Callaway Mavrik vs Taylormade Sim Driver Comparison & Review

Club head speed is usually a good indicator of ball speed and ultimately drive distance.

So golf club manufacturers have been bending over backwards to make the most aerodynamic drivers possible. Cases in point: the Callaway Mavrik and the Taylormade SIM drivers. That is not to say, they are not trying to appeal to golfers who need forgiveness more than distance and there are drivers in the Sim and Mavrik family for every type of golfer.

And today we are going to be comparing these two drivers that promise faster club head speed and longer drives to see if they really deliver.


Head To Head


Callaway Mavrik

Taylormade SIM

Adjustable Weighting?

Yes, on Mavrik Max and Mavrik Sub Zero

Yes, only on SIM standard


9, 10.5, 12° Adjustable

8, 9, 10.5° Adjustable

Key Tech

Flash Face

Asymmetric sole, Twist Face







Overall Rating




The Callaway Mavrik Driver Overview


Callaway continues their foray into A.I. designed golf clubs with the Mavrik series. Each driver in this line features A.I. design and acoustics, Flash Face technology and jailbreak framing. The Mavriks feel comfortable and you can feel the added inertia on your downswing.


The Taylormade SIM Driver Overview

The SIM series is the successor to the popular M Series. Right away, you can tell that the sole has a different, asymmetric shape.

The front weight track was giving us impressive distance and we could tell pretty quickly that this was going to be a forgiving driver.




Callaway Mavrik Key Features

The Callaway Mavrik series feature optifit hosel that allow you to choose the lie and loft that you are comfortable with.

This makes the Mavrik series congenial to a broad range of players. And the Flash Face provides enhanced flex across the entire face of the club.


Taylormade SIM Key Features

The Twist Face of the SIM series is actually a slight curvature of the face which helps reduce side spin to produce straighter, faster drives.

This coupled with the inertia generating asymmetric sole make this driver play very fast and long.


The Mavrik Family – Sub Zero & Mavrik Pro

The Mavrik family of drivers consists of the standard Mavrik, the Mavrik Max and the Mavrik Sub Zero.

Each driver in the series features A.I. design, flash face technology and jailbreak internal ribbing. But only the Mavrik standard as the aerodynamic head design.

The standard Mavrik is also unique as it is the only one in the series that doesn’t feature interchangeable weighting. All club heads in the series are 460cc save for the Sub Zero which is 450cc.


The SIM Family 

The SIM family of drivers is made up of the standard SIM, the SIM Max and the SIM MAX D.

All of them feature the asymmetric sole design, the twist face technology and a thru-slot speed pocket. And all drivers in the series are 460cc.

The standard SIM driver is the only one with adjustable weighting while the SIM Max D driver is the only one with draw bias.


The SIM Vs. SIM Max

We love the fact that the standard SIM has adjustable weighting. This makes it almost limitlessly customizeable.

It also enhances the feel of the driver. But the larger face of the SIM max made it generally more forgiving. The standard SIM gives a lower launch angle which we also favor.


The Mavrik Vs. Epic Speed 21

The Epic Speed line of drivers from Callaway is very comparable to the Mavriks in many ways.

They also feature Flash Face design and jailbreak internal framing. The most stark difference is in the weight. The Epic Speed drivers are made of a composite material that makes them lighter.


Mavrik Driver Shaft Options

  • Ust Helium Black shaft
  • Project X Evenflow Riptide shaft
  • Aldila Rogue White 130 Msi
  • Light, regular, stiff extra stiff flexes


SIM Driver Shaft Options

  • Mitsubishi Diamana S Limited 60 shaft
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70 shaft
  • Stiff, regular, extra stiff flexes


Who Could Benefit From Each Driver?

Both of these drivers were designed to provide the same types of benefits: faster club head speed and better ball speed.

But the SIM driver in particular would be especially beneficial for players who are getting too much spin off their drives.

The Callaway Mavriks are really for players who already have a high swing speed and don’t need to focus so much on reducing side spin.

At the end of the day, they are more for distance than anything else.


Performance Comparison

We really liked the fell of the SIM drivers. The M series already sounded great – a deep, solid, satisfying thud.

And we’re glad to see that the asymmetric sole hasn’t done anything to change that.

And we compared the distances we were getting with the SIM drivers with that of the Mavriks.

The SIM drivers outperformed the Mavriks by an average of 3.5 yards.

Both of these drivers are very similar in forgiveness, feel and distance but the SIM’s outperform the Mavrik’s ever so slightly in these arenas.


Price Comparison

The similarities continue with the price range. You can find both the Callaway Mavrik and the Taylormade SIM drivers for about $400.


Callaway Mavrik Driver Pros & Cons


  • The face material is FS2S titanium
  • Hosel allows you to adjust loft and lie
  • Custom shafts and grips
  • Low drag
  • Flash Face effectively expands the sweet spot
  • Lightweight carbon crown


  • Only the standard has the Cyclone Aero shape
  • Slightly shorter drives
  • Sounds a bit hollow
  • The standard doesn’t have adjustable weighting

Overall Score: 96/100

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Taylormade SIM Pros & Cons



  • Good, deep sound
  • Produces great head speed
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Large face
  • Face curvature inhibits side spin
  • Great distance



  • Only the MAX D has draw bias
  • Only the standard has adjustable weighting
  • Sole shape takes some getting used to
  • Limited shaft options

Overall Score: 98/100

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Final Assessment

This was a photo finish so to speak. Both of these drivers really delivered in terms of clubs head speed and ball speed.

But the Taylormade SIM’s just went a bit further and played a bit faster. We also really loved the side spin control. They are our choice so be sure to check them out.