Best Golf Gifts For Fathers Day 2020

Fathers are not the easiest to shop for and if your father loves golf, it’s hard to look past their favorite hobby to find the perfect gift. This is especially true for Fathers Day which rolls around on the 21st June every year.

If you are involved in golf yourself, it will be easy to know which kind of products they will like are you maybe someone who has no interest in golf, this guide will run you through each category of product and our favorite products to make Fathers Day special no matter what your budget is.

1. Custom Apparel

Custom Apparel is getting more and more popular and a simple tshirt can show your dad how much you care about them, where you buy it on its own or include it with another gift.

Our Favourite Tshirt:

Our favorite t-shirt for fathers day is this USA made golf T-shirt by American Apparel, and the design on the front says: Best Dad By Par

Check out for some more quality designs we also like the mugs, jumpers, hoodies and other gift ideas on the site.

Best dad by par seems to be the most popular print phrase to show a father’s how much we care every father’s Day and Christmas and on their birthdays.

2. Golf Technology

Garmin Approach S62

The golf technology market is huge and it’s one that expands every year. If you dad is serious about golf then they will love these gadgets that make them around easier and help them improve their score.

Garmin Approach S62

The S62

The Garmin Approach S62 who is the leading golf watch on the market today. It’s a brand new release from Garmin and it has a Digital Caddy, it gives slope adjusted distances to the Green, it has digital pay features and I connect a free Garmin golf app for an absolutely amazing experience.

If you want your dad to have the very best, this watches ideal but it does cost $500.

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Garmin Approach S20

Garmin s20 Watch Review

If you like the idea of a watch for Fathers Day but don’t want to spend that much, The S20 is the entry-level watch from Garmin that has a lot of the same features. It comes with a black and white screen and it is still an awesome and accurate GPS device for your if you know he doesn’t have a golf watch already.

This shows front/middle/back of the green as well as all hazards. It has a scorecard and it tracks all your shots automatically on the app.

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Arccos Smart Sensors

Arccos Smart Systems

Arccos have teamed up with Microsoft and delivered an incredibly innovative product in their smart sensors that attached into the ends of each individual club. Each club than pairs with the app on your dad’s phone and attracts his performance with each Club across all of his rounds at every club that he plays.

You can then sit down after the round and analyses performance or he can analyse the performance of his rounds as his history builds up in the app.

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TecTecTec Vpro500 Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRO500

Rangefinders are used primarily in sports like golf and hunting. They work by bouncing a beam of a target like the golf flag and how quickly that being returns to the rangefinder will determine the distance to the point.

The TecTecTec Rangefinder cost $150 and it is one of the best value Range Finders on the market for that money. Once we know how far away the target is, we can select the correct club for that distance and improve our score for the round.

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Optishot 2

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

The Optishot is a quality golf simulator that doesn’t cost a fortune. It comes with a hitting sensor mat, tees, rubber balls add a USB cable to connect your laptop.

You take a shot with your real club and the screen will show where your shot ended up with surprising accuracy.

You can use the rubber balls are real golf balls, if you already have a hitting net or are planning to buy a bundle where one is included.

This is sure to provide endless hours of fun for your dad.

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Garmin G80

G80 2

Another top-of-the-range option from Garmin, the G80 integrates a personal launch monitor with a colour touchscreen GPS device to offer a ton of usability from this innovative and unmatched piece of equipment.

You bring the launch monitor to the driving range and it tells you all sorts of cool stats about your performance and each shot. And the GPS device will tell you your distance to any other point on the course from when you’re standing so you can plan and strategize your round with expert efficiency.

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The Garmin G10

Garmin G10 2

The Garmin G10 is a leading entry level golf GPS device from the leaders in distance tracking technology in the world. This compact and efficient device will tell you the distance the front middle and the back of the green from where you are standing and it will also give you the distance to any hazards on the hole.

it comes with a compact .9 by .9 inch black and white screen that also allows you to track your score. it is a basic device that cost $100 but it gives a ton of valuable information and makes a great golf gift for your father, whether it’s Father’s Day or Christmas.

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Golf Practice Aids

If your dad is known to hit the links and play a few rounds of golf every year, getting him his very own practice equipment at home could be just what the doctor ordered. if you can help him to lower his score on the course, he will be looking forward to your present even more next year.

Varispeed Golf Putting Green

Varispeed Golf Putting Green 6

Every dad who plays golf wants to improve their putting skills and getting a home golf putting green can be the very best way to do this.

