Best Putter Grips 2023 – To Sink More Putts Consistently

Putter Grip

We use our putters more than any other club in the bag, it’s why we’re so picky when it comes to finding the right one.

But how much time do you spend thinking about the grip on your trusted flatstick?

Finding the right grip for your putter might be the boost your short games been looking for, and in this article we’re going to share with you ten of the best putter grips to help you shoot lower scores this year.

How’s your putting? Still struggling for accuracy on those daunting lag putts, or constantly left cursing those pesky little knee knockers?

Amateur through to professional, most golfers will tell you their putting could be better. That’s why there are so many different putters on the market, each promising to improve your score.

Sometimes you might not need a complete overhaul of equipment though. Putting is so much about feel—feeling comfortable over the ball, feeling in charge of the ball; nothing is more fundamental to this than your grip.

So before you go looking for a new putter altogether we suggest you start by getting the most out of your current flatstick.

Much like putters themselves, the choice of putter grips is plentiful. There’s no shortage of different brands and styles, each offering their own unique selling points.

The biggest variations will come in the way of shape, diameter and weight. In our list we’ve covered all bases, offering you a truly comprehensive range of the best the market has to offer.
So let’s get started!


SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip


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Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip


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SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0 Putter Grip


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Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip


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SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip, Non-slip


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Callaway Jumbo Light Putter Grip


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Champkey MTD Midsize Golf Putter Grip


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SuperStroke Pistol GTR Tour Putter Grip


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Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grip


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Odyssey Putter Grip


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1. SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight
Golf Grip, Non-slip

SuperStroke have been at the forefront of the oversized grip trend that’s struck the PGA tour over the past couple of years.

And for good reason! The Slim 3.0 is USGA approved and the bulkier design is there to ensure a perfectly balanced grip, thus minimising the amount of wrist action in your putting stroke.

There’s a big focus on the no taper technology built in here—something we think SuperStroke do better than the rest of the field.

Quite uniquely the 3.0 comes with a 50g CounterCore weight, so you can easily alter the feel of your putter. We love the variety in colours available for you to choose from as well.


  • Diameter. 1.27” is a happy medium in terms of feel.
  • No tapering and non-slip technology for complete control.
  • Design. Available in six different colours.


  • CounterCore weight not included. Extra purchase required.
  • Price. Expensive (esp. if purchasing CounterCore).

2. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140cc Putter Grip

According to Golf Pride themselves, three quarters of tour professionals prefer tapered pistol shaped putter grips to regular straight model designs. The Tour SNSR Contour is Golf Prides’ answer to this and it comes in two sizes. This, the140cc model, is the larger of the two and is engineered with their unique SNSR rubber material. We love the pistol contour at the top of the grip, and the comfort this creates when lining up your putts. At 124g this is one of the heaviest grips on our list and something you’ll notice if you choose to go for it on your putter.


  • Soft feel. Peak comfort in the hands.
  • Tapered design. Sits perfectly in palm.
  • Wide Front. For easy thumb placement.


  • Lack of variation in colour choice.
  • Weight. Heavier than most putter grips.

3. SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0 Putter Grip, Oversized,
Lightweight Golf Grip

The second SuperStroke on this list and a thinner design and lighter feel to the other SuperStroke models. SuperStroke see the ultra slim as a gateway into the world of oversized putting grips—It’s 24% smaller than the 3.0. Specs wise the grip is only 1” in diameter and weighs in at a meagre 65g. Perfect then for those looking to transition into a larger grip without being confronted with a completely different feel altogether. Made with the same no taper technology as all SuperStrokes.


  • Size. Good taste of oversize grip.
  • Lightweight. Won’t affect feel of putter.
  • No tapering and non-slip technology for complete control.


  • A- Diameter not much larger than a regular grip.
  • Not as many colour options as the Slim 3.0.

4. Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip

The Karma Dual Touch is renowned for its tacky feel. Karma have created a multi-textured surface which enhances your grip in just the right places, and we love the traction this creates on your thumb and palm. The Midsize has a 0.6” core and weighs 44g, so there shouldn’t be much difference in terms of feel and weight to your standard putter grip. Karma are extremely competitive when it comes to price and are considerably cheaper than the likes of SuperStroke
and Golf Pride.


  • Grip. Tacky feel for extra grip.
  • Price. Extremely good value for money. /li>
  • Lightweight.


  • Design. Fairly basic
  • Aesthetic. Stock colours only.
  • Feel. Similar to non-putter grips.

5. SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight
Golf Grip, Non-slip

True to title, the third SuperStroke on this list is a proper fatso. The Fatso 5.0 is undoubtedly the king of SuperStroke’s oversized putter grips with some pretty meaty measurements: 1.67” diameter and a hefty 90g in weight. This should be the go to choice for anybody searching for a truly oversized feel when picking up their flatstick. The sheer girth of the 5.0 will act as a perfect counter to anybody struggling with too much tension in their putting grip.


