Cobra RadSpeed Driver Vs. Cobra SpeedZone Driver Review Vs Alternatives

The start of a new year and a new season on tour always means new equipment floods the market.

It is a special time of year for golfers who are looking for new gear to gain an edge for the season ahead. Knowing what to try and what to avoid can always be tricky.

One company that are making headlines for the right reasons year in and year out are Cobra.

Last year they won many fans over with the Cobra SpeedZone driver, will they continue to attract new golfers with this year’s RadSpeed offering? Read on to find out what we think.


Cobra RadSpeed Driver Key Features

One of the major themes coming from the big manufacturers these days is tour-esque low spin performance matched with mind-bending forgiveness.

The Cobra RadSpeed uses radial-weighting (that’s the RAD in RadSpeed) to produce this forgiveness.

Being the brand used by Bryson DeChambeau, it is no surprise to hear that Cobra is piling on the physics talk.

An engineering principle called Radius of Gyration has been exploited to create max performance. This paired with the CNC milled face of Cobra creates something special.


Cobra SpeedZone Driver Key Features

To create the masterpiece that is the Cobra SpeedZone, engineers from the company looked to Formula1 for inspiration in how to engineer unbeatable speed.

The Infinity Face, the CNC milled face that is also in the RadSpeed, made its debut here to great critical acclaim.

The really approached the design of this clubhead like a car, they stiffened the chassis using carefully placed titanium and maximised the use of carbon fibre.

All of this plus better aerodynamics made for a club that feels incredible and goes miles.


Rad Speed V Speed Zone: Head To Head

To give you a quick-look at how these drivers stack up against one another, we have put a table together to let you see the key facts at a glance.



Cobra RadSpeed

Cobra SpeedZone

Adjustable Weighting




9, 10.5

9, 10.5

Shaft Options

Fujikura Motore X F3 (S,R), Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue (X,S) and Fujikura Motore X F1 (X,S)

UST Helium 5 (R), UST Helium 4 (L), Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 65 (S,R), Aldila Rogue Silver 60 (110 MSI) (X,S), Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 (X,S)

Key Technology

CNC-milled face, radial weighting, carbon fibre wrap

CNC-milled face, titanium chassis, improved aerodynamics

Swing Weight

Motore: D2.5, HZRDUS: D1.5





Overall score /100




It really is hard to choose between these two models, it seems that the Cobra SpeedZone was such a huge jump on performance for Cobra that the RadSpeed has just been incrementally improved.

Actually, in many ways this comes down to looks, I mean that as a compliment to both. Let’s have a look in more detail at the keys benefits of each club individually to help you decide which would suit your game more.


Why Cobra RadSpeed?

I think that what sets the RadSpeed apart is the impressively low spin that the clubhead generates.

They have taken the incredible CNC-milled face and got even more out of it. This process allows for incredible control over the variable thickness of the face adding forgiveness.

The aftermarket shafts on offer are incredible and this adds to the great appeal of the RadSpeed.

We are talking here about a club that doesn’t make sense, it produces some of the lowest spin available yet is more forgiving than most, it is, in two words, an engineering masterpiece.


Why Cobra SpeedZone?


I believe that the Cobra SpeedZone is the most underrated driver of recent times, I don’t want that to sound like a dig on Cobra, it is a dig on golfers not realising how good the club is.

The club feels nothing short of sublime to hit and the control you can have of the ball is second to none.

They also brought this club out with some stunning colourways, the matte black one being my favourite as it actually looks like it’s been chipped from a F1 car!

The RadSpeed is built on the foundation of this club so everything written above comes from what the SpeedZone started.


What Versions Are Available?

Nowadays each company brings out a suite of clubs when they release new drivers, Cobra are no different.

The RadSpeed comes with the RadSpeed (lowest spinning), RadSpeed XB (most forgiving) and RadSpeed XD (draw-bias).

The SpeedZone comes in the low spinning model we’ve discussed plus the SpeedZone Xtreme (maximum forgiveness) and the women’s SpeedZone Xtreme (maximum distance for slower swings).

There are plenty of options here but not as well-defined as the RadSpeed.


What Options Do You Get With The Clubs?

The SpeedZone comes with a huge array of shaft options from four different manufacturers. This gives you plenty to choose from.

The RadSpeed has a more condensed menu of shafts however, it is very impressive. The addition of the Fujikura Motore is incredible!


Who Should Choose Which Club?

This one is really difficult because the clubs are so similar. For low handicap golfers (0-10), I would say the choice is yours, you’ll love both so pick by colour.

For higher handicap golfers (11 and up) then the RadSpeed is for you, there are better options here especially if you struggle with a slice.


How Do They Compare On Performance, Distance And Feel?

On this front, these clubs are just so similar. You would expect this, especially on feel, as they have the same face.

That being said, the RadSpeed edges it slightly on forgiveness and distance but it is so hard to choose between them. Both are just sublime on these fronts.


How Do They Compare On Price?

From a quick look around various shops, these clubs are just about £20 different in price. Both clubs are incredible value!

This price difference says a lot about how close together the clubs are on every front. You simply cannot buy a better driver for the price of this club, it is that simple.


Other New Drivers Worth Considering


Callaway Epic Driver 2021

The Callaway Epic is a very good looking club and having JailBreak™ means you know they will be fast and feel solid! The FlashFace of Callaway is also some great AI-driven tech.

I think that the Cobra has a superior face though, I also think is feels better. Finally, Cobra wins on price.

From me, the Callaway Epic gets 90/100, Cobra RadSpeed wins it with 93/100. The forgiveness and low spin are just so impressive and that’s before you’ve compared the price of the clubs.

Overall Score: 97/100

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TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

From the off I want to make it clear that I think the SIM2 looks over-designed, it has a very busy look but the Cobra isn’t exactly understated.

That being said, these clubs are very similar in a lot of ways. The SIM2 has a milled face and has very low spin with huge forgiveness.

I would give the SIM2 92/100 which means the RadSpeed wins again with 93/100. This victory is purely down to value, it is $100 cheaper and that has to be considered in this head to head.

Overall Score: 98/100

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Callaway Big Bertha B21

In my opinion the Big Bertha B21 is the best driver that Callaway offer. It has a lot of the tech that Callaways more premium drivers have with less fuss in terms of looks.

I think it is a stunning club. At $459 it is also great value. The RadSpeed feels better to hit and is more forgiving though.

The B21 gets 91/100 from me, I think it’s a better club than the Epic but due to feel and performance the Cobra wins.

I prefer the understated design of the Big Bertha to look at but the Cobra just goes further and is easier to hit.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Which One Do We Recommend Overall?

I think you can see that I am a huge fan of the Cobra driver range.

There is nothing out there that comes close to it in terms of technology and value.

The RadSpeed is an improvement on the SpeedZone be it a small iterative one.

I think that both the Cobra RadSpeed and the SpeedZone should be played by more golfers. I don’t think I can compliment these clubs more.

Cobra simply don’t spend as much money on marketing as some companies which is why their clubs can be such great value.



Driver technology is smooshed-up against the walls of the rules of golf.

Making big leaps forward is so technically difficult because of these rules, as it should be, but Cobra definitely made one of these leaps with the CNC-milled face.

They have also complimented this face with other magic.

Well, it’s not magic, it is first-rate golf club engineering. The radial weighting of the RadSpeed has created one of the easiest drivers you will ever hit.

This club is like having a Formula1 car with autopilot, if you’re in the market for a driver, the Cobra RadSpeed has to be on your list to try!