Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club Set Review 2021 – Probably The Best Women’s Set

Getting distance off the tee, precision on the fairway and good drop and stop on the green from the same set of clubs can be extremely difficult. It seems that every complete set of golf clubs has at least one weak spot.

That’s why you see a lot of players with sets that they cobbled together from multiple sets. Getting a single set that has everything you need for all-around performance is next to impossible – especially for women’s golf club sets.

But in our time, we have seen a few standout sets that deserve your attention if you are looking for a complete set of golf clubs that delivers quality from tee to green. The Callaway women’s golf club set could be the one you have been looking for all along.

At first glance, this seems like it could be one of the rare women’s golf club sets that could truly be complete from driver to putter. But to find out for sure, let’s take a closer look at the specifics of the Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set.

What’s In The Bag?

The Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set is available in three different packages: an 11-piece set, a 14-piece set and a 16-piece set. Here is a breakdown of what you get in all three packages:

11 Piece Set Includes


Driver – 460 Titanium Head – Graphite Shafts

5 Wood – Graphite

5 Hybrid – Graphite

7 – 9 Iron – Steel Shafts

Sand Wedge – Steel Shaft

Blade Putter

Stand/Cart Bag

2 Headcovers


14 Piece Set Adds

6 Iron

Pitching Wedge

1 Extra Headcover


16 Piece Set Adds

3 Wood

4 Hybrid

6 Iron

Pitching Wedge

2 Extra Headcovers

Of course the game is going to be hard to play without a pitching or sand wedge so we recommend the 14 or 16 piece sets to almost every female golfer.

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First Impressions Of The Set

Initially, we were impressed by attractive yet understated navy and pink design of the bag and clubs. On closer inspection, our thoughts were that that this Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club setwas weighted very well.

Even though these clubs feature aluminum shafts, they aren’t too heavy. And since the aluminum isn’t too heavy, you get a nice-feeling club that doesn’t feel as flimsy as some graphite shaft clubs can feel.

This will be a great benefit for women golfers who are really trying to work on getting their driver and iron distance up as the clubs are balanced enough to impart good swing mechanics and heavy enough to give you that extra distance you may be looking for.

And these are things that you should keep an eye out for in terms of women’s golf club sets. Graphite shafts are typically advantageous because they are lightweight. But sometimes they have too much flex and you can’t really control your ball speed.

That’s fine when you are just starting out with the game, but when you are trying to fine tune your fairway and approach game, this lack of ball speed control can turn on you very quickly. That’s why we like the more solid shafts of these Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Clubs.

The steel shafts maybe not ideal for seniors and slow swingers but for increasing distance the composition is prefect.

They will teach you how to play with more feel, control and precision. So what do you get in the bag of this Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set?

The Clubs

In order to properly assess whether or not this set is the right one for you, let’s take a look at each club individually.


The driver’s lift is set at 10.5 degrees and has an oversized 460cc head.

Again, it’s worth remarking that the driver is very well weighted and our testers were able to get very good distance from it.


The wood is set at 15 degrees of loft and has a swing weight of C6 – same as the driver.

The wood in the Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set flew very high and allowed for smooth back swings.

If you go with the 16 piece, you will also have another lower degree hybrid for further shots.


The 4 hybrid in this set is set to 22 degrees of loft while the 5 hybrid is set to 25.

Both these hybrids feature a swing weight of C6 as well. Overall the hybrids were very user friendly.


The 6 iron is set to 28 degrees of lift, the 7 iron to 32 degrees, the 8 iron to 36 degrees, and the 9 iron to 40 degrees.

For intermediate to advanced players, you will get precision control from these beautiful irons.


The pitching wedge is set to 44 degrees of loft while the sand wedge is set to 60 degrees.

The PW has a swing weight of C8 while the SW has a swing weight of D0.

It’s worth buying the 14 or 16 piece sets to get both clubs in our opinion.


The Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set features a nice mallet style putter with visual alignments.

The weight is balanced very well from heel to toe which allows for exceptionally smooth strokes.

Club Composition

Each club in the Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set features aluminum shafts. The driver head is made of full titanium. The heads of the irons and wedges are composed of stainless steel. The hybrids also feature lighter, stainless steel heads.

You get standard women’s flex for all of the clubs and the grips strike a great balance between comfortable feel and shock absorption.


The Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set comes in right and left-handed orientations. There are also multiple colors to choose form including gold, pink, purple and teal.

And, as mentioned earlier in our review, you can choose form an 11-piece, 14-piece or 16-piece set.

Club Lengths

The Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set comes in standard women’s length.





3 Wood

41.50 “

4 Hybrid


5 Hybrid


6 Iron


7 Iron


8 Iron


9 Iron


Pitching Wedge


Sand Wedge




If you are anywhere between about 5’5” and 5’10” these should fit you pretty well. They work well on the higher end of the petite category but if you are in the 5’4” range, you may want to get these clubs fitted to size.

But the good news is that they do come as left-handed clubs so they are sure to suit a wide variety of players.

Pros & Cons Of The Women’s Strata Set


  • Great for average to fast swing speeds
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable quality
  • Milled face putter
  • Progressive sole width irons
  • Large sweet spot on the driver


  • Some of the pieces refer to the bag and the head covers
  • A bit pricey
  • No offset hosel
  • Bag isn’t stable

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Other Club Sets To Consider

While the Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set offers good quality for intermediate players, you may not need some of the features it offers. Here are some more club sets to consider:

Callaway Solaire

Callaway Solaire Banner

The Callaway Solaire women’s golf club set features a beautiful design and is great for more advanced players.

You get more clubs and graphite shafts, making them perfect for intermediated, seniors and slow swingers.


  • Multiple colors
  • Graphite shafts
  • Lady’s flex


  • Pricey
  • No left-handed version

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Wilson SGI Ladies Club Set

This is a great set for women just starting out with golf. All the clubs except for the putter feature lightweight graphite shafts and it comes with a stand bag with adjustable shoulder straps.


  • Easy to use driver
  • Comes in standard, tall and petite
  • 3 head covers


  • Only one hybrid
  • Minimal storage in bag

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Cobra XL Speed Ladies Set

Featuring a driver set to 15 degrees of loft, a 5 hybrid and irons 6-9, this set has pretty much every club you need if you are looking to improve your intermediate game. It comes with a premium cart bag and is available in ladies flex.


  • Great looking set
  • Driver plays very long
  • Comes with a 3 and 5 wood


  • Swing weight on the driver and woods is a bit heavy
  • Only available as a right-hand set

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The Final Say

So can the Callaway Strata Women’s Golf Club set be considered a quality set from driver to putter? For the most part, yes. We were really impressed with both the overall distance you got from the driver, woods and hybrids and the control provided by the irons.

The only clubs we were underwhelmed with were the wedges which offered enough loft but were somewhat unwieldy. They either flew too far or we weren’t able to get straight shots out of them. Granted, you only use these clubs from tough lies but even considering that, they just felt a bit awkward at times.

Also the fact that you need to buy the 14 or 16 piece set to get a Sand wedge, is a slight deterrent from the 11 piece version.

Still, this shortcoming could easily be overlooked in light of the fact that these clubs performed very well for what a beginner to intermediate player would need them for. They offer great distance for the beginner and you can get precision lies from the irons if you are looking to fine tune your intermediate game.

Overall we would certainly recommend this set to any beginner/intermediate lady golfer. Though not perfect, it has what your game need so check it out.

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