Big Head Drivers Vs. Small Head Drivers – What’s Better To Use & For Who

Playing with a large driver has become the standard. As soon as the USGA allowed the driver to be 460cc, almost all manufacturers made the switch.

The idea is that the larger the club head you can use, the more distance that you will get with the club.

Of course, distance is important, but there are other factors that players are going to consider when it comes to the golf clubs they choose.

If you have been having a hard time deciding between the small head or big head driver, then this article is for you. Here is everything you need to know about the larger golf club head sizes and the benefits they really offer.

Intro To Different Size Driver Heads In Your Experience

Having been around this game long enough to remember the drivers long before they were 460cc, I have seen a significant difference in the way that the golf clubs perform for the average player.

The larger club head does have quite an advantage when it comes to the ball speeds you can generate.

I can honestly say that the 460cc allows me to hit the ball a bit further than the older smaller head drivers, but I don’t believe the feel is any better in the larger head.

The big sweet spot helps on those drives you slightly miss and to those few extra yards you get.

How Do Big & Small Driver Heads Differ

The most significant difference between a small and large driver head is the fact the sweet spot is significantly larger on the 460cc. With the sweet spot being this size, golfers have much more room for error.

If you have never heard the concept that golf is a game of misses, it is absolutely the truth. The better your misses, the better you are going to score. If your drive can end up in the light rough as opposed to the thick rough, you will give yourself much better opportunities of hitting the green.

Benefits Of Large Driver Heads

A large head golf driver is going to help give players a higher MOI and a bit more forgiveness. Since the driver is a bit larger in size, you will find that even if you miss the center of the clubface you can still get quite a bit of distance.

The larger head drivers can also help to give certain players a bit more confidence in their golf game. They will look at the shot that they are supposed to hit and realize they have a much better chance of hitting it exactly as they should because of the larger head driver in their hand.

Another great thing about the larger head drivers is that they are very readily available, almost all companies make their best models in the large head driver size, and you will have no trouble trying to find one.

Disadvantages Of Large Driver Heads

The problem with the larger head drivers is that they can be a little heavier and harder to get speed.

Think simply about the size of the object that is traveling through the air. Certainly, a larger head like this will be a bit more challenging to get to travel through the air at the same speed.

Some golfers also say that because the 460cc clubhead is so big, it is a difficult transition to make from the woods and hybrids. It makes the driver stand out even more like the most difficult club in the bag to hit.

Who Should Use Them?

Any player can use a larger head driver; however, the golfers that want the most distance that the game has to offer will find the biggest benefit from the larger head golf drivers.

If you care about that extra 5 to 10 yards to get you a little closer to the green, the 460cc golf driver is the smartest choice.

Benefits Of Smaller Driver Heads

The smaller head golf driver is the classic shape that players have been used to for many years. Sometimes this classic type of design is something that the more traditional golfer is more comfortable with.

Between the comfort and the appealing look of a smaller more compact driver, some players still prefer the smaller head golf drivers.

There is also something to be said for the fact that the smaller head golf drivers are going to be a bit easier to swing faster. You can get this club head to travel through the air quite a bit faster than you can get a larger head golf driver to travel.

Essentially when you can get more speed you can also get more distance. However, with the smaller head on the driver you will have to hit the ball almost directly in the center of the club face.

Disadvantages Of Smaller Driver Heads

A smaller head driver provides quite a bit less room for error. When you miss the center of the club face, there is a high chance that you could end up missing the fairway and costing yourself quite a bit of distance.

For those golfers that start to change their swing and try to increase club head speed to an extreme level as soon as they have a driver in their hand, a small head driver can help a player to focus a bit more.

The other disadvantage to a smaller head driver is that they are hard to find. Since most companies now make the 460cc driver club head, the smaller ones can be harder to find.

Who Should Use Them

Golfers that are good at hitting the center of the club face are going to like the small head driver.

It is a bit easier to look at, can feel easier to control, and it gives players a bit more workability than they may get from a larger head driver.

Also golfers that can’t generate a lot of swing speed may be more suited to a smaller driver head.

