Callaway Rangefinder Reviews – Which One To Buy In 2020

Callaway Tour S Rangefinder

Callaway has a stellar name when it comes to golf equipment and that it with good reason. The golf gear that they produce is of the highest quality and it is no different when it comes to Rangefinders.

When I first started using a rangefinder, I notice a rapid improvement in my score and that came from knowing which club to use for the required distance. A good rangefinder with slope or a GPS is perfect for a high handicapper to male improvements quickly and effectively.

Callaway has a strong line of rangefinders to suit all needs and budgets and in this article we are going to review them all and give our recommendations for which ones you should consider buying from entry level Callaway Pro 300 to the prestigious Callaway Tour S Rangefinder.

The Callaway 200s With Slope

Key Features

First up is the Callaway 200s which comes with slope functionality which can be disabled, making it legal for tournament play.

The 200s is a ultra light and compact rangefinder, coming in at only 110 grams or 3.9oz making it about 20% smaller than the 300 Pro and it will easily fit into your pocket for your round.

The 200s comes in a royal blue colour and you can acquire the distance to your target by pressing the black button once to bring up the crosshairs and pressing it again when you have locked onto the pin.

The Rangefinder is a bit slower than the higher priced rangefinders but this is to be expected at the price point.

The 200s comes in at about $180 and it is a quality range finding device.

The 200s is powered as usual by a CR2 battery and it offers 6x magnification up 5-800 yards and we found it to be accurate within 1/3 yards of our s60 GPS Watch Reading.

P.A.T – Pin Acquisition Technology allows you to lock onto multiple targets simultaneously and it is also water and fog resistant, perfect for the UK and Ireland.

Who is the Callaway 200s for?

The Callaway 200s is perfect for anybody who wants a light and compact rangefinder that is accurate and reliable.

High handicappers could consider the 200s but it has plenty of competition from similarly priced rangefinders that offer just as much by way of quality.

Overall Scores

Performance: 8.0

Design: 8.5

Features: 8.5

Value: 8.0

Total: 8.0

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Callaway 300 Pro With Slope

Callaway 300 Pro 2

Next on our list is one of the most respected rangefinders currently on the market and the 300s comes in at slight more expensive than the 200s at $199 and you can avail of a big increase in quality for the extra 20 bucks.

Key Features:

The 300 Pro is 20% bigger than the 200 and it has been reviewed excellently on Amazon and within the golf community as one of the best in it’s class.

We found it to be a good bit faster than the 200s with its superior technology and it offers P.A.T up to 300 yards as opposed to 275 with the 200.

The scene mode allows you to lock onto multiple targets at one time and you can even eliminate unnecessary objects that are in your way.

It offers 1 yard +/- accuracy from 500/1000 yards and the birdie mode makes a ‘chirping’ noise when it locks onto the pin. The LCD Screen is easy to read and it displays the distance in both yards and metres.

This is lightweight at 7oz but it is built solidly and it automatically keeps wet and moist under control. It also fits comfortable in the pocket for you round.

Who is the 300 Pro For?

The 300 Pro is perfect for anyone who wants a quality rangefinder at an amazing price.

We feel that it offers much more value that the 200s for the price and for the technology and performance you get, we think the 300 Pro is definitely worth buying for the price point.

Overall Scores

Performance: 9.0

Design: 8.5

Features: 8.5

Value: 9.0

Total: 8.75

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The Callaway EZ Scan Rangefinder

Callaway EZ Laser Review

The Callaway EZ Scan is exactly what it says on the tin, an easy to use rangefinder that is also a quality way to shave shots off your overall score.

Key Features

It offers less range than the Callaway 300 Pro, being accurate from 500/800 yards although it does give the distance to the pin with one single button click.

The EZ Scan also gives you both an internal and an external reading so you can double check you are going to hit the right club and we found it to be just as accurate as the 300 Pro and just as fast.

It is built to strong, durable and water resistant and the scan mode allows you to lock in multiple targets at once.

The EZ Scan comes with a built in CVR V3 Battery along with a molded carry case and a hand strap for ultimate ease of use.

It is made with a horizontal design and the magnahold feature allows it to be attached to your cart for easy carrying.

The EZ scan is more expensive than the 300 Pro by $20 and we still think the 300 Pro is better value for money.

