Bombtech Golf Clubs Review – Are They Any Good? Is it A Good Brand?

Although today’s golf club landscape is dominated by the “big 4,” the great thing about golf is that the game is always evolving.

Even the big 4 got their start in humble places and today, it’s encouraging to see that small starts are still possible.

Case in point: Bombtech Golf. Bombtech Golf is a small, grass-roots golf club manufacturing company that was founded by Tyler Sullivan. Sullivan, an ex-engineer himself, grew Bombtech basically out of his own garage and with the help of college students.

And while Bombtech has yet to claim the lion’s share of the golf club market, he is already making a splash in it. But what are Bombtech golf clubs all about? Are they worth your time and money? If so, which clubs should you check out. We answer all of these questions in the following brand review.

A Brief History of Bombtech

The Bombtech story starts back in 2012 when Sullivan, frustrated with the performance and high price of drivers went to work developing his own driver – what would later become the Grenade driver.

He teamed up with students from the University of Vermont to help him develop a straighter, longer and better driver.

Nearly nine years later, Bombtech is still in business and beginning to make a name for itself. Today, the company makes everything from drivers to putters. They are considered boutique golf clubs as they are not mass produced.

Where Are Bombtech Clubs Made?

All Bombtech clubs are currently made in the United States. In fact, Tyler Sullivan still assembles all the clubs by hand in order to keep the overall costs down.

What Are Bombtech Clubs Known for?

Bombtech clubs are mostly known for being affordable.

Tyler Sullivan sells directly to the consumer through his website to avoid costly retail markups. Other than that though, people who have reviewed Bombtech golf clubs have remarked at how straight and long they are.

For example, the Bombtech Grenade driver has unique dual cavities in the sole in order to break up wind resistance. The result is better club head speed through your downswing. Despite popular belief, Bombtech clubs are not clones. Sullivan made it a point to design clubs that didn’t just copy the current marketing trends of the big 4 manufacturers; but instead, he wanted to make clubs that actually helped the average golfer.

Are Bombtech Clubs Good? Is it A Good Brand?

You will get a better idea of how these clubs perform in the subsequent section but for now, you should know that most of our testers were actually very impressed with these clubs.

This was especially true of the driver that played long and straight.

One thing to note about Bombtech woods is that Tyler Sullivan intentionally designed them without any adjustability. The reasoning behind this move was that adjustability is simply a current trend and superfluous when dealing with improved performance.

Bombtech golf clubs take a no-frills approach to manufacturing and design but they are not without their unique appointments. We were especially surprised by the woods and putter but the wedges and irons also have something to offer mid and high handicappers.

Quick Facts

  • Established in 2012
  • Owned and operated by Tyler “Sully” Sullivan
  • Bombtech produces woods, irons, wedges and putters
  • The company sells direct to consumers

BombTech Driver & Woods

Selling Points:

  • Dual weighted
  • “Speed cavities”
  • 460cc head (driver)

The BombTech Driver & Woods 4.0 both feature the dual cavities on the sole in order to reduce drag and increase club head speed. The driver is a 460cc driver set at 10.5 degrees – remember there is no adjustability in these woods. The fairway is a 3-wood set at 15 degrees.

Both the driver and fairway wood have dual weights in the heel and toe. This is not a new technology but it’s one that works. It basically stabilizes the head when you mis-hit towards the heel or toe. The result is straighter shots off the tee or deck.

We were really impressed with the 4.0 driver and fairway wood. While there isn’t much room for workability, they will surely help high handicappers stay out of the trees. The faces are also made from titanium so you get a clean, solid feel at impact with very little twisting.

Our only real complaint about the Bombtech 4.0 Driver and fairway wood is that they both sound a little dull which was surprising given the titanium faces. They produce a muted, low-pitched sound even when you hit the sweet spot. And the sound doesn’t change too much away from the sweet spot.

Other than that though, we really liked the performance. Our testers were able to squeeze out an average distance of 251.1 yards with the driver and 228.7 yards with the 3-wood.

Who Are They for?

The Bombtech 4.0 woods are definitely for higher handicap players who just want to get themselves down the fairway. There isn’t much workability; but they will likely provide you with a boost in distance through faster club head speeds.


You can get the Bombtech 4.0 driver in stiff flex at 9 degrees or regular flex at 10.5 degrees.

Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable
  • Produces straight flight
  • Forgiving on mis-hits


  • Poor sound

Overall Score: 95/100

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BombTech Irons

Selling Points:

  • Perimeter weighted
  • Unsupported face
  • Cavity back

The BombTech Irons have a large footprint and an expanded sweet spot which is great for higher handicap players. These are cavity back irons with stainless steel shafts so you get a nice solid feel and surprising accuracy.

They are perimeter weighted so that your mis-hits are covered up to a certain degree. We found these irons to launch high and fly straight even on mis-hits.

Who Are They for?

The BombTech Irons are for players who are looking for a good combination of accuracy and forgiveness. It’s hard to bend these irons off-line and the considerable footprint means they’re very easy to hit.


You can get the BombTech Irons irons in either stiff or regular flex.

Pros & Cons


  • Nice gunmetal finish
  • Large footprint
  • Great for high handicappers


  • A bit heavy

Overall Score: 94/100

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Bombtech Wedges

Selling Points:

  • Oversized design
  • Stepped shaft
  • Deep grooves

The Bombtech Wedges have the deepest grooves allowed in tournament play. They are also oversize to promote consistent contact. We liked the stepped steel shaft because it allowed for near-seamless transition and smooth swings.

The Bombtech Wedges also launch incredibly high with very little effort. The black finish reduces glare and gives these irons a premium look. Of course, the spin properties are phenomenal which actually might be lost on high handicappers. However, our better testers were having a field day with these wedges, giving them all kinds of backspin and crazy english.

Who Are They for?

The Bombtech Wedges would be a good choice for both high and mid handicappers as they hold greens incredibly well and perform well in tight lies.


The Bombtech Wedges come in 52, 56 and 60 degree versions.

Pros & Cons


  • Great spin control
  • High launch
  • They look good


  • They scratch easily

Overall Score: 96/100

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Other Brands to Consider


Lazarus also sells direct-to-consumer and produces clubs geared towards higher handicap players.

They make hybrids, woods, wedges, irons, putters and are known for having premium looks without the premium price.


Pinemeadow has been around for a long time and is known for making long woods.

Their PGX BK irons in particular are hot commodities because they are both forgiving and workable.


You have probably seen Kirkland clubs at your local Costco.

Kirkland clubs are known for being modeled closely after more popular clubs from Callaway. You can buy complete sets or individual clubs.

Who Are Bombtech Clubs for?

In general, these clubs are intended to provide forgiveness and distance so they are more for high handicap players and beginners.

Although, their wedges could definitely be used by better players to great effect.

Are Bombtech Wedges Legal?

Barely. The Bombtech Wedges have the deepest allowable grooves for tournament play. This is part of what makes their wedges such a great deal. You get really nice control around the green without  breaking any rules.

Are They Good for Beginners?

Bombtech golf clubs are great for beginners. They will give beginners the confidence they need to attack any hole and any lie. And they are affordable enough for most players.

Are They Good for Seniors?

For the most part, Bombtech clubs have a feel that’s on the stiffer side so we wouldn’t recommend them for seniors?

Do Any Pros Use Bombtech Clubs?

As of 2023, there are no pros who have opted for a Bombtech sponsorship.


Bombtech is doing something right.

They are making clubs that are viable and accessible to the everyday golfer. If you are in the market for a beginner’s set or need help breaking 100, Bombtech clubs are definitely worth a look.