Blade Vs. Mallet Putter Pros And Cons – Which You Should Use

It’s fun to hit a three hundred yard drive or back up an eight iron a few feet, but there is nothing quite like rolling down a fifteen footer. Putting is the heart and soul of golf. Without putting the game would not even exist, and if you look at one of your recent scorecards, your putts will make up for the majority of your shots.

A long-standing debate about the putter is which one is better for your game. This is a question that brings up many other questions. In our guide, we will give you an excellent overview of the difference between a blade and a mallet and what will help your game the most.

A blade-style putter is going to be much thinner in design than a mallet putter. The traditional mallet putter looked like a semi-circle coming out of the back of the golf club. The mallet putters have since evolved to include many additional shapes. The blade has remained almost the same throughout the years. Mallet putters are said to be a bit more forgiving because of their size, and the blades are going to give some extra help when it comes to feel and control on the greens. Depending on your putting stroke, one of these two putters may be better for you than another.

What Is A Mallet Putter

A mallet putter is much larger than a blade putter. The original mallet putters were semi-circle in shape, and they came out the back of the putter head just a little further than the blade putters. The mallet putters can have the shaft of the golf club attached at the heel, or they can be center shafted as well.

The mallet putter has evolved considerably through the years. The shape is now not just limited to the semi-circle, but instead, you will see designs that look like fangs, spiders, and even a square coming out the backside of the putter. The mallet putter heads are getting larger and more customizable each year.

Since the head of the mallet putter is so large, many people wonder if it is considerably heavier than the blade. This is not always the case. Putters have lots of different weights, and both blades and mallet putters can be the same weight.

The main reason people seem to like a mallet putter is that it is very forgiving. The fact that it is so large you have a much larger spot on the clubhead that you can make contact with the ball. If you miss just slightly, there is a chance that your ball will still head towards your target.

These large mallet type putters work very well for golfers that have a straight back and straight through type swing. They are much easier to keep on this path without having to manipulate the large clubhead that much.

We love mallet putters for the golfers who struggle with alignment. The alignment lines on a mallet putter are going to be much longer and easier to use than they are on a blade-style putter.

Pros of A Mallet Putter

  • Forgiving
  • Easy to learn distance control
  • Alignment is easier
  • Available in many different designs
  • Easy to customize
  • Great for the straight back straight through stroke
  • Available in center shafted models

Cons of A Mallet Putter

  • Not always ideal on speedy greens
  • Not great for an arc style stroke

What Is A Blade Putter

A blade putter is a traditional golf putter design. The original blade putters were completely flat, and some could be used from both sides. Today’s blade putter is a little larger than this, but the clubhead does not extend nearly as far back as it does with the mallet head design.

The blade putter has long been thought of as the player’s putter. Many of the top professionals use a blade putter, and they say that it is because of the feel and control that you get with a blade. There is no question that a blade putter has a great feel, but the mallet seems to have come quite far in regards to feel.

If you happen to have an arc type putting stroke, you will enjoy the benefits of the blade putter. As you swing back, you can fan the putter face open a little and then release and close it as you make your way through impact. A blade putter (just like the mallet) can come with a solid milled face, or it can have a face insert put in to help add a level of feel and control.

The blade putters have a slight disadvantage when it comes to forgiveness and alignment. They are a bit harder to line up as the alignment line will only be about an inch long or so. This is much different than the length of the mallet putters currently on the market. However, if you have a solid putting stroke and you don’t need help with your alignment, the blade is a terrific choice.

Pros Of A Blade Putter

  • Works well on fast greens
  • Helpful for arc stroke putters
  • Tremendous feel and control
  • Consistent impact
  • Suitable for people that want precision-based performance

Cons of A Blade Putter

  • Not as forgiving as a mallet
  • A little harder to line up

Frequently Asked Questions About Blade and Mallet Putters

Putter Grip

Now that you have a general idea as to what the differences are between a blade and a mallet putter, it makes sense to address some of these commonly asked questions.

Mallet Or Blade Putter For A Beginner?

If your beginner set comes with a blade putter, do not feel like you are off to a bad start. You will be able to use this putter and learn and adjust, however ideally; a mallet putter is easy for a golfer to learn the game.

How Does Your Putting Stroke Come Into Play?