The varispeed putting green offers the best option available on the market right now and it retails for $120.00. It comes with four different speeds that you can change by brushing the mat, there’s also objects you can place underneath this to add slope to your putting any chance various cool games to play that aren’t included on other matts and this is probably the best mat on the market right now .

It is 120 inches by 20 inches in size.

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Galileo Golf Hitting Net

Galileo Hitting Net Image 2

Hitting nets can be a grace present for your dad if he has enough space at home Are in the garden to swing a Golf Club.

if he has enough room inside his house for a mat and a hitting net you can also set up a cool golf simulator with the Optishot 2.

The Galileo golf hitting Net is the best one currently on America’s and at 7 feet high by 7 feet wide with four feet of depth, Once you have enough space in your house to fit this one, you can practice your drives irons and wedges in the comfort of your own home.

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Callaway Chipping Net

Chipping is a crucial skill in the game of golf yet it is one that is often overlooked when we train for the sport. chipping mats are excellent for the backyard it offers your dad a training aid to improve their short work around the green.

The Callaway 25 inch by 25 inch chipping net offers three distinct targets for your dad to aim and with Callaway being one of the most trusted brands in golf you know that this present will go down well on Father’s Day .

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Golf balls

Every golfer likes to try out different brands of golf ball to see what works the best for them and your father will be no different.

Everybody has already tried the Titliest Pro V1 golf balls and while they are expensive they will be seen as quite boring as a present. Try out these golf balls instead that give them a run for performance and they cost less I will be seen as a more exciting present around the $30 mark

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball

This is a four piece ball that gives the pro V1 a could run for its money. these are sexy new Golf balls that many people will have heard off, but won’t have tried and we know that these golf balls live up to the expectations on the course.

They are designed for lower trajectory and longer distance and they also give great control around the greens.

Device golf balls come in various different colors and even with the logos of some American football teams on them. these are for a high-end present for only 34 bucks.

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Snell MTB Black My Tour Golf Balls

Snell is another trendy new ball that golfers everywhere will be looking forward to trying I’m giving these three piece golf balls your father could be an excellent present especially if he gets out on the course a lot and hasn’t tried them already.

The balls themselves are soft for longer distance And they have a proven urethane cover that offers an excellent feel around the greens. This is a ball that I kept in play for a long time and I was really impressed with the distance and accuracy I was getting with it.

A Dozen Balls Cost $34 Check Out Some Reviews Here:


Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel 2

Soft field golf balls are excellent for senior golfers as they are compressed more easily and offer greater distance for slower swing speeds. Srixon balls only cost $20 but they can offer an excellent solution on equality golf ball for the more senior player or anyone with a slower swing speed.

any golfer will be happy to get these as a present And they’re designed to give more accuracy around the greens distance from the tee.

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Golf Training Aids

The golf training aid market is one that grows every year as well and there are some fantastic options that would be a lot of fun on others that will help you to improve your game.

The Golf Smash Bag

There are many different brands of smash bag but they offer a phone and unique way to improve at the game of golf.

It promotes proper hitting technique by offering a flush feeling when you hit the club square on in the sweet spot. when you can hit the sweet spot consistently you should be seeing a lot more consistency in your strokes.

The proactive golf swing impact trainer is probably the best on the market right now we can get that one for $25.

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SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick

SKLZ Trainer 3

The skills gold golf flex swing trainer completes our list. This is the perfect tool for warming up before your round and it is weighted perfectly to allow you to get into your swing rhythm before you hit the course.

if your dad loves to play golf, this is the perfect way for him to practice in the house and warm up effectively on the course. This is a grand way to get off to a good start and a training aid that can actually increase your swing and technique.

This is a great gift for your father and one that is definitely worth checking out.

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Golf Books

Golf Books are a great present for your father if he loves golf and he likes to read, this will be a win win for everybody.


Ben Hogans Five Lessons

Ben Hogans 5 lessons is a classic book for anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of the golf game and actually want to improve themselves.

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John Daly’s new biography is one of the hottest books in Golf right now. It goes through his struggles and triumphs to date in serene detail and it is one of the most well reviewed golf books of 2020, you can also get this one in audiobook format.

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That concludes our list for the best golf gifts for your dad this fathers, if we had to select one gift it . will be the custom apparel at Their shirts are made in the USA and they offer free shipping on any orders over $50 so well worth checking out.

if you wanted to get some technology for your dad this Father’s Day then both of the Garmin watches above worth looking at in the S62 on the S20.