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Youtube is probably the main source of golf tips, reviews, information etc. so as you can imagine it is very easy to get stuck down a rabbit hole, watching videos after videos.

Now, this may not be a bad thing, but where it becomes toxic is when you are watching the wrong videos.

Knowing what is right and wrong is very important, plus not every tip will work for your swing, as well as not every piece of equipment is right for you either. We have listed our favorite YouTube channels. We have listed these in no specific order.

Best YouTube Channels 2022


Golf Side Kick

Best Choice


Rick Shiels Golf

Best Premium Pick


Peter Finch Golf

Best Value Option


#1Golf Side Kick

  • Easy to follow
  • Keeps it very simply

194k subscribers

This is the quote from the about page on the channel “Everyday golfers showing everyday golfers how we play golf. Not too much talking, just golf shots and thought processes.”

Golf Side Kick is originally from South Africa, his videos are mainly produced in Asia. From the outset you will get a very laid back vibe from him. He likes to talk about the mental side of the game and thought process rather than the technical aspects of the game.

He stays away from too many swing tips and rather helps you with course management. This is great in his ‘how to series’, where he shows you how to break 90, 80 and 70 easier, with just swing thoughts and course management tips.

His audience is more the younger golfer that is taking the game up casually. If you are looking for in depth swing tips and reviews, then you are in the wrong place.

He hasn’t had too many collaborations, he has played against a woman professional called – Pinyada Bright Kuvanun, she plays on the Epson Tour, which is based in the USA, it is a mini tour under the LPGA Tour.

Score – 80/100

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#2 – Rick Shiels Golf

  • In depth reviews on all golf product
  • He also has a podcast
  • He has a how to series
  • Plays against some of the best golfers in the world

2.2m subscribers

Arguably the most famous golf YouTuber, Rick Shiels makes all types of golf content, from product reviews, tips, how to series and everything in between. He also has a golf podcast where he discusses various topics about golf.

The page says ‘Golf videos to entertain & educate golfers around the world’.

We really like Rick’s page as he is extremely non biased towards any brand, he does in depth and honest reviews on products. He is also a PGA professional, so his knowledge about the game is great. He isn’t the best golfer out there, like most of us are, so his reviews are easy to relate to.

His page took off over the COVID lockdown when we were all stuck in our homes, I guess we were all desperate to watch some sort of golf.

Rick has had some great collaborations over the years, some of the players he has had on his channel are – Lee Westwood, Sir Nick Faldo, James Robinson, Viktor Hovland, Tommy Fleetwood and Justin Rose.

His channel caters for all ages and levels of golfers. If you are looking for product reviews, simple how to break series videos and some light hearted fun then this is the channel, however if you want some in depth swing tips, then there are better channels out there for that.

Score – 90/100

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#3 – Peter Finch Golf

491K subscribers

  • Very good golfer
  • Non bias towards any brands
  • Does some nice instructional videos

Peter Finch is also a very well known golf YouTuber, he comes across as very welcoming and explains things very well. His review videos go into some good detail, and as he is a good golfer the numbers are very accurate.

His about section on his YouTube channel says ‘Welcome to Peter Finch Golf, one of the largest golf YouTube channels in the world. Here I upload free golf tips, golf drills and advice on how you can improve your game.’

One of the features he has on his channel is he documents himself trying to qualify for The Open Championship, he hasn’t achieved it yet, but it is nice following his progress and watching his tips being put into place.

He travels around quite a lot and does some cool team style challenge videos. His audience would be to most golfers, he is light hearted and his review and tip videos are very informative.

He has had some famous golfers on the channel like Colin Montgomerie, Rafa Cabrera Bello and Bernd Weisberger. These are in the style of challenge videos, and are exciting to watch.

If you are looking for great product reviews and swing tips then this channel is a must watch, however he does keep his swing tips very basic, so if you are looking for something more technical then I suggest looking elsewhere.

Score – 90/100

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#4 – Me and My Golf

  • Both simple and technical swing tip videos
  • They also have a blog
  • Partnered with TaylorMade
  • They do behind the scenes videos

843K subscribers

Another extremely popular golf YouTube channel, they become famous from their extremely simple yet effective swing tips. They also have an incredible online coaching platform, which brings in a lot of golfers.

Here is what their about page says ‘Me and My Golf brings viewers the best content in golf coaching, golf fitness, biomechanics, travel and education to really help golfers Take Charge of their game.

Hosted by PGA Golf Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward, they deliver fun, innovative, informative golf content to help keep you entertained and take your game to the next level. Subscribe and Take Charge of Your Game today’

Andy and Piers are the dynamic duo that are the face of the channel, they work really well together with doing the tips and drills to each other, it is very easy to relate to what they are explaining.

They are a part of the TaylorMade team, so they have done some incredible instructional videos with Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods and many more.

