Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart Review – Must Read Before You Buy

I started out in golf renting a push cart from the clubhouse for far too long. I recently caught up with a friend and he was using the clicgear 3.5 push cart that looked awesome compared to my rusted two-wheel cart.

I decided there and then to go and buy a similar cart online but when I looked on Amazon I saw that they had released the 4.0 model so I bought it without hesitation even though it cost an extra $20.

You can tell that this pushcart is high quality from the moment it arrives and clicgear have gone through so many iterations, all with glowing reviews that I knew this was going to be a winner. Out on the course, it glides around so much easier than the carts I used to use and when you’re done, you just fold it up and put it in the boot of your car. The aluminum frame is strong and durable, it looks great and it’s extremely lightweight at 21 lbs.

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Design and features

This is designed with anything and everything you could need from a golf push cart and more. That they have taken a winning model in the 3.5 and made it even better.

This is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and the wheels are air-free with high-quality rubber that ensures that they last for years, maintenance-free.

This one has got a parking brake that you just clicked on automatically when you leave the cart to hit your shot or sink your putt, and the ergonomic design ensures that it is not going to topple or wobble if you’re walking on a hill.

While the aluminum is strong and durable, the cart only weighs 21 pounds, and it folds down to almost nothing when you’re done so you don’t even need a lot of storage space in your car to keep it, which was one of the reasons I held off for so long on buying a proper pushcart.

Let’s talk about colors

I got the silver color which I think is definitely the best, but you can also get black, army brown, army green, lime green, yellow or pink.

Make sure to check it out to see which colour suits you the best.


Storage is another of the key features of the clicgear push carts, and this one comes with storage net, console with a built-in scorecard, golf ball, pencil and tee holders. You also get a bottle holder, umbrella mount and there are also 4 mount tabs where you can add clicgear accessories like a seat and cooler bag among others.

What’s new from the 3.5

One of the main issues with the 3.5, is the elastic straps that didn’t do the job a 100% effectively every time. These have been replaced with silicone straps, and the upper strap is adjustable to insure the cart fits any and every bag.

There’s a new support on the lower saddle to ensure your bag can’t hit against the front wheel which is also a big plus and the new umbrella strap, pencil holder and scorecard ensure maximum utility for your round.

Do we recommend buying?

This is one of the best golf push carts on the market, if not the best. I’m very happy with the purchase and so is everybody else judging by the positive reviews.

If your golf cart is due an upgrade you will be doing very well with this one. What we liked about it most, it wasn’t all the cool features and the lightweight durable design, it was the way that it handles on a course, taking all the stress away from lugging an inferior cart around, especially if you’ve got a bad back like me.

It does cost $260 so if you have the budget this will make an excellent addition to your golf itinerary.

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