Carly Booth Net Worth Wiki 2021 – Bio, Hot Pics, Golf, Marriage, Career Wins, Instagram

Carly Booth already has an illustrious resume under her belt and she is just getting started. This young, Scottish professional golfer has captured the attention of golfers around the world; both for her play on the course and her play off of it.

Since becoming the youngest club champion in Britain among lady players, Booth’s career trajectory has been pointed straight upwards and she has built an estimated net worth of around $5 million in the process.

In 2021 she is ranked 313th and she has the golf world abuzz with questions about this alluring lad of the links. So we wanted to oblige with our in-depth profile on professional golfer, Carly Booth.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 28

  • Nationality: Scottish

  • Drive Distance: 262.55 yards

  • Tournament Wins: 4

  • Birthday: June 21, 1992

  • Height: 5’6”

Early Life & Net Worth

Carly Booth grew up in a very sports-oriented family. Her father, Wally Booth was an accomplished wrestler and her brother Wallace Booth is also a professional golfer.

Carly grew up in Scotland and began playing on a course that was custom built for her and her brother.

It is predicted that Carly Booth’s net worth in 2021 hovers around an estimated 5 million USD. Most of her fortune has been amassed through her 4 professional wins and her Ladies European Tour wins.

However, over the years she has supplemented her earnings on the course nicely with endorsement deals with Hilton, Volvik, Bose, Aston Barclay, GGBlue, CWM, and Golf Saudi, just to name a few.

Today, Carly still calls Scotland her home as she resides in her hometown of Comrie.

Golf Career & Stats

Carly’s golf career began as hot as you can imagine. At the tender of of 17, she become the youngest club champion in Britain. She attended David Ledbetter’s prestigious golfing academy in Florida and went on to play collegiate golf in Arizona.

Booth was hailed as a prodigy when she was a teenager and racked up some impressive wins as an amateur including the Ladies Home International championship in 2007 and 2009 and the European Young Masters in 2007.

She has racked up four professional wins on the Ladies European Tour, on which she has been a staple since her debut. The Rolex rankings currently has her at 313th and she boasts an impressive driving distance of 262.55 yards.

She currently boasts a 6 under par as a professional.

Personal Life

Carly Booth does a good job of keeping her personal life a mystery but we do know that the 28 year old vixen is not married.

We also know that she has never been engaged and that she has no children.

Injury Setbacks

If you have wondered why Carly Booth hasn’t been seen in the winner’s circle as of late, many have speculated that it’s because of injury setbacks.

In 2020, Carly announced that she was receiving cortisone injections in her shoulder to help manage the pain of an injury.

Apparently, the injury was bad enough that she had to withdraw herself from the Costa Del Sol Open. Many have speculated that this same injury has been hampering her play as of recently.

Paddy Power Ad

Booth has come under fire for her endorsement deal with Saudi Golf. Many have criticized her for helping support a company based in a country that many perceive to be lacking in terms of women’s rights.

In response to this criticism however, Carly Booth starred in a Paddy Power ad that was directed at male chauvinism in sports. The ad featured Booth at a pub overhearing a man criticizing her golf play on TV and boasting that he could beat her easily.

The ad goes on to depict a match wherein Booth beats the heckler handily. The ad was intended to shed a light on the false perception that women in sports are inferior to their male counterparts.

Carly Booth In 2021

Unfortunately, Booth’s 2021 isn’t looking too eventful at least in terms of golf. She has been cut from the Women’s British Open and the ladies Scottish Open.

That’s not to say that she hasn;t been busy with other ventures, though. In fact, Carly recently released her line of athletic wear under the brand Hey Boo. The brand releases one outfit every month with limited availability.

Carly is also active on Instagram where she boasts nearly 200 thousand followers. On her Instagram, followers are afforded a glimpse into many aspects of her life including her workout regimen, social appearances, workout regimens and more.

Interesting Facts

In 2018 Carly turned more than her fair share of heads by posing for a beach photo shoot and giving a Biscuit + Tin interview.

The photo shoot features some of the hottest pics of Carly in the media as she dons a number of skimpy bikinis on a beautiful tropical beach.

You can see exactly how the photo shoot and interview went down here. Carly has also released some workout videos for the Ladies European Tour. She works out avidly and is known for her strong and sexy physique.

Carly is a self-described “teachers pet” and says that up until the age of 12, she was a very good student. She never got into trouble at school although, as her involvement in golf intensified, she found her studies less interesting.

She has also called herself a dog person, preferring the canine pets over felines. As a child, one of her favorite cartoons was Rugrats. She has a handful of tattoos including one on her left foot, one on the back of her left thigh and one on her back.

Final Words

Yes, the professional golf career of this blonde bombshell has tapered off some with her last professional win coming in 2021 at the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open. But the sky is still the limit for this 28 year-old dynamo.

She is still a hot commodity thanks in part to her bodily…assets and winning personality. Where will Carly Booth go from here? Only time will tell but we all wait with bated breath.