Best Golf Clubs For Seniors 2021

As we advance in years our lives tend to slow down a little and become less frantic. We end up with more time to ourselves for reflection and of course, the mighty sport of golf,

Just because our swing speeds can get a little bit slower, it doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to improve at the game we love and this means, not accepting our scores increasing as we age but to actual try to reduce our handicap and become better players. Our equipment is one area where we can make the most improvement in the shortest amount of time and whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned veteran, having the right clubs to suit your swing speed, strong points and characteristics can have a huge impact in how well we play.

You may want to buy a full set of clubs as a beginner, try to gain some extra yards if the tee, switch to irons with graphite shafts or need help getting good trajectory from the fairway with a golf hybrid.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, we have got you covered with our best golf clubs for seniors of the year so sit back, strap yourself in and let’s get straight down to business with best complete sets for seniors before moving onto Combo Sets, Drivers, Woods, Hybrids and Irons to help get your game to the highest levels and keep it there.

Best Golf Club Sets For Senior Players


Callaway Strata Golf Club Set



Cobra XL Golf Clubs



Aspire XD1


When buying full golf sets, you should usually look for accuracy, forgiveness and distance. Today’s article has options for beginners and intermediates today, so let’s jump in.

The Callaway Strata

Callaway Strata Womens

Who Are They For

The Callaway Strata are the undisputed #1 P4P beginners clubs on the market right now, as they have been for many years. The price tag on the clubs at under $300 also makes them the best value beginners clubs on the market for beginners and if you take the time to read the reviews, you will see that you can’t go too far wrong with this set. The Strata is for anyone, including seniors who want a high performing set, straight out of the bag with guaranteed quality from a leading brand.

What Do You Get With The Set

Strata Main Image

You have 3 options with the Strata as to how many different clubs you want to get and it varies from 12 to 14 to 16 depending on your budget and your personal preferences.

There is one glaring weakness with the 12 piece set and that is the fact that it is short a sand wedge! Besides that it contains a Driver, 3 wood, 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Iron, Pitching Wedge and a putter with 2 headcovers and the bag making up the 12 pieces

The 14 piece adds the much needed sand wedge, particularly useful if you end up in the sand as often as I do. It also adds an extra headcover, making up the 14 pieces.

The 16 piece is for those of us with a bit more budget or those more experienced in the game as it adds a 5 hybrid and an extra head cover

How Are The Clubs Composed

Strata 3

The Driver

The legal limit for drivers is 460cc and that is exactly what we get with the Strata and the oversized head provides a large sweet spot, so if you don’t hit it directly in the center, you can still achieve accuracy off the distance.

It has a graphite shaft and you get a choice of regular and senior flex. We would recommend the regular to most seniors as it will cater better for the slower swing speeds.

Fairway Wood

The 3 Wood on offer with the large head and sweet spot features graphite shaft and a generous 15 degree loft for easily getting the ball into the air off the fair way.

The Hybrids

As the name suggest, the Hybrid combines the benefits of fairway woods and Irons with the distance of loft of fairway woods with and distance of long irons in one club.

Plenty of beginners and intermediates find hybrids easier to hit than Irons and you can even now get all of your irons in hybrid form.

The Hybrids on offer here are made with large sweet spots and graphite shafts, perfect for slower swing speeds along with distance, forgiveness and accuracy.

The Irons

These are game improvement Irons, with large sweet spots, perimeter weighting for easy loft and trajectory. The irons come with stainless steel shafts and regular flex which are perfect for moderate to faster swinging senior players.

The Putter

The Strata clubs also come with a quality blade putter with a visual alignment, perfect for sinking those difficult putts.

The Stand bag

Strata Golf Clubs

Completing the Strata set is a lightweight cart bag that is going to be perfect for carrying your clubs around for a full round and it will also easily fit on a golf push cart if you chose to buy or rent one for the day, it’s great to have options

Pros And Cons


  • Oversized Heads With Large Sweet Spots
  • Easy To Hit Hybrids
  • Perimeter Weighting For Good Loft
  • Great Value Clubs


  • Steel Shafts In The Irons
  • No Sand Wedge In The 12 Piece

Overall Score: 94/100

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2. Cobra XL Speed Golf Club Set (Best Premium)

Who Is The Set For?

The Strata is an awesome set of clubs for beginners and novices but if you already know your way around the golf course and want to get a semi customized set that is awesome for beginners and intermediates alike, it would be foolish to overlook the Cobra XL Speed set.

Everywhere I look these days I am seeing Cobra the brand and from what I have seen, the name is becoming synonymous with premium quality for all golfers.

This set is aimed for people who can play but have slower swing speeds, meaning it is ideal for seniors.

