Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch Review

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

I went for a round of golf with a new friend I had been working with recently and he pulled out a rangefinder on the first tee box. We got talking about technology and gadgets in golf as we played the round and I had already decided to do some research and get myself a rangefinder after the round. Accuracy, quality and price are always going tobe key considerations and I decided on a GPS enabled golf watch and the one I went with was the Bushnell Neo Ion for a number of reasons.

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Set it and Forget it

Originally, I wanted a golf watch because I wanted to more accurately judge distances to holes or desirable lies. I also didn’t want to get left in the technologic dust.

But the Bushnell Neo Ion has completely changed the way I play a round and if you are a golfer who doesn’t like to worry about a lot of superfluous matters while playing then you might really enjoy this watch.

As soon as I get to the club all I have to do is press the top left button and select “Play Golf.” This automatically finds the course I am on and brings up the first tee.

After that you only have to look at the watch if you want to use one of the more advanced features because the GPS follows you to the next hole and tells you automatically which one you are at.

You can also set a maximum playing time so that the watch comes out of GPS mode at the time you specify in order to conserve battery.

Accurate Distance Tracker

This is one of the advanced features that can either stroke your ego or humble you because it accurately measures the distance of any of your swings. I always use this for my long drives to see how far I am advancing my ball.

I call this an advanced feature but in reality it is really only a matter of glancing at your watch for a second to use.

Awesome Battery Life

I really liked that I didn’t have to charge my Bushnell Neo Ion when I first got it because it came with a full charge right out of the packaging and each full charge lasts for about 3 full rounds.

I used it for two full rounds and I had a little under half of the charge left. You can charge the Bushnell Neo Ion off of any USB cable of which it comes with its own.

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  • Includes a feature which tells you the distance to the front middle and back of the green
  • The silicone straps are comfortable on the wrist
  • Setup is simple and the interface is very user-friendly
  • Comes preloaded with over 35,000 courses from around the world
  • The Bushnell Neo Ion lets you know your distance from up to 4 hole hazards
  • Includes the par information for each hole you play


  • This watch does not have a score keeping function
  • You can’t sync this watch up to your phone
  • This is a 4.8 ounce watch so it is a little heavier than comparable watches
  • The face of the watch also sits a bit high atop the wrist

Final Scores

While the Bushnell Neo Ion may be lacking some useful functions like a score keeper and its weight is a bit of a drawback I would still positively rate this golf watch because the important thing about it is that it is accurate and you don’t have to mess around with it a lot.

Once you have the right course set on the Bushnell Neo Ion it pretty much does the rest and you only occasionally have to glance at it or press any more buttons. It even helps me to conserve battery and charging is something that I am always forgetful about.

To sum things up I would definitely recommend this watch to any golfer that values accuracy and ease of use. If you don’t like messing around with a bunch of buttons and unnecessary functions the definitely check this watch out for yourself.

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