Callaway Mavrik Vs Big Bertha B21 Fairway Woods Review & Specs 2021

With every major golf company pushing the boundaries on what we can expect from golf clubs year on year, there is one clear winner and that’s the individual golfer and the sport.

Who doesn’t want to see the top golfers in the world smashing it further and closer to the hole than they did before and with any luck, that technology can help us to improve as well.

While many focus obsessively on the new drivers and irons, choosing the right fairway woods and hybrids can have an equally important impact on your overall score.

With Fairway Woods, we want to be able to get the ball in the air easily, hit it straight consistently and get as much comfortable distance as possible with each strike.

The Callaway Mavrik is crafted with Artificial Intelligence and offers forgiveness and distance with the Max & Sub Zero Offering specialized versions for any golfer while the Big Bertha B21 takes the legendary name and offers a super forgiving and high launching fairway wood for game improvement.


Introducing The Brand And The Sets

Callaway is at the very forefront of the distance and forgiveness rush when it comes to golf clubs and their two latest Fairway Woods are going head to head in this article in the Mavrik Vs the brand new for 2021 – Big Bertha B21 Woods.

Callaway Mavrik

There are a ton of pros using Callaway Mavriks on tour and the clubs are packed with the latest technology.

The Callaway Mavriks are among the first clubs created using Artificial Intelligence which results a perfectly designed and weighted club, everytime.


Callaway Big Bertha B21

A mammoth name in the world of golf spanning decades of world class clubs. The Big Bertha B21’s are a worthy club to carry on the legendary name.

They also follow on and build on all of the progress made by the Callaway Mavriks to produce some of the best performing, game improvement clubs on the market today.



Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods Key Features And Selling Points

Selling Points

  • AI Designed Flash Face Optimized For Each Club

  • Optimal Weighting & Leading Edge Geometry For A Higher Launch

  • TC2 Carbon Crown & Jailbreak Technology For Club Head Speed

  • The Mavrik Is Going To be Longer Than The Big Bertha B21’s

Key Features

Long And Straight, that is how most people are going to describe the Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood.

The Mavrik Is perfectly crafted to deliver performance in every area.

The weighting on the underside of the club, produces a higher launch and faster club speeds while the flash cup face is produced from exotic materials and on impact it adds to the ball speed significantly.

You could easily notice yourself adding 10 yards to your fairway woods with the Mavriks and more importantly, hitting them more straight.


Callaway Big Bertha B21’s Fairway Woods Key Features And Selling Points


Selling Points

  • Picks Up Where The Mavrik Left Off With Enhanced AI Design

  • Shallower Face Height & Slightly Offset For Forgiveness And Launch Angle

  • Flash Face & Jailbreak Technology For Maximum Balls Speed

  • Perfect High Launching, ‘Towering Shots’ & Maximum Forgiveness.

Key Features

The Big Bertha B21 is going to be a more forgiving fairway wood than the Mavrik with its offset head and shallower face.

If you are thinking about the Big Bertha B21’s, you are looking at launch angle and forgiveness without sacrificing too much in the way of distance.

With the Perimeter weighting and jailbreak technology, you should be able to generate good club head speed and balls speed.

Expect a slight draw bias on the B21 alongside a high launch path, straight shots consistently and excellent distance from the fairway wood with the famous name.


Mavrik Fairway Wood vs Mavrik Max vs Mavrik Sub Zero

The Mavriks are so popular, they have created a family with the Mavrik, Mavrik Max and Mavrik Sub Zero giving a complete choice to golfers of all levels.

The Mavrik is designed to suit most player profiles

The Mavrik Max Is More Forgiving And Easier To Launch With Slightly Less Distance

The Mavrik Sub Zero is for Mid – Low Handicappers And Suits Lower, Longer Strokes For Better Players.


Callaway Mavrik Vs Big Bertha B21

The Mavrik has all the technology you need for the longest and straightest shots you’ve ever hit with a fairway wood.

All of the technology combines for an optimally performing club.

If you have no worries getting the ball in the air with a wood and want max distance, the Mavrik is a great choice.

The Big Bertha has all the tech of the Mavrik and it has also built on the performance.

The B21 is going to produce a higher ball flight and even more forgiveness but requires a very slight sacrifice in ball speed and distance.

If you’re hitting your fairway wood too low or slicing a lot with your woods, the Big Bertha B21 is going to be an excellent option

Mavrik Vs B21 – Specs Comparison

Loft Table


Mavrik – Loft

Big Bertha B21 – Loft

3 Wood



4 Wood



5 Wood



7 Wood



9 Wood




Length And Lie Comparison


Mavrik – Length/Lie

Big Bertha B21 – Length/Lie

3 Wood

43.25″ / 56.0°

43.00″ / 57.0°

4 Wood

43.25″ / 56.0°


5 Wood

42.75″ / 56.5°

42.25″ / 58.0°

7 Wood

42.25″ / 57.0°

41.50″ / 59.0°

9 Wood

N / A

40.75″ / 60.0°


Club Composition

Both clubs come with Graphite Shafts to suit a faster club head speed for any golfer


Callaway Mavrik Fairway Woods

You have a good choice of Graphite shafts with the Mavriks:


  • UST Helium Black – 50g Shaft
  • Project X Even flow Riptide – 60g Shaft
  • Aldila Rogue White Shaft – 70g Shaft


  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Gray: 50g


Big Bertha B21 Fairway Woods



  • The B21’s come with the Callaway RCH stock shafts in 40g/50g/60g/70g classes


  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Soft: 46g, 50g


How Do They Compare On Performance

Make no mistake, these are premium clubs that are going to perform to the highest levels for you game.

The Mavrik is long and straight with the Mavrik Max offering a version for higher handicaps and the Mavrik Sub Zero offering an operation for mid-low handicap players.

The B21 Fairway Woods scream super game improvement allowing lofty and accurate shots with a slight sacrifice in distance from the Mavrik.

There is a ton of overlap between these two clubs and getting the shaft choice right might have a bigger impact on performance than the differences between the clubs.


How Do They Compare On Price

Since the Mavriks have been around for a while now they are likely to come in a little bit cheaper than the B21’s which is going to be as good a reason as any to go with the Mavrik over the B21’s.

You can pick up a Mavrik Fairway Wood for Around: $250

You can pick up a B21 Fairway Wood For Around: $300


Who Should Buy Each One

  • If you want a bargain, go with the Mavrik.
  • If you need help getting the ball in the air, go with the B21.
  • If you want maximum distance, go Mavrik.
  • If you don’t like the B21’s but want max performance, go with a Mavrik Max or Mavrik Sub Zero.



The introduction of artificial intelligence to golf clubs is an exciting time for enhanced performance, massive distances with optimal forgiveness.

The Callaway Mavrik and Big Bertha B21’s are at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a legal golf club.

For us the Big Bertha is incredibly forgiving but for the regular player, the Mavrik is going to get the job done with a bit more distance and costs a bit less, making it our recommendation for today.