The Boblov 650 Yard Golf Rangefinder Review

Boblov Feature

The Golf Rangefinder market is one that is constantly being updated with new products to suit all needs and budgets. While the latest rangefinders can cost a fortune and offer laser like accuracy (Literally) but every know and again an entry level rangefinder enters to market with all the features, accuracy and quality of the top range equipment that came before it and the Boblov is one of these rangefinders.

We were very impressed by how quickly the Boblov locked onto the flag and it gave an identical reading to our s60 Golf Watch and The TecTecTec VPRO500. It is great to see such quality new products finding their way to the market and for under $100, this is a steal.

Performance:  8.5

Design: 8.0

Features: 8.5

Quality: 8.0

Battery: 7.5

Value: 10

Overall Score: 8.5

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First Impressions

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The Boblov 650 rangefinder is quite small so it will definitely fit in your pocket and it is also fairly light.

Despite its small stature it does seem quite sturdy and well built and after using I can confirm that the quality is good for such a keen price.

Key Features

Boblov Stats

After seeing all the great reviews online, we couldn’t wait to take this one for a test drive and it didn’t disappoint. From the first tee box it was a case of aiming it at the fairway and making using of the 6X magnification to plan our lay up shot and when we lined up to plan our second shot it immediately locked onto the flag and let out a vibration. We checked the result against our s60 and it was spot on, happy days.


You would barely notice this in your pocket at 5.3 Ounces, it is much lighter than other rangefinders that cost more.


Boblov USB

The battery will last for several rounds but it is a built in battery which is the only downside we found on the Boblov 650 as a replaceable battery is preferable but that is not a major deterrent for me as the 3.8 Volt Lithium Battery is sure to last for many years and it lasts for a lot of rounds before charging.


Boblov claim that the Rangefinder is accurate to 1 yard +/1 up to 200 yards and it will be accurate to .04% from 200-650. We tested the accuracy quite extensively with another rangefinder and the Garmin s60 and they were all with 1-3 yards of each at almost all times.

Pin Lock And Vibration

Boblov Pin Acq

As we mentioned already, the Pinlock feature is similar to a feature on a much more expensive rangefinder and it was the same with vibration which I wasn’t expecting when it locked on.


Boblov Pin Acq 2

The Boblov comes with slope functionality that can be switched off with a visible switch or you can go for the model that comes without slope for $99 and the slope version will cost around $130.

Slope is generally perfect for practice play but is banned from tournament play so having a visible switch to let other players know that slope is off is perfect.

170 + Positive Reviews

We aren’t the only ones that enjoyed this piece of equipment, it has almost all positive feedback. Get it out here.

Value For Money

Boblov Vibration

The main draw of the Boblov is the incredible value. It comes with a sturdy carry case and it tops our list of Golf Rangefinders Under $100 for 2020. If you are on the fence on whether a rangefinder is worth the money then this is definitely a win-win for you as you are getting the best quality for less.

Pros And Cons

Boblov 1


  • Fast, Accurate And Reliable
  • Lightweight and Compact (Fits in the pocket) And Comes With A Carry Case
  • Accurate To 650 yards with 6x Magnification
  • Has Slope Feature As Well As Pin Lock And Vibration Features
  • Great Value For A Quality Product
  • Battery Lasts Several Rounds Between Charging


  • Internal Battery where and replaceable one would be better
  • Screen can be hard to read
  • Difficult to use in bad weather conditions

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Who is the Boblov for?

This is for the golfer that loves a deal. Maybe you had an expensive rangefinder and it broke and you don’t want to spend a fortune replacing it. If you are a high handicapper and you want to buy your first rangefinder, this is a good place to start.

It’s also great for anyone who loves a bargain and it can be a perfect compliment to a good golf watch like the Garmin s60 or even the s20.

Do We Recommend Buying The Boblov

Boblov 650

Yeah, we definitely recommend buying the Boblov. Even with good competition from the likes of Wosports and GoGoGo at the same price range, we think the Boblov 650 definitely deserves to be in the conversation and it offers quality and value in abundance with features you would expect to pay more for.

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