Bryson Dechambeau – Everything You Need To Know

If you follow professional golf in any way, you know that Bryson Dechambeau is a big deal right now. Not only has he been playing well, but he has completely transformed his body to turn into a golfing machine.

For anyone that ever questioned how physical the game of golf is, you can throw that thought out the window. Bryson has proven that being fit and being in shape and getting crazy distances has everything to do with performing well.

Update: Bryson won the 2020 Us Open as his first major victory, in September of 2020 launching him to a new level of fame on the golf circuit.

Bryson DeChambeau – The Current State Of Play

In late 2020 Bryson decided that he wanted to bulk up a bit to be able to get some extra distance. We will discuss this more in length, but Bryson is a bit of a science fanatic. He understands more about physics than most golfers on Tour.

Before the COVID 19 pandemic stopped golfers from playing on Tour Bryon had put on about twenty pounds of muscle to help him bulk up and gain more yardage.

When the player was on break from playing, Bryson spent quite a bit of time working out and bulking up. He gained an additional twenty pounds.

After putting on forty pounds this year, Bryson has added a tremendous amount of distance to his game. Golfers and fans were wondering if this is going to be a phase he goes through, and then on July 5th, Bryson won another tour event.

People are now convinced that with his current run of great play and his recent win that this new bulked up Bryson is going to be around for quite some time.

Bryson Dechambeau Bio – Growing Up

Bryson grew up in California and became a standout golfer by the time he was in high school. His parents did everything they could to help him succeed and grow his golf career. Bryson was a good student and loved to learn. He admits to not being the smartest person but has the dedication necessary to learn.

One interesting story from his childhood is when he copied the entire contents of his physics textbook into a spiral notebook. He would have had to spend $200 on a new textbook, and instead of making his parents pay for the new book, he copied it all down, so he had his own.

Bryson said he learned a ton of information by writing the book down and absorbing all of this information. He has a great deal of respect for his family, and he knows how supportive they have always been of his success and his golf career.

Bryson’s Success As A Pro To Date

Bryson is only twenty-six years old. Considering his age, he has done quite a bit to figure out the game of golf in the time he has been on Tour. He is one of very few players to have won the NCAA individual title and the US Amateur in one year.

This is really where his career started to take off, and he saw quite a bit of attention; however, his early years on Tour were not all that easy. At first, he did not make enough to get his tour card, but he eventually won enough on the Web Tour to gain and hold onto a PGA Tour Card. A few years later and he became a winner on Tour as well.

Bryson has yet to win a major, but we don’t think it will be long before he gives a few majors a solid run. He can go low, and when his game is on fire, it’s hard for anyone to touch him. Another exciting thing about Bryon is his unique approach to the equipment that he has in his bag. His golf bag is set up unlike any other players on Tour.

In September 2020 he won his first major at the US Open, but it wasn’t just his driving that impressed but his work around the greens was also first class as he strode to victory.

Bryson DeChambeau Longest Drive: 423 Yards

Why Do They Call Him The Scientist

Bryson is called the scientist because he never stops learning and tinerking. When he putts, he is thinking about vectors and physics; his clubs have specs that no other professional is playing with. He first invented a set of one length irons when he was seventeen years old.

He thinks using math and numbers; as a young child, he was a math superstar. Bryson has been able to translate this talent and gift into the world of golf. He can adapt to a golf course and learn the science behind it, unlike any other golfer on Tour.

Some will say his strategy and his theories are great, and others will say that they are not necessary. As we all know, there are lots of different ways to be successful at golf, but no matter what, you will need dedication and perseverance, both of these things Bryson has.

What’s In The Bag

With all of the success, Bryson has had recently, and the speculation about his irons all being the same length many people want more details as to what is in his bag. Here is the latest information we could find about what Bryson is carrying with him.


Bryson is playing the brand new Cobra Speedzone Driver. This driver has only 5.5 degrees of loft, which is extremely low. However, with Bryson’s clubhead speed, he has no problem controlling this driver and getting a ton of distance.

Fairway Woods

There are two fairway woods in Bryson’s golf bag. The first is the King LTD Black in 12.5 degrees. This is a strong three wood. The Cobra King F8+ is the five wood that has about 17.5 degrees of loft. Both are strong fairway woods and geared towards a tremendous amount of distance.


As you have probably heard many times before, Bryson’s irons are all the same length. He plays with the Kobra King One Utility, a four and a five. Then for the 6-PW, he is using the Forged One. All of the irons are going to be the same length as a six iron.

Each of the irons has the same lie angle and weight. The only difference between the clubs is the loft. This is a rare setup but one that Bryson likes. Again with his scientific mind, this seems to be the best for the one plane swing that he has been playing since he was seventeen.