The EZ Scan is larger than both the 300 Pro and the 200s and the is a more solid rangefinder, weighing it at 12.8 ounces.

Who is the EZ Scan For?

Just because we prefer the 300 pro, doesn’t mean the EZ scan is not a quality rangefinder and this is perfect for older golfers that may not be as technically advanced or just want the easiest rangefinder to use.

The EZ scan is also perfect for anyone with a shaky hand with its 1 press technology and mounted hand strap.

Overall Scores

Performance: 8.5

Design: 8.0

Features: 8.5

Value: 8.0

Total: 8.00

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Callaway Hybrid Golf Rangefinder

Next up is the most innovative offering from the Callaway family. The Hybrid combines GPS and Laser rangefinder technology to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to precision and accuracy.

This Rangefinder is small and compact at 7.7 ounces and it’s frame is 3.5 x 1.5 x 3 inches meaning that it will easily fit in your pocket.

The Hybrid is dual powered with the laser rangefinder being powered by a CVR 3V battery and the GPS unit can be charged using a USB cable.

The Laser Rangefinder is accurate up to 950 yards with 6X magnification and 300 yard pin lock technology.

The GPS comes with 38,000 courses preloaded and there are no subscription fees or add ons to consider when buying the Hybrid.

The GPS also offers distances to the front middle and back of the green allowing you to double check your distances and play the right shot.

When combining Rangefinder and GPS there is always the danger of offering nothing extraordinary in either area but the Laser Rangefinder on this, we found to be top quality.

The Callaway Hybrid costs roughly $210, putting it a bit more expensive that the 300 Pro, but not noticeably so.

Who Is The Hybrid For?

The Hybrid is for golf lovers who want the latest and greatest technology. The features that you get int the Hybrid are unrivalled in the market currently but my own personal choice would be a separate entry level watch and rangefinder.

That being said, The Callaway Hybrid is still a quality product and if you are in the market, you wont go too far wrong with this one.

Overall Scores

Performance: 8.0

Design: 8.5

Features: 9

Value: 8.0

Total: 8.25

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The Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder

The Callaway Tour S is the jewel in the crown when it comes to Callaway rangefinders and it is not hard to see why.

The Tour S offers 7x Magnification and it extremely quick and accurate and it offers ranges from 500 – 1,200 yards. It also offers superior accuracy with a +/- .5 yard accuracy claim and we found it be fast and simple to lock onto the target.

The Prism mode uses reflections for fool proof exact measurements to the flag and it also has Slope functionality to give you the best reading imaginable, while scan mode allows you to lock onto multiple targets simultaneously.

The Slope Function can be easily deactivated via a visible external switch making it tournament legal.

It comes with a high-res OLED display and a sure grip design, everything about the Tour-S is oozing class and it is up there with the very best rangefinders we have ever tested.

The Tour S is slightly larger than the 300 Pro and The Hybrid, weighing in at 12.3 Ounces and a body spec of 4.5 x 3 x 1.6 make it slightly larger but certainly not bulky.

The Tour S comes in slightly more expensive then the 300 Pro at $300+ but you are really getting the best rangefinder technology around for that price tag.

Who is the Tour S for?

The Tour S is for anybody who is serious about achieving the lowest score possible and has a bit of budget to work with. The $300 price represents serious value for money so if you are more than a casual player, this is the perfect piece of equipment for you.

Overall Scores

Performance: 9.5

Design: 9.0

Features: 8.5

Value: 8.0

Total: 9.00

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So, What Is The Best Callaway Rangefinder Of 2020 And Which One Would We Recommend Buying?

When it comes down to parting with our hard earned money, there are 2 Callaway Rangefinders that stand out to us: The 300 Pro and The Tour S.

All of Callaways offerings are well priced but if we are dipping into the market, it would be for these two.

The 300 Pro is well priced, high spec and well designed. You might consider using this is conjunction with the Callaway GPSy Golf watch and we feel that would a better solution to the Hybrid.

The Tour S is Callaways latest entry to the market and it is laser sharp (literally), stunningly accurate and lightning fast.

This truly is up there with the best rangefinders of 2020 and it comes with our full blessing


The Callaway Tour S Laser Rangefinder

Callaway Tour S Golf Rangefinder

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