Callaway Mavrik Max vs Taylormade Sim Max Irons 2021 Review & Specs

The clash of the heavyweight giants in the game improvement category with Callaway and Taylormade going head to head with some of their leading irons.

The quality of both of these irons is undeniable and with more and more features getting crammed into iron sets, the performance is improving in every category.

Both of these clubs are aimed at high handicappers who want to improve. The Mavrik max is creating with AI for perfect weighting and performance in each club and the Sim Max is jammed packed with latest technology like the speed bridge for tons of distance and forgiveness.

In fact, we’d venture to say that this trend is more good than bad. But you still have to be discerning when choosing from these modern, advanced irons. So to help you out, we tested and composed a breakdown of two of the most dynamic iron sets out there today.

Some Background Of The Sets

Both of the iron sets that we will be covering today build on lauded technology that both Callaway and TaylorMade have introduced in previous models.

Taylormade Sim Max

For TaylorMade, it’s the coveted speed bridge that helps stabilize the forgiving “free floating” face and dampens unwanted vibrations.

The speed bridge was also present in TaylorMade’s M6 and M5 irons but since then, they have tweaked the design a bit to enhance overall ball speed.

Callaway Mavrik Max

For Callaway, it’s the AI designed Flash Face technology that we saw first in 2021’s Epic Flash driver.

Flash Face is designed for a perfect connection between face and ball for maximum distance.

We had to wait a bit for this technology to be available in an iron set, but with the Callwaay Mavrik’s the wait is over.

TaylorMade Sim Max Key Features

Selling Points

  • Speed Bridge For Distance And Forgiveness

  • Echo Damping Systems For Improved Feel

  • Thin Face With Speed Pocket For Ultimate Connection

  • Inverted Cone Technology For Reduced Spin On Mishits

Key Features

The TaylorMade Sim Max irons, at their heart, are cavity back game improvement irons that also offer a lot of distance.

They are predicated on producing more ball speed at point of impact with the Shape in Motion technology. While they are not a forged iron set, they certainly give the feel of one.

Which is why one of the key selling points of these irons is that they feel like player’s irons but they play like game improvement irons.

Of course, the star of the show is the speed bridge which we already talked about.

But the TaylorMade Sim Max irons also feature the famous speed pocket which separates the sole and the edge of the iron allowing for a broader sweet spot, more forgiveness and more ball speed.

Of course, the Sim Max offers more forgiveness than the Sims and higher lofts to get the ball on a higher flight path.

Callaway Mavrik Max Key Features

Selling Points

  • Crafted With Artificial Intelligence For Enhanced Performance

  • Thin Flash Face Cup Technology For Maximum Ball Speed & Spin Robustness On Impact

  • Tungsten Weighting For Low CG & Higher Launch Angles

  • Urethane Microspheres For Enhanced Feel And Less Vibration

Key Features

The main selling point of these irons is that every face in the set has it’s own unique architecture and builds on the 360 face cup technology that Callaway clubs have also become known for. Again, the result is better ball speed.

Then you have the tungsten weighting which runs from the heel to toe, delivering incredible balance and focusing the center of gravity low in the head for higher and straighter shots.

Again, these irons are crafted using Artificial Intelligence to make sure the club is perfectly weighted and performs optimally.

Quick Loft Comparison Chart


Sim Max – Loft

Mavrik Max – Loft

4 Iron



5 Iron



6 Iron



7 Iron



8 Iron



9 Iron






Sim Max Vs Sim Vs Sim Max Os

So how do the TaylorMade Sim Max irons compare to the Sim and Sim Max OS lines? The Sim Max irons definitely give you more of a game improvement feel with more technology and higher lofts while still offering a ton of distance.

They feature the ECHO dampening system that produce a soft feel for irons that produce this much ball speed.

When you look at the different Taylormade Sim Sets, they are all about distances. The Sim Max Os are the most forgiving and probably shortest, the Sim Max are for improvers and the Sim’s are the ‘players’ version of the clubs with stronger lofts and more feel for the slightly better golfer.

Mavrik vs Mavrik Max vs Mavrik Pro

The Mavrik and Mavrik pro were launched around the same time as the Mavrik Max irons. The most notable difference between the Mavrik Max and Mavrik/Mavrik Pro irons is that the Max’s have weaker lofts.

This makes the Mavrik Max irons better suited to players with mid-range swing speeds than the Pro and standard Mavrik irons.

Simply put the Mavrik Max are for beginners who need help getting the ball in the air, the Mavriks are for high handicappers who are improving at the game the Mavrik Pro’s are going to suit the Mid Handicapper looking to take his game to the next level.

TaylorMade Sim Max Set Options

The TaylorMade Sim Max set comes in right or left hand orientations, steel or graphite shafts and regular, senior or still flex.

Callaway Mavrik Max Set Options

The Callaway Mavrik Max irons come in right or left hand orientation, steel or graphite shafts, and light, regular and stiff flex.

Quick Length & Lie Comparison Chart


Sim Max – Lie/Length

Mavrik Max – Lie/Length

4 Iron



5 Iron



6 Iron



7 Iron



8 Iron



9 Iron






Who Is Each Set For?

It was pretty obvious right off the bat that the Mavrik Max irons were made for players with slower swing speeds. Of the two, they were the ones that felt truer to the game improvement category of irons.

But the TaylorMade Sim Max irons were also very forgiving with the floating face technology and increased ball speed even on strikes near the lower quadrant of the face. The Sim Max’s also help correct right draw with the precise ICT placement so keep that in mind as you shop.

Composition Comparison

The composition of each set is essentially the same: stainless steel heads and either stainless steel or graphite shafts. The difference is inside the heads.

Whereas the Sim Max irons have the inverted cone technology to help correct draw and side spin, the Callaway’s have the tungsten weighting and 360 face cup.

Performance Comparison

Both of these irons give you the distance you would expect from premium irons but we would say that  the TaylorMade Sim Max irons are more forgiving overall.

Price Comparison

As far as price goes, you are likely to pay the same price for the TaylorMade Sim Max irons as the Callaway Mavrik Max’s: about $800

Mavrik Max Pros & Cons

Callaway Mavrik Max


  • Great game improvement irons
  • Produce good ball speed
  • Nice weighting
  • Imparts good swing mechanics
  • Premium irons
  • AI technology


  • Not as long as regular Mavriks
  • Pricey
  • Grips aren’t great

Overall Score: 98/100

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Sim Max Pros & Cons


  • Better for faster swing speeds
  • Better launch angle
  • Speed bridge technology
  • Sound great
  • Dampens vibration
  • Forged feel


  • Also pricey
  • They run long
  • Don’t reduce draw
  • Lack of offset

Overall Score: 98/100

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Last Words

Both of these irons performed admirably as all-around irons. And in the end, it’s a draw because they will be more valuable to different kinds of players.

The Sim Max’s thinner face make them more attractive to players with faster swings.

The weaker loft of the Callaway Mavrik Max’s make them more valuable to players with slower swing speeds.

The Sim Max’s had better feel but the Mavrik’s precise weighting and CG make them better game improvement irons.

So in the end, it’s simply a matter of figuring which category of player you fall in. But rest assured, both of these clubs are pushing the envelope in terms of what irons can do so be sure to check them out soon.