What Do You Get In The Set

If money, wasn’t an issue, I would pick the Cobra XL over the Strata 10 times out of 10 and these clubs are perfectly tailored to seniors in every way.

The set contains a Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid, 6 – 9 Irons, PW, SW, Putter and a Cart bag,

What Options Do You Get?

Cobra Golf Club Set Review

The options you get when ordering your set is the main reason why the XL stands out as such a good option for senior and regular players alike.

You can choose between Graphite and Steel shafts for your Irons, graphite clubs will be lighter and allow you to swing the club faster, generate more ball speed and get more distance with each shot for slower swing speeds.

You can also choose between Regular and Senior flex. Have a shaft that is too stiff may impact you game negatively so getting it right for seniors with slowing swing speeds is crucial. The senior flex option is a very welcome option for those with swing speeds between 70 at 90mph.

Club Composition


Cobra Golf Driver 11.5 Degree

If you go with the lighter graphite options, your driver will come with a higher loft of 11.5 Degrees as opposed to 10.5 Degrees which again is perfect for allowing senior players to get the ball in the air, while maintaining maximum distance.

The club itself has an oversized head, large sweetspot and low heel/toe weighting to deliver the maximum balance of distance and forgiveness.

Fairway Woods

Cobra XL 3 Wood

There is nothing like breaking out your woods in the middle of the fairway on a par 5 or a long par 4 and give the ball a good welly towards the green.

The 3 wood has a loft of 15 degrees and the 5 wood has a generous loft of 19 degrees and these are quickly followed by the hybrids ensuring there is no club gaps in your set and if anything, there is some overlap.

You get low back/heel weighting like the driver for excellent trajectory and distance when you let one rip.

The Hybrids

Cobra XL 20 Dgree Hybrid

If you are someone who tends to scuff a lot of their long iron shots, you will love the variety you can get from the 4 and 5 hybrids of the Cobra XL set which, as we said, offer a perfect distance filler between the irons and the woods.

These clubs have graphite shafts, they are light and they fly high and straight when you catch them right. With the large sweet spot an optimal weighting these will get good loft and stop pretty quickly if you can land them on the green.

As we get older, getting the right loft can become more difficult and the hybrid golf club is a great antidote to combat this.

Irons and Wedges

Cobra XL 20 Dgree Hybrid

You get to chose between Graphite and Steel shafts on your irons with the XL set and we would usually be recommending the graphite shafts for senior players.

These are cavity backs with perimeter weighting and the game improvement irons are created for trajectory, accuracy and forgiveness.


A regular blade putter with visual alignment that allows you to sink the easy and ling putts alike, with enough practice.

Cart Bag

A superior cart bag including a cooler pocket that allows you to keep your mid round refreshments cool and fresh when called upon.

Pros And Cons


  • Customize The Clubs For Your Game
  • Light Clubs Built For Distance And Forgiveness
  • Will Suit Beginners and Improvers
  • Good Selection Of Clubs With No Gaps
  • Premium Cart Bag


  • More Expensive
  • Only 1 Length

Overall Score 98/100

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3. Aspire XD1 Senior Men’s Golf Club Set – Best Budget Set

Who Is It For?

If you have never heard of the golf brand Aspire, you are probably not on your own but one thing we have discovered is that they make golf club sets, specifically tailored for senior beginners and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

One thing that jumps out about these clubs is that the irons have graphite shafts.

If you are a beginning senior, just taking up golf in retirement, this will be a perfect set for you.

What Clubs Do You Get?

The Aspire XD1 golf club set for seniors comes with a large headed driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, 6 – 9 Iron, PW and a putter. Again the noticeable exception is the sand wedge so you will need to pick one up separately.

Club Composition


The driver has a large 460cc head that hits the legal limit and is made of titanium while the shaft is graphite and comes with a special senior flex, unique to these clubs, ideal for the slower swing speeds of senior beginners

Fairway Wood

The 3 wood has a 15 degree loft, stainless steel head with a flexible graphite shaft and the large face is forgiven and offers ample loft from any situation.

The Hybrid

A super light 20 degree hybrid will replace your long irons and it is easy to catch sweetly on the large face with good trajectory and distance.

The Irons

The irons are game improvement, cavity back irons with senior flex on the graphite shafts, perfect for slower swing speeds and getting the ball in the air.


We get a blade putter in this set with a visual alignment which will get the job done.

Stand Bag

In keeping with the rest of the set, the stand bag is light and easy to manage around the course. If you get tired and want to use a golf push cart, this bag will easily adapt.