Me and My Golf focus only on instructional videos, they rarely do product reviews. They cater for all levels of golfers, which makes this channel great.

Score – 90/100

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#5 – Golf Mates

  • All levels are players feature on the channel
  • Very good tips
  • Easy to watch

Golf Mates is a great golf channel on YouTube, it’s about a few guys having fun, playing golf, giving tips and product reviews. This is what their about section says on their channel, ‘We bring you fun golf videos with a band of characters for you all to enjoy.

There are characters we can all enjoy, from Mid Handicap Golfers, Funny Golfers, Senior Golfers, Scratch Golfers, Ex PGA professionals and PGA Professionals. My videos are here to help improve your golf game and to bring the fun and the community back into Golf!’

Golf Mates have not done any collaborations with famous people unfortunately. They do have a great ‘Breaking Series’ that gives you fantastic tips and shooting better scores. They play a number of different courses around the UK which is nice to see.

I would say this channel caters for the middle aged to older golfer, that is just the vibe I get off the channel.

Score – 78/100

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#6 – James Robinson

  • Light hearted
  • Very relatable
  • Does good product reviews

206K subscribers

James Robinson Golf is mainly a channel about product reviews, he does very little swing tip videos. He also has a number of challenge videos, where he does different challenges with other golfers.

His about us page describes the channel well ‘I MAKE FUN GOLF VIDEOS’, I personally struggle to take his videos seriously, and feel he is a little too gimmicky.

His audience would be the younger golfer. He hasn’t done any videos with celebrities, maybe there will be some in the future.

I would suggest this page for product reviews only, I would look elsewhere for swing tips.

Score – 75/100

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#7 – No Laying Up

  • Behind the scenes insite
  • Access to the PGA Tour players
  • Focused more on podcasts

103K subscribers

No Laying up is a great channel if you like to hear about the latest news and gossip from around the golfing world. They mainly focus on podcasts, but have all their episodes recorded so you can see a little more details of each episode. They also do a few golf course reviews, which is very interesting.

Their about page says the following ‘No Laying Up i​s five golf “fanalysts” who host the sport’s leading podcast and produce some of golf’s most influential social media and digital content for a rapidly growing and highly engaged fanbase.

This content portfolio includes three original golf travel franchises well as on site PGA & LPGA Tour coverage across the world. The group’s access to top PGA Tour players and entertaining content has engendered a passionate audience and made the brand one of the most relevant in golf. Above all, No Laying Up uses its resources to serve as the voice of the golf fan.’

I think this is a great channel for easy viewing. I mainly watch their course vlogs on their YouTube channel and download their podcasts for when I am driving.

This channel is for anyone that wants to keep up to date with all things golf.

Score – 85/100

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Here is a link to their podcast –

#8 – Alex Etches – GolfBox TV

  • Has all the latest product reviews
  • Has a nice fitting studio

75.5K subscribers

Alex Etches has a very interesting channel, he likes to make a joke and has loads of laughs during his videos. He does all the latest product reviews, and has a few challenge videos too.

We feel his downside is, in his product reviews he tries to hit the ball way too hard, his clubhead speed is a lot harder than your average golfer, so you don’t really get a good idea how well the product will work for your game.

This is what his about page says ‘Golf videos like you’ve NEVER seen them before! #FUN’. This is very true as he does have a lot of fun during his videos, however if you are looking for something more serious then this is not the page for you.

This page only has product reviews and challenges, so if you are looking for instructional videos you should look elsewhere. He doesn’t do videos with celebrities.

Score – 79/100

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#9 – Good Good

  • Very interesting challenges
  • All players are relatable

709K subscribers

Good Good golf channel is growing at an astounding rate, they are a group of 6 guys that go around different courses playing challenges against each other, and just having all out fun.

This channel will appeal to the younger consumer so they act a little bit silly in their videos, having a laugh and messing about etc. They are purely a challenge video channel, they do no product reviews or instructional videos.

They have not had any celebrities on their channel yet, I think they might be too informal to get anyone famous involved.

Having said all of this, they are really good to watch, if you have some free time you might find yourself watching 5 or 6 episodes.

Score – 80/100

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#10 – TXG Tour Experience Golf

  • Very informative when it come to golf equipment
  • In depth reviews on products

190k subscribers

TXG is one of my favorite channels on YouTube, they do incredible reviews on products, and really dive deep into details. They also explain what all the fitting numbers mean, and help you understand what to look for when trying out a product.

They do a cool series called ‘The Bracket’ where they test the latest brands against each other to see which one comes out best.

Their about page says ‘TXG | Tour Experience Golf is the definitive destination for the most up to date and in-depth information on golf equipment.’ which is 100% true. We really love the way they conduct their videos, they explain everything really well.

Their channel is purely product reviews, they do no instructional videos or challenge type videos.

Score – 89/100