Bridgestone Tour B RXS vs Pro V1 – What’s The Better Golf Ball In 2022?

Want to play like the pros but are still lacking the distance off the tee? There are a number of tour grade golf balls that are marketed towards players just like you but how many of them actually deliver on their promises of longer drives and professional greenside performance?

In our experience, not many. But every now and again you get a truly exceptional and innovative golf ball that seemingly changes the game. Today we are going to be taking a look at a couple of balls that are innovative in their own rights.

Both of today’s balls are tour grade and promise better distance and better spin control. Our goal with this review was to see if they delivered, how true these balls are to the claims of the manufacturer and which one is better overall. Let’s get started.

Bridgestone Tour B RXS

Titleist Pro V1








Seamless “Reactiv” Urethane

Urethane Elastomer




The Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1

As a golfer, you should already be familiar with the Titelist Pro V1 at least in name. The Titleist Pro V1 and the Pro V1X balls have been dominant in pro play since their inception way back in 2015. With high profile pros like Tiger woods using them, it’s easy to believe that these balls really deliver.

But let’s start with the basics. The Titleist Pro V1 balls feature a 3-piece design and a patented urethane elastomer cover. They are compression rated at 90 so they will actually suit faster swing speeds as well as low-high swing speeds.

The cover is actually pretty thin which allows for great spin control. But the casing layer itself is actually larger than normal which helps it launch like a missile off the tee. The result is a very high trajectory ball with a surprising amount of greenside spin.


  • Plays almost as long as traditional “distance” category balls
  • The thinner cover enhances the feel of these balls
  • Trusted by the top pros in the game
  • Low spin off the tee
  • Great for mid to low handicappers
  • Easy to get consistent flight paths from them


  • They don’t feel as soft as advertised
  • Not very helpful for double digit handicappers
  • They don’t sound as good as former Titleist models
  • More expensive than the Bridgestone balls

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The Bridgestone Tour B RXS

Bridgestone has been stepping up their game as of late and this is quite evident in the Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls. The Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls have been painstakingly engineered to adapt to multiple situations on the course.

We are speaking of the superb, seamless “Reactiv” urethane cover of the Bridgestone Tour B RXS which flex very well off of your driver, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters. The seamless urethane cover acts as an impact modifier so it behaves accordingly depending on how hard you are hitting it.

Overall this ball with it’s 64 compression rating and 3-piece design makes for a very versatile round. They also utilize an energy gradient core so it retains a lot of speed off the tee. But the seamless cover really shines when you are on the green or near the green.

It gives a generous amount of feel and spin on approaches and on the green. Even if your short game isn’t quite where you want it to be, the Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls absorb a lot of undue shock which makes them easier to control in general.


  • 338 dual dimple cover gives these balls piercing speeds
  • High quality seamless cover design
  • Great for players trying to improve their short game
  • Better for mid swing speeds
  • Very durable
  • Affordable


  • Not very forgiving
  • Not great for fast swing speeds
  • Hard to get good launch angles
  • Almost too much spin on the green

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Driver Performance

This was almost a wash. The Titleist Pro V1’s played a bit longer but both balls were excellent at reducing drag and playing very fast. The Bridgestone Tour B RXS actually felt better upon impact due in part to the gradient core but the Pro V1’s were more consistent with their length.

Fairway and Approach Performance

We really loved the way the Titleist Pro V1’s felt off of our irons and hybrids. They bit hard and gave us a good stop and drop factor to work with on the fairway. And like with our drivers, we were able to get good distance with them from our long irons.

But again, the seamless “Reactiv” cover of the Bridgestone Tour B RXS’s really shines on approaches. They allow for very precise spin control so long as you know how to be accurate about it. They aren’t very forgiving with say, wedges but the low handicapper will know how to work them masterfully.

Putting Performance

The thinner cover of the Titleist balls felt better on putts but the better short gamers in our test group were able to achieve better results with the Bridgestone Tour B RXS. Again, it kind of comes down to where you are in your game.

If you have a good approach and short game, the Bridgestone Tour B RXS can benefit you tremendously. But if you want more feedback and better feel on your short game development, the Titleist Pro V1 balls may be the way to go on the green.

Price Comparison

The Titleist Pro V1 balls will run you about $48 while a set (a dozen) of Bridgestone Tour B RXS’s will cost around $41.

Which is the Better Ball?

In our opinion, both of these balls deliver on their promises of better distance and greenside control – just in different ways. The Bridgestone Tour B RXS can give you better greenside spin and distance but only if your game is pretty advanced.

The thin cover of the Titleist Pro V1 balls also gives great greenside feel and a bit more distance. We think that most types of players would benefit more from the Titleist Pro V1’s though and therefore, represent the better overall value. They are our pick so check them out today!


Titleist PRO V1

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