Pros And Cons


  • All Graphite Shafts
  • Senior Flex And Super Light Clubs
  • Excellent Stand Bag


  • No Sand Wedge!
  • Not As Good Quality As The Cobras

Overall Score 87/100

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Best Hybrid And Iron Combo Sets


Callaway Rogue Combo Set



Taylormade Sim Max Combo Set



Taylormade M2 Combo Set


While complete sets are going to be ideal for seniors who are new to the game and intermediates who maybe haven’t played in a while and are in need of a new set, there are also plenty of senior golfers who already have a set of clubs but are maybe considering upgrading their Irons and Hybrids and often looking for a bit more distance off the tee.

With that in mind let’s run through some of the best Hybrid & Iron combo sets on the market right now for senior golfers. If you already have the driver and putter sorted and want to boost your game between the tee and the green, these sets are for you.

Callaway Rogue Hybrid And Iron Combo Set – Best Choice

If you haven’t heard about Callaway as a top notch golf brand, you probably haven’t been interested in golf for too long. The Callaway Rogue set has been around since 2018 but they have undergone a facelift for 2020 and have certainly improved further.

The clubs are really for everybody but can be tailored perfectly for anybody. As a senior you can select options that make the clubs perfect for slower swing speeds.

What You Get

With the combo set you can chose to get just the Irons (5-PW) with an extra wedge (AW) or you can go with hybrids to replace the long irons and no Sand Wedge (4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid, 6 Iron – 9 Iron, PW).

We like the hybrid + Iron set as you get to experience more of the leading golf technology on the market today.

The Irons

These are premium golf clubs for people looking to move past their beginner set and who want to sacrifice some forgiveness for more distance and a nicer feel and that is exactly what you are going to get with the Rogue Irons.


  • 360 Face Cup And VFT Technology For Fast Ball Speeds
  • Tungsten Weighting For Optimal Flight Control And Accuracy
  • Urethane Microspheres offer unmatched sound and feel
  • Graphite Aldila Synergy, 60G Light Shafts – 58 Gram Weight
  • D1 Swing Weight Rating

Overall, premium quality irons for a good price that enable good flight, distance, accuracy and forgiveness.


The Callaway Rogue Hybrids have the same super light Graphite shafts and are available with a light flex that is perfect for seniors. Take these clubs out for a couple of rounds and they will quickly become one of the favourite clubs in your back. The ball speed, trajectory and most importantly, distance we got with these Hybrids was as good as any Hybrid of I had tried before and since.

The 4 Hybrid has a 20 degree loft and the 5 hybrid has a 25 degree loft allowing you to get airtime and distance with every shot.


  • Hyper Speed Face Cup And 2 Jailbreak Steel Bars For Maximum Ball Speed & Distance
  • Large Sweet Spot For Accuracy And Forgiveness
  • Internal Standing Wave Lowers The Centre Of Gravity For Easy Launch And Higher Trajectory
  • Light Flex Graphite Shafts –  Aldila Synergy, 60G


Callaway Rogue 2

With the graphite shafts in the Irons and Hybrids and the fact that you can also select the light flex makes the clubs extremely light and the advanced technology allows you to get optimal Distance without sacrificing accuracy.

Overall Score 96/100

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Taylormade Sim Max Combo Set – Best Premium

If you have the money to spend and you want the very latest in Hybrid and Iron technology then you may want to consider the Taylormade Sim Max. These are brand new clubs so you need to pay a bit extra for the privilege but they absolutely make up for the premium price tag with outstanding performance and the increased you will get down at the club.

These clubs are for someone who wants the absolute best, regardless of price and will be perfect for a senior golfer who wants to boost their game.

What Clubs Do You Get With The Sets

Again we have two options and again the best one will come down to personal preference and the clubs you are looking for:

Option 1: 5 – 9 Iron – PW – 3 & 4 Hybrid

Option 2: 6 – 9 Iron – PW – Gap Wedge – 4 & 5 Hybrid

If it was up to me, as a senior play, I would go with option 2 for the higher lofts in Hybrids and the inclusion of the gap wedge but I can also see the advantage in carrying the 3 Hybrid so it really is a personal preference.

Club Composition And Technology

The Irons are packed full of the latest technology and the lofts are as follows:

  • 5 Iron = 21.5 Degrees
  • 6 Iron = 25 Degrees
  • 7 Iron = 28.5 Degrees
  • 8 Iron = 32.5 Degrees
  • 9 Iron = 38 Degrees
  • PW = 43.5 Degrees
  • AW = 49 Degrees

Having a look at the Technology that makes these so special:

  • 17% Thinner Face that allows for higher ball speeds and more forgiveness
  • A Refined Speed Bridge And Thru Slot Speed Pocket in the head of the club for more ball speed
  • Echo Damping system gives unmatched sound and feel ( They even have a sound engineer for these!)
  • Each Club has its own design for maximum forgiveness
  • Progressive Inverted Cone Technology Lowers the centre of gravity allows easier loft and more forgiveness.
  • 56g Graphite shaft weights that allow high levels of launch and spin for slower swing speeds
  • Lampkin Crossover 360 Grips As Standard

A Closer Look At The Hybrids

We were really impressed with the hybrids, one of the best sets of clubs I have ever personally sed for distance and trajectory.

