 and 5 wood

Cobra Golf Driver 11.5 Degree

These also have oversized heads for forgiveness and the lower back and heel is weighted so that you get good accuracy on all of your swings.

These come with graphite shafts and they are light, allowing you to get good speed into your swing and you can easily lift the ball off the fairway with these beauties.

The 3 wood has a 15 degree loft and the 5 wood has 19 degree loft.

The 4 and 5 hybrid

Cobra XL 20 Dgree Hybrid

I would say 8 Out of 10 beginners will prefer to hit hybrids than regular irons and they may even prefer to hit hybrids than their Fairway Woods too, so these are good quality and dynamic clubs.

These offer the perfect gap between the woods and the irons and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get good loft with these clubs with the lower back weighting and you can stop the ball more quickly on the green.

the 4 hybrid has a 21 degree loft and the 5 hybrid has a 24 degree loft for good launch angle.

The Irons

Cobra XL 20 Dgree Hybrid

These are high-quality, cavity back irons that are getting built for forgiveness but you can still get some nice distance on these as well. You get to choose between graphite and steel shafts, graphite will be lighter and support those with slower swing speeds while, if you have a high swing speed the steel shafts will allow you to hit the ball far, straight and accurate.

The Irons also come with perimeter weighting making them easier to launch and increases forgiveness and stability on miss-hits.

The Iron Lofts range from 24 degrees in the 6 Iron all the way up to 55 degrees in the sand wedge.

The Wedges

The wedges also come with the cavity back design for increased forgiveness along with the perimeter weighting allowing you to get excellent loft and superb control, lifting it out of the bunkers should be a walk in the park with the sand wedge.

The Putter

The Putter is a simple blade design and it comes with visual alignment allowing you to sink putts easily.

We understand that at least 50% of your shots will be putts and this club should help you get around in the least amount of shots possible.


You get headcovers for the driver and fairway woods with these ones that fit comfortably and complete the premium, professional look of this high-quality set.

Regular or Senior Flex

Cobra Shafts

While you can choose between graphite and steel in the irons only, you get to choose between regular and senior flex in each of the clubs.

Regular flex will suit regular swing speeds and the senior flex will allow greater accuracy and control for slower swing speeds and senior players.

Lamkin High-End Grips

Cobra Lamkin Grips

These clubs come with high-end lamkin grips that are soft and comfortable to use without ripping the skin on your hand.

Wilson Platinum men’s golf package

Wilson Platinum Set

We really like the Wilson platinum men’s golf package set, they cost a couple of hundred dollars less and they are a similar high-quality offering so make sure you can check out the reviews of those as well if you want to spend a bit less and still get very good quality.

Wilson set also comes in a regular or tall version so if you’re over 6-ft 2 or 3 then you should probably give those clubs a look.

The Cobra XL speed set only comes in regular size which will suit up to about 6-ft 2 in height.

Overall Conclusion

I wish I had the budget for something like this when I was just getting started in golf and if you are a beginner or improver these clubs offer all the forgiveness you need while still allowing you to hit the ball far.

Everything about these clubs is premium and if you take them for a fitting once they arrive you will be even more ready to go and shoot your best round ever.

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