Bryson has a close relationship with Cobra/Puma and even helped them to develop the One Length set. This One Length option has been helping amateur golfers of all levels learn to simplify and improve their golf game.


Bryson plays with an Artisan Prototype Wedge. He carries a 50, 55, and 60 degrees. The gaps between his wedges are a reflection of the distances that he can get out of all of his clubs. With how strong his long game is, he does not lack any skills around the greens either.


The SIK Tour Prototype is currently in Bryson’s golf bag. The interesting thing about the putter he is using is that it has the Ozik Graphite Shaft in place. Bryson uses a very calculated and scientific method of putting using vectors. His caddie is well trained in how to use this method so that they can work together.

Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour BX

Driving Distances

Bryson picked up about twenty yards on his driver this year after bulking up. He is now averaging nearly 320 yards on his driver. He recently had his ball speed on the driver tested, and it measured in at 203 miles per hour. This is extremely high and generally unheard of even at the professional level. Approaching two hundred miles per hour in ball speed is a dream for most players. Combine that with the 5.5 degrees of loft on his driver, and you know this ball is going to travel a very long way.

What Grips Does He Use?

Bryson uses some of the largest grips available. They are called the Jumbo Max. He likes to keep the golf club more in the palms of his hands as opposed to his fingers. He does not rotate his wrists very much during the swing, and because of this, he doesn’t need as much flexibility in his fingers. The average person would have a hard time even getting their fingers around the golf club.

Who Is His Caddie

Bryson still has his caddie, Tim Tucker, on the golf bag. Tim is somebody that Bryson has known since he was fifteen years old. Although he has switched caddies through the years, he has Tim on the bag right now as he said he brings him some peace and calm while out on the golf course.

Another great thing about Tim is his ability to use the vector method of reading greens. He knows how to work with Bryson and all of his calculations and formulas. Tim fully admits that he is not quite a mad scientist himself, but he has no trouble learning and adapting to help Bryson along the way.

DeChambeaus Lockdown Transformation

It’s going to be hard to find out the exact information behind Dechambeau’s transformation this past year. The one thing that we know for sure is that he has worked extremely hard both in the gym and with his nutrition. No one denies the fact that Bryson knows how to work hard and put the time in to improve. He’s consuming lots of protein, and you can see that he is bulking up, and it is all muscle.

Bryson is not a guy you are going to want to get into a lifting contest with. Chances are he will hold the edge. With what he knows about science and how the human body works, its no wonder he has learned how to use physical fitness to get an edge up on the rest of the field.

Bryson DeChambeau Girlfriend – Sophia Phalen

Bryson has hooked up with fashion designer and Instagram model Sophia Phalen in recent times to become one of the hottest couple in golf right.

Despite running her own successful bikini company for plus sized cups, Sophia(26) is famous with her large instagram follow for owning a 100lb pet pig.

It will be interesting to keep up with these two in the near future to see how Bryson’s new found super stardom will effect them moving forward.

Check Out Sophia Phalen’s Instagram Here:

What’s The Rest Of His 2020 Looking Like?

By the time Bryson was 25 years old, he had five wins on the PGA Tour. This is an accomplishment that most 25-year-olds will not see in a lifetime. It will be interesting to see how much more he can do with his extra distance for the rest of this tour season. Although the 2020 season looks a little different than some other years on Tour, don’t be surprised to see Dechambeau on the leaderboard several times.

Bryson DeChambeau Breathing

If you think Bryson is all about bulking up and power and distance, you are wrong. He analyzes and works on every single aspect of the game to try and get an edge. Some say it is because he doesn’t believe he is as good as some of the other people out there. By using his club specifications, his analytics, and game monitoring, he can get that edge up that he needs.

Bryson incorporates some mental and breathing strategies into his game as well. He works on breathing strategies and even wears a breathing sensor when working on the range.

Bryson puts a lot of time into the game and tries to make sure that each of the things he works on is going to impact his scoring and performance. He thinks about and calculates how he is breathing through impact to make sure it gives him the best result. This takes a high level of focus and it’s something that would make most amateur golfers hit the dreaded shank.

It is interesting to hear about his practice regimes. He is, without a doubt, one of the hardest working players on Tour. Even after a great round, he will spend time working out and practicing on the range. He is also known to have said that he would have to shoot fifty-four to go straight to the car after a round of golf. This clearly shows how dedicated he is to the sport.


Fans like unique golfers. They want something interesting to latch onto and follow and support. There is no question that Bryson has all of these characteristics. It’s been fun to watch his transformation and success. Bryson has turned into a bit of a golf machine, and he is proving to the rest of the world that golf truly is a sport and athletic ability matters.