Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set Review

One of the things that discourage a lot of people from pursuing the game further after they first begin is the steep learning curve. Golf is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of practice and a ton of commitment. And some people simply don’t follow through.

But maybe more people would stick with the game; only if they had the right gear. We know a lot of people who gave up the game because they said there were too many “variables” as a beginner. And that’s true. We don’t really know if we are playing with the right gear when we first start out.

So today we thought we’d write a review that will help the neophytes out there start off on the right foot. Today we will be looking at a premium golf club set that was designed for newbies to the game.


The Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Airspeed Set

We have to admit that we were pretty excited to test these babies out. This is an impressive set of golf clubs right out of the packaging. The Cobra Golf Airspeed Set is a premium golf club set that will make the game not only easier for beginners and improvers, but more enjoyable.

One of the greatest benefits of the Cobra Golf Airspeed Set is the weight. These are lightweight clubs all the way through and they are very forgiving – perfect for beginners and those with slower swing speeds. Even somewhat seasoned stalwarts of the game like us were able to add about 10-15 yards to our drives and fairway shots with them.

The hybrids hit far and true and almost make it difficult to slice. If you have just started the game and want a shortcut to a faster swing speed, the Cobra Golf Airspeed Set is your ticket.

And beside the performance, these clubs look great too. They come in a black/stainless steel color scheme with midnight blue appointments throughout. The head covers are a leather-esque material – very durable. And the bag has ample storage with a cooler pouch!

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What you Get in the Set


The driver comes in three varieties. You can choose one with 9.5 degree loft, 10.5 degree loft and 11.5 degree loft. The head size remains the same though: 460cc. The offset hosel and the back weighted heel correct tendencies to slice. And the carbon fiber crown makes this driver incredibly light and fast. You get great distance with it plus a lot of forgiveness.


In the Cobra Golf Airspeed Set, you get a 3 wood and a 5 wood. The loft on the 3 wood is 16 degrees while the 5 wood is 20 degrees. The club head size for the 3w is 170cc and the 5w is 165cc. The fairway woods have all the same shot correction features as the driver; offset hosel and back heel weighting. These woods are perfect for traversing the fairway as a beginner.


The Cobra Golf Airspeed Set also comes with two hybrids: a 4H and 5H. The 4H carries a loft degree of 22 while the 5H kicks it up to 25 degrees. These hybrids are excellent for finding the middle of the fairway and great on approaches. The shallow club face profile makes it easier to achieve sweet shot apex and nestle your ball firmly on the green.


In your Cobra Golf Airspeed Set you will find irons 6-9 a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The long irons have a pronounced offset since they are going to get you started on the approach. So you get a lot of drive out of them with minimal draw. The mid irons have a less pronounced offset so you get a bit more control out of them for more precise positioning. The wedges have a lower profile shape and deep undercut for a great amount of greenside spin control and loft.


The putter features a machined face. It is a blade type with a standard visual alignment. You get a really good feel from the putter. It’s light but not too light so you can fine tune your short game as it develops.


Club Composition

All the club shafts come in your choice of either graphite or steel. For this review, we tested the graphite set because we feel that new players would gravitate more towards a lighter set. The driver and wood heads are constructed of lightweight carbon fiber as well.

The hybrids, irons and driver come in either stiff, regular or senior flex options. With the fairway woods, you get the choice of either stiff, regular or light flex. All of the clubs comes in left and right hand orientations as well.

Club Lengths


The driver is 46 inches long no matter which loft degree you choose.

Fairway Woods

The 3 and 5 woods are 43” and 42.5” respectively.


The 4H is 39.75 inches long while the 5H is 39 inches long.


The 6 is 37.75”, the 7 is 37.25”, the 8 is 36. 75”, the 9 is 36.25”, the PW is 36” and the SW is 35.50”.

The club lengths are medium and they should be able to comfortably accommodate most golfers within 5’8” and 6’2”.

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Pros & Cons Of The Cobra Airspeed


  • This is a great looking set of clubs
  • The offset hosel feature make these clubs very forgiving
  • It’s easy to learn the game with these clubs
  • The driver and hybrids sound nice
  • Super lightweight design
  • Very durable set


  • They are on the pricey side
  • The driver scratches easily
  • You don’t get a complete set of head covers
  • The bag does not have standing legs

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Final Words

The Cobra Golf Airspeed Set would be a great set for any beginner or improver. It comes in a variety of options to suit your preferences when you are just starting out; they are lightweight and offer an express lane to a faster swing speed. They are a great buy so check them out!