Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Device

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

A Golf GPS is a global positioning device with many features that allow players to navigate the golf course. The device is also used to record and save golfing statistics & scores. Depending on the quality of the device you can have a full mapped out view of the course.

The map will give you high detail of where you’re positioned as well as the distance between your golf ball and the hole. You may think that having a GPS on you while you play golf is uncomfortable. That’s why the type of GPS device you select makes a huge difference.

Bushnell’s Phantom Golf GPS device is one of the latest golf gadgets on the market. It’s a light compact device that will give you a completely new perspective of the game. But what other features does the Bushnell Phantom GPS have? Take a look at how it can aid you on the course.

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Features of the Bushnell Phantom GPS Device


Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS 2

The Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS device provides golfers with a visual aid to view their surroundings. It also gives you distinct data on distance of the front, center and back of the green. This GPS also provides up to four potential hazards in your path as you play.

Bushnell’s Phantom GPS hazard feature prevents you from walking into water or sand areas while you’re making your way around the course.

How Many Golf Courses does it Feature?

This nifty golf GPS comes preloaded with a whopping 36,000 golf courses which are compatible in 30 different countries. The Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS can also pinpoint the course you’re on. While you walk around the device will move from hole to hole with you.

Attachment Made Easy

Bushnell Phantom 2

Bushnell’s Phantom GPS is easy to attach as it comes with a built-in magnet. This you can stick onto your golf cart or use the clip to attach it to your belt or kit.

What are the Dimensions?

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS 3

The handheld GPS unit comes in at 52g and the size of the body is a mere 1.4″x1.4″ with a 2.3″x2.3″ screen. Although the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS is small in size it packs a mighty punch in terms of features and specs.

The Bushnell Phantom App

Almost any gadget you find on the market has an app that makes using the device more convenient. The usability of these apps is extremely important as you want your customers to have the ultimate experience. That’s why Bushnell made a point of making their mobile app for the Phantom GPS easy to navigate by incorporating four options onto their home screen:

  • Golf score

  • Tee times

  • Play golf

  • My device

Simply tap on the “my device” option on the mobile application to sync it with your Phantom GPS. You can also use the mobile app to book a tee time. The tee time booking means you don’t have to log out of the app when you play your next game of golf.

The “play golf” option allows you to select the golf course you’d like to play on. While you’re playing you can track your scores by selecting the “golf score” option on your app. The Bushnell Phantom mobile app also updates the courses regularly so you always have access to the latest data.

There is an integrated customization option on the application that has features you may enjoy such as:

  • 3D fly overs
  • Data on distances for all courses
  • Auto hole advancement
  • Course recognition

The Design of the Phantom GPS

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS 4

The Bushnell Phantom is square in design. It has two buttons on the side to press whenever you want to track your distance from your shot to the hole. Simply press the buttons before you start walking to the hole after you’ve taken your shot to track your distance.

The interface is easy to navigate through as all the options are self-explanatory. For example, to start your course, turn the GPS unit on and select the “play golf” option. The GPS will automatically display all the courses that are closest to you.

Courses will be displayed in a list and you can use the buttons on the side of the device to select the one you’re playing. It will then take you to the first hole.

The Phantom Bushnell also comes in four amazing colors of black, red, yellow and blue.

Pros And Cons Of The Bushnell Phantom

Bushnell Phantom 5


  • Easy to use
  • Includes a mobile app
  • Compact and light
  • Water-resistant
  • Has Bluetooth
  • Auto course recognition


  • Plastic covering isn’t durable
  • The clip attachment isn’t practical
  • Magnet isn’t that strong
  • Loses satellite signal when it’s in your pocket

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What are the Specs?

Bushnell’s Phantom GPS has an LCD black display screen that’s crystal clear so you’re able to view your options and scores with clarity. You can only measure distance with this device but it allows you to select yards or meters depending on your measuring system preference.

The Phantom GPS is completely tournament legal so professionals can enjoy using this device when playing competitions. You won’t have to worry about the device running flat during tournaments as the device has 10 hours of battery life per charge.

Final Thoughts

Bushnell Phantom 3

Bushnell’s Phantom app is perfect for beginner golf players as it’s not too technical at all. You can use it to understand the game better and shed some strokes off of your scores. If you want live data on your game play use the Bushnell Phantom GPS.

The Phantom GPS is always accurate on your location which will give you the exact distance from your ball to the hole. This, in turn, will give you precise scoring and tracking data.

If you’re a golfer spending on a budget you’ll love the price of this GPS unit as it’s extremely inexpensive if you think of all the features you get. So if you want to improve your game go out there and get yourself a Bushnell Phantom GPS to start hitting those greens.

Bushnell Phantom 4

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