Callaway Edge Driver Review – Is it Forgiving for High Handicappers?

 “Callaway is a brand that everyday golfers can depend on. But are their older drivers still worth a look in 2023?”

When the Callaway Edge debuted, there was no secret that it was geared towards high handicap players. Even looking at it today, it has a deep face profile and a sizable head that just screams “game improvement.”

And in 2023, you can get the Callaway Edge driver for well under $100 which makes it a target for budget-conscious players. However, just because a club is affordable doesn’t mean that it belongs in your bag.

We went out and revisited the Callaway Edge driver. We tested it to see what, if any, benefits it still holds for high handicap players. Read on to learn what our test session revealed.

The Callaway Edge Driver in 50 Words or Less

“The Callaway Edge driver gives off a very pleasing sound and feel thanks to the titanium body.”

It is incredibly forgiving and high-launching. Behind the ball, it looks very reassuring if you’re a high handicap player.

First Impression on the Range

“Our first impression of the Callaway Edge driver was that it looked easy.”

The size of this club is both reassuring and manageable. We liked the matte black finish on the crown because it reduced glare – and it just so happened that we tested the Callaway Edge driver on a clear and sunny day.

The Callaway Edge we tested was 10.5° so we were able to get plenty of air under the ball. It was consistent too. In very short order, we were nailing the sweet spot consistently and getting very consistent launch.

What’s New With the Callaway Edge Driver? 

“While the Callaway Edge doesn’t boast the latest technology in golf club manufacturing, it has a winning formula if you are a high handicapper.”

The main story here is the titanium body. Titanium is very light but also very strong. That means the head won’t weigh a ton but it will still stand up to warping at impact. The face could have been a little more consistent; but overall the MOI of this club was very favorable.

Unless you hit near the extreme heel or toe, you can expect your ball to fly straight. And if you are able to keep the ball on-line, you will also be able to squeeze a few extra yards out of your drives.

What Handicap is it for? 

There’s no doubt that the Callaway Edge was made for 20+ handicap players. It’s a big, forgiving driver that doesn’t leave much room for workability. The sweet spot is expansive and once you find it, it’s hard to miss. That was the case for our testers anyway.

They also remarked that it didn’t take very long to find the sweet spot – they were hitting it consistently after 3 or 4 swings. The Callaway Edge launches high and you can’t really keep it low even if you’re an experienced player.

For players with faster swing speeds, the launch will almost certainly come at the cost of carry distance. But for 20+ handicappers, the launch will add distance because you aren’t likely to swing the driver fast enough to capitalize on a lower launch.

How Does it Compare to the Callaway Mavrik Driver? 

“The Callaway Mavrik is the more recent driver and as such, it has updated features.”

For instance, the Mavrik has the Flash Face SS20 stainless steel face design which, in our experience, is a bit more consistent than the face used for the Callaway Edge driver. The Mavrik also has the Jailbreak internal bracing bars which improves the MOI.

However, in terms of forgiveness, there isn’t a lot of difference between these two drivers. The Callaway Edge is just as forgiving – if not more forgiving – than the Mavrik.

Overview of the Callaway Edge Driver

“The Callaway Edge driver is still a worthwhile gamer if you’ve just started playing golf or are struggling with accuracy from the tee.”

The titanium construction makes for a very satisfying sound and feel. It’s like a high-pitched “ping” when you pure the ball. While it can’t be worked very much at all, it will help you get the ball in the air, keep it straight and improve your swing speed.


  • Reduces glare
  • Looks very good behind the ball
  • Effortless launch


  • It’s not workable
  • Face is prone to twisting

Distance: 95/100

Workability: 92/100

Feel & Sound: 96/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Value: 97/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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Is it Worth it Overall?

“Considering the price, it’s hard to say that the Callaway Edge isn’t worth it in any circumstance.”

But of course, if you are a mid to low handicapper, you simply won’t like the Callaway Edge driver. But if you are trying to break 100, the Callaway Edge is definitely worth it because it will help you start every hole the right way. You’ll stay on the fairway and likely see distance increases.

Other Drivers to Consider in 2023

Cobra LTDx Driver

“The Cobra LTDx driver features forward-oriented weight and a variable thickness face.”

This driver felt incredibly stable and the ball speed was very good even when we mis-hit near the heel. It has a carbon fiber crown and sole panel so the overall weight is very similar to the Callaway Edge. The CNC milled face also feels amazing when you nail the sweet spot and is forgiving when you miss it.

Ping G430 Max Driver


“The Ping G430 Max driver features a forged titanium face and a 25-gram adjustable rear weight.”

This is a very versatile driver that will help you launch the ball properly even when you mis-hit. It’s a bit heavy; but that can be remedied by the right graphite shaft. A great play for a wide variety of players.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver


“The CG of this driver was nice and low.”

Our testers remarked that the Callaway Rogue ST Max was easy to swing and produced near-effortless launch.