If you have an arc type putting stroke, it makes more sense to go with a blade style putter. You can fan open the clubface and then close it as you go through impact. Straight back and straight through strokes do better with the mallet design.

Is A Mallet Putter More Forgiving?

The only thing that makes a mallet putter more forgiving is its size. It has a much larger clubface and, therefore, a larger sweet spot. You do not have to be as precise to hit a great putt with a mallet putter.

Signs You Are Using The Wrong Type Of Putter

The most significant sign that your putter is not right for your game is that you are not making enough putts. Try to figure out why you are missing your putts, are they all coming up short are they all over the place? If you can narrow down which way you are missing, you may be able to figure out if it is related to the putter or related to your stroke and ability.

Should I Get A Putter Fitting?

If you are a great player, if you are outside of the standard height range of a conventional putter and if you are struggling with your putting stroke, you should very likely get a putter fitting. Putter fittings can be very helpful, but they are not necessary for every golfer. Finding a putter that feels good and performs is more important than fitting.

Best Mallet Putters 2020

Best Choice: Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

The Stroke Lab putters have taken putting and putting specifications to a whole new level. The Stroke Lab putters come with a unique shaft that is partially graphite and partially steel. This particular model also has the Triple Track alignment.

Interestingly Callaway also makes some golf balls with this Triple Track patter on them. If you combine this golf ball with the putter, you will have a much easier time making sure that your ball and stroke are on track. The Marxman is our favorite Triple Track design; it is very similar to the Odyssey 2 Ball Putter that did so well for Odyssey for many years. The Triple Track looks and performs even better than the original 2 Ball design.

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Best Premium Mallet Putter: TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter

If you enjoy watching professional golf, then you may have seen the number of professionals using the TaylorMade Spider X putter. The concept behind this large mallet design is that you will want the impact to be as stable as possible.

The X shaped clubhead and forgiving sweet spot give this putter incredible feel but a ton of consistency. When you combine this mallet putter with a standard straight back straight through stroke, you can turn into quite the putting machine.

Spider X is also available in lots of different color combinations and customizations.

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Best Value Mallet Putter: Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Cero Oversized Grip Putter

The Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Cero is like a traditional mallet putter that has become an overachiever. You will notice that this putter has a large semi-circle type design. We love that the bottom of this putter is very flat to the ground; it helps it feel less bulky and makes for effortless alignment as well.

The Cleveland golf putters are always offered at a great value, and you can usually find them in several different lengths as well. Choosing a putter that is the correct length will make a big difference in your game.

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Best Blade Putters 2020

Best Choice Odyssey Works 2020 Putters

Odyssey has been one of the top putter names for many years. They make quality products that are known by both professionals and amateurs. The O Works series has been out for a few years, but it keeps getting updates that are quite impressive.

We love the all-new micro hinge face insert on this club. Odyssey has been known for its soft feeling face inserts, and this one is just as impressive as years past. The all-black design on the Works putters makes them very easy to see and align as well. This is a model that will earn a spot in your bag for quite some time.

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Best Premium Blade Putter: Evnroll ER2B MidBlade Putter 2020

The Evnroll putters are going to be quite premium as far as pricing is concerned, but they also have a great feel. Evnroll is all about making sure that your putting stroke stays consistent and that you can repeat your stroke over and over again.

When purchasing an Evnroll putter, make sure that you get something that fits you from a length and lie angle standpoint as well. This particular model is a mid-blade design so that it will be a little bigger than a traditional blade, but some golfers are having an easier time with distance control using this putter.

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Best Value Blade Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach #1

Cleveland makes a wide range of excellent short game products. Another great thing about the Cleveland putters is that they are always very reasonably priced. If you have been thinking about putting a blade putter into your bag, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Cleveland makes a great choice.

Huntington Beach is made from a soft 304 stainless steel. Unlike a lot of other golf putters on the market, this is milled from one single piece of steel. Some golfers claim this gives them a much more solid feel when using the putter. If you don’t like the #1 style Huntington Beach, there are plenty of others you can choose from.

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Overall Conclusion

Taylor Made Putter

You could analyze and debate blade verse mallet putters all-day, and you will probably never come up with a clear winner. Blade putters are great for individual golfers, and the mallet putter is perfect for others. The key is to find the putter that works best for your game. Pay attention to feel, look, and the type of putting stroke you have if you want to choose a great putter.