Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Device Review

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS Device 2

The Bottom Line

93%Total Score

For our money, the Bushnell NEO Ghost is one of the best golf GPS devices on the market. Mainly because of its straightforward design and user-friendly interface. This is a no nonsense GPS device that we would recommend to anyone serious about their game.


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Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Device Review

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS Device

When we hit the links with the Bushnell Neo Ghost we were blown away by the fact that after just a few holes, we were using it as if we had been using it for years. The Bushnell Neo Ghost sports and easy to read 1.4 X 1.4 inch LED screen which displays all pertinent information at a glance.

There are 35,000 courses pre-loaded in it and we have yet to hit a course that this device didn’t have information for.

Bushnell is one of the most trusted companies in golfing products and has a long tradition of making quality GPS devices. We were expecting a lot from this device before we started using it since it comes from Bushnell and I must say that we were not disappointed.

The Bushnell Neo Ghost is ready to go pretty much out of the box. We were really pleased that we didn’t have to download any of the course information onto the device or mess with it in any other technical way. It was good to go when we were.

Hole Information

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS Device 3

One of the best things about the Bushnell Neo Ghost is that it gives you almost exact distances to the back, middle and front of the green you are playing. This really helps when club selection becomes a critical choice.

In addition to the green information the Bushnell Neo Ghost also stores up to 4 hazard distances on a given hole. The hazard distance info will tell you how close or how far from a trap, bunker or any other kind of hazard.

We found the distances to be pretty accurate and very helpful. For instance on one hole there was a sand trap just over a hump in the course and barely out of site. I couldn’t see it but luckily I checked the Bushnell Neo Ghost before my shot and was able to avoid it.

How it Carries

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS Device 4

Bushnell Neo Ghost is pretty light, weighing in at about 3.52 ounces. The device itself is deceptively small at just over 2 inches wide and tall – making it about half the size of my iPhone. It is super easy to just toss in your pocket and pull it out as needed since it is so conveniently sized.

It does come with a clip that you can attach to your belt or your bag but we didn’t use the clip very much. It was more convenient to just have it in one of our bag pockets or pant pockets.

There are 6 buttons total (power, menu, up, down, select and shot) with the power button situated on the top of the device.

You select your course by hitting menu and using the select button to choose “Play Golf.” The Bushnell Neo Ghost will then automatically detect the course you are on and in about 30 seconds will pull up all the course and hole information.

The Bushnell Neo Ghost keeps track of what hole you are on automatically through GPS but if there are any errors you can manually select holes by toggling with the up and down buttons.

Battery Life and Charging

The Bushnell Neo Ghost is claimed to last for about 3 full rounds and we are inclined to confirm that. Although we never played 3 full rounds straight we did play 2 and saw that the battery still had about a third of its full charge.

In any case, it never died on us so that’s a good sign right there. It takes about 2 hours to give it a full charge which is essentially the same as my iPhone. It charges via a micro USB cable which these days are plentiful.

I would recommend plugging it straight into the wall though. Once I tried charging it on my computer and it took longer than 2 hours to juice it up 100%.


  • No membership fees
  • Does not require any downloading or updating
  • Very compact unit and easy to carry around
  • Clear LED display
  • Comes in 4 different colors (green, black, white and “ghost” which is basically grey)
  • Easy to use interface


  • Does not allow for green pinning
  • Sometimes took over 40 seconds to detect our course
  • Sometimes shuts itself off randomly
  • The small size makes it easy to misplace

In the End

Bushnell NEO Ghost GPS Device 5

The Bushnell Neo Ghost is a solid choice especially for your first golf GPS device. We would recommend it to anyone who wants a golf GPS but wants to keep things simple. The Bushnell Neo Ghost does everything we need it to and nothing we don’t

It’s compact, accurate give good hazard information and there is no downloading required. While it can be temperamental sometimes, we don’t see this as a huge drawback in light of how convenient and helpful this unit is. We suggest you give the Bushnell Neo Ghost a try for yourself.

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