How Do They Compare On Distance?

The larger head driver seems to give players a little more distance than a small head driver.

The reason behind this has less to do with the size of the driver head than it does with the size of the sweet spot.

The large sweet spot means that when you miss the center of the face, you are still going to have plenty of room to make solid contact with the ball.

How Do They Compare Of Accuracy?

The solid contact allows for longer shots and also a bit more forgiveness.

You may find that your drives end up a little closer to the center of the fairway when using the larger head golf driver.

However, the better players can sometimes find that the smaller head driver allows them to work the ball a bit better.

You will notice that some of the new Titleist drivers are a smaller head variety.

What’s Best For High Handicappers?

High handicappers are going to have a hard time consistently hitting the center of the clubface.

Because of this they need to make sure that they are playing with a club that offers the most room for error. For a high handicapper the larger 460cc club head is going to be the best choice to use.

If a high handicapper struggles with a driver altogether, it will be best to use something like a three wood instead. There is not always a need to put a driver in a golf bag.

Whats The Largest Driver Head Size Allowed?

The largest head size that the USGA currently allows is the 460cc club head.

The 460cc design is legal but there are many drivers out there that are made larger than the 460cc. These clubs are not legal to use in tournaments but they can be used for a casual round of golf.

Most players like to use a club that is legal to use regardless of where you are playing or what you are playing in. At this time it does not look like the UGSA is going to increase the legal size of the club head.

Best Small Head Drivers 2021


Honma Golf- TR20 440 Driver

The Honma Golf TR20 440 driver is made about 20 ccs smaller than other premium drivers on the market.

There is no questioning the fact that this is a top of the line model, and the adjustable weights and hosel will allow you get to feel like a custom fit for your game.

With very fast ball speeds and lightweight premium material, the Honma TR20 is a great choice.


  • TiCarbon and Fast Frame Technology
  • High ball speeds
  • Very lightweight
  • 440 cc head size


  • Very expensive golf club

Overall Score 92/100

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14° GX-7 “X-Metal” – Driver

The GX7 is a bit of a mix between the driver and a fairway wood.

It offers a very small head, and it is made a bit shorter than a traditional driver; this is done to help increase accuracy.

Golfers that hit a driver 200 yards straight and 40 yards right will be happy to have a smaller headed driver that can take them 220 yards straight.


  • Increased accuracy
  • More control
  • Shorter length
  • Fair pricing


  • I can’t hit it quite as far as a full length 460cc driver

Overall Score 88/100

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Best Large Head Drivers – Mini Reviews With Pros And Cons

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

The brand new Callaway Epix Max is a new golf driver made with artificial intelligence and high forgiveness.

There is a 17g sliding weight to help players get more forgiveness, higher launch, and the shot shape they are looking for.

This is without a doubt one of the longest and most forgiving golf drivers that golf has ever seen.


  • Easy to hit
  • Higher launching
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Flash Face technology


  • High pricing

Overall Score 96/100

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TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 Shaft

The TaylorMade SIM Max Driver is not the latest release from TaylorMade, but it could make the most financial sense of any driver on the TaylorMade lineup.

The pricing of the Sim drivers has started to go down, and now is undoubtedly the time to grab one for your bag.

With Twist Face technology, speed injection, and high MOI, the Sim Max could be a great choice. Throw in the 2 degree loft sleeve, and this is an incredible value.


  • Multi material construction
  • Twist face technology
  • Speed injection
  • Very forgiving


  • Not quite as long as the Sim 2 Max

Overall Score 96/100

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Overall Conclusion

It’s hard to say that the large head golf driver is not going to be a better choice than the small head golf driver for almost everyone. The one thing that is for certain is that these clubs are going to offer different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to performance.

The larger head golf drivers can make a big difference when it comes to forgiveness and the majority of golfers in the game will need this forgiveness. The larger sweet spot makes it much easier to get the contact you need with the club and still have a decent feel.

As years go on, we are likely going to see more and more golf drivers made with this larger clubhead size. Until the USGA decreases the legal limit, manufacturers are going to take advantage of all the room they have to construct a club head of this size.