  • Size. Truly ‘Oversized’ feel.
  • No tapering and non-slip technology for complete control.
  • Wide variety of colours available.


  • Price. One of most expensive on market.
  • Accessibility. Might struggle to fit in some golf bags.

6. Callaway Jumbo Light Putter Grip

How could we talk about putters without featuring anything from Odyssey? The first of Callaway’s range to feature on our list, the Jumbo Light has a semi-pistol shaping and is the only grip in the Odyssey range to fall under the ‘oversized’ category.

It weighs 60g and has a 0.6” core, so isn’t as chunky as some of the biggest grips on our list. We like to think of it as a happy medium between standard and oversized grip. Aesthetically speaking there’s little in the game as iconic as Odyssey and so you’ll be swaggering around the greens with this on your putter. That alone might knock a few shots off your score!


  • Semi-pistol shaping for easy grip.
  • Classic Odyssey aesthetic.
  • Lightweight.


  • Expensive.
  • Installation. Semi-pistol shape causes problems.

7. Champkey MTD Midsize Golf Putter Grip

The Champkey stands itself apart from most of our other picks with its unique polyurethane outer casing. Champkey claim its design increases shock absorption by up to 65% compared to traditional classic rubber casings, allowing for a smoother putting stroke.

This said, the MTD Midsize definitely feels a little different when you line up your putts and may take a little getting used to. Don’t be put off though, the micro-texture design is extremely soft and certainly delivers the tacky feeling Champkey promise.


  • Durable. Great in all weather conditions.
  • Price. Low cost.
  • Design. Available in a wide range of colours.


  • Feel. Polyurethane casing may take getting used to.
  • Aesthetic. Relatively bland design.

8. SuperStroke Pistol GTR Tour Putter Grip

The Pistol GTR is one of SuperStrokes newest designs and features that classic pistol shape design that the pros just love. A Polyurethane casing differentiates the Pistol GTR from much of the SuperStroke range but they’ve kept the no-taper technology and cross-traction surface texture that make all of their grips extremely comfortable in your hands. With just a 1” diameter the GTR Tour is thinnest of the range and weighs in at 65g. This is probably your go-to SuperStroke if you’re not looking for an ‘oversized’ option.


  • Pistol shape design for easy gripping.
  • No tapering and non-slip technology for complete control.
  • Good shock absorber.


  • Price. As expensive as most SuperStroke range.
  • Polyurethane casing may take getting used to.

9. Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grip

For those of you who prefer anchoring their putters we’ve included the Arm-Lock RX Lite. This is a durable converter grip that will let you turn any standard putter into a forearm putter. The RX’s have an angled inner bore which allows for quick alignment of the shaft and grip with your forearm.

In terms of specs, it’s considerably (and predictably) longer than the other grips on our list, measuring 15” compared to the standard 10.5” in length. It weighs a meaty 160 grams but this is to be expected given its functionality. What surprised us most was the top diameter of 1.4”, so you’ll also be getting one of the chunkier grips, which we felt actually worked perfectly with the forearm grip. If you anchor your putter, this should be your first choice.


  • Available in a wide range of weights and lengths.
  • Extended length offers flexibility.
  • Price. Low cost.


  • Installation. Will need professional assistance.
  • White design discolours easily.

10. Odyssey Putter Grip

We had to include it. Perhaps the most popular standard diameter putter grip in golf. The Odyssey grip comes in the semi-pistol design and weighs in at a lightweight 69g. Apart from making proven putter grips that feel great in hand, Odyssey grips always pride themselves on appearance. The White Hot edition is especially pleasing on the eye. If you want your putter to look the part then look no further.


  • Semi-pistol shape for easy gripping.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sleek design.


  • Basic technology.
  • Cost. Expensive.


So there you have it, our ten best putter grips online. We’ll leave you with a couple of final thoughts.

Those willing to spend a little extra on their next grip should definitely think about our SuperStroke choices; they’re all designed to feel great in the hand and feel super sturdy through contact.

Work out which diameter grip you’re looking for first though, because deciding if you want a regular feel or that oversized touch will affect which option best suits you.

Those on a slightly smaller budget should certainly consider the Karma Dual touch or the Champkey MTD.

Both are considerably cheaper than some of the better known brands without losing out on lots of functionality. The unique polyurethane casing of the Champkey is certainly different but might just be the perfect feel for you.

Don’t forget that you can find links to all of our choices above, taking you straight to the cheapest and most reliable way of purchasing your next putter grip. We care about your golf game. Let’s shoot lower scores together!