The Hybrids on offer with the combo set have lofts of:

  • 3 Hybrid 19 Degrees
  • 4 Hybrid 22 Degrees
  • 5 Hybrid 25 Degrees

The Hybrids Are Also Brimming With The Latest Technology:

  • The V Steel Plate offers minimal friction with the turf and high flight trajectories
  • C300 Steel face for fast ball speeds and unmistakable feel
  • Twist face technology for forgiveness when you miss the center
  • Thru Slot Speed Pocket for higher ball speeds on mis hits and hits low on the face
  • Lightweight Graphite Shafts with 56g weight
  • Lampkin Crossline 360 Grips As Standard

Overall, the best clubs on the market right now but be prepared to pay a premium over older clubs that can do almost just as well.

Overall Score 98/100

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Taylormade M2 Hybrids And Irons – Best Value Combo Set

If you are looking for the best bang for you buck and don’t want to fork out over $1,000 for the latest Sim models, you can get a high level of performance and almost the same quality if you pick up the The Taylormade M2 range.

These are high performing golf sticks but since Taylormade have released newer versions of their cubs in the M4’s, M6’s and the Sim Max range, you can get them at a much lower price.

These clubs are for people who are good at golf, don’t need a beginner set and want to improve their performance with high level clubs, perfectly tailored to senior players.

If you match these criteria and want to get the best deal possible, but still have the best quality, The M2 are an excellent choice.

What You Get In The Set

As usual we have two options in the sets today.

Option 1: 4 & 5 Hybrid + 6 – 9 Iron + PW

Option 2: 3 & 4 Hybrid + 5 – 9 Iron + PW

As a senior golfer, you should be able to get a better loft with the 4 and 5 hybrid but as always it will come down to personal preference.

Composition Of The Clubs

These clubs come with lightweight graphite shafts, available in A flex for senior players who want to get maximum distance, even with slowing swing speeds. They are specially made to offer good ball flight trajectory with maximum forgiveness without giving up too much feel.

The Irons

Expect a smooth transition through this set of irons and every club is specially designed for peak performance.

  • 5 Iron – 21.5 Degrees
  • 6 Iron – 25 Degrees
  • 7 Iron – 28.5 Degrees
  • 8 Iron – 33 Degrees
  • 9 Iron – 38 Degrees
  • PW – 43.5 Degrees


  • Face Slots allow good ball speeds when hit off centre
  • Speed pocket offers good launch angle when hit lower on the club face
  • Geocustic Engineering allows for excellent sound and feel
  • Lighter Fluted Hosel to save weight, perfect for senior swing speeds, Lowers Centre Of Gravity
  • Graphite Shafts With Senior Flex
  • Taylormade Dual Feel Grip

The Hybrids

These are high performance golf hybrid built for maximum feel, trajectory, distance, accuracy and forgiveness.


  • 3 Hybrid – 19 degrees
  • 4 Hybrid – 22 Degrees
  • 5 Hybrid – 25 Degrees


  • Iconic 2 Toned Crown associated with the M Class metal woods family.
  • A More Flexible Speed Pocket For Improved Ball Speeds
  • 2 Tiered sole for playability from every lie
  • Geocustic Engineering allows for excellent sound and feel
  • Lighter Fluted Hosel to save weight, perfect for senior swing speeds, Lowers Centre Of Gravity and increase loft and distance on of centre shots.
  • Graphite Shafts With Senior Flex
  • Taylormade Dual Feel Grip

Overall these are excellent clubs with a slightly lower price tag than the new models on the market with the same superior performance.

Overall Score 94/100

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The Drivers

The first place you may notice yourself losing distance in your senior years is off the tee and the driver is such an important club we have dedicated a full article to the Best Drivers for senior golfers.


What Are We Looking For In Senior Clubs

As we age, our swing speed slows down and our clubs can become unsuitable for optimal performance. When this happens, we need to find out our swing speed and get clubs that are most suitable for how fast we are swinging the club.

How Can Seniors Find Out Their Swing Speed

You can get a club fitting where there will be able to measure how fast you swing the club use a launch monitor and you can also buy a personal launch monitor to see how far you are hitting each club which can also have a positive impact on your game by allowing you to select the right club every time.

The old school method is to take take the average of 3 good drives and divide the average by 2.3 to get a rough estimate of your swing speed.

In other words if you are hitting 230 yards off the tee, your swing speed would be roughly 100 mph.

Generally speaking a senior will swing the club between 70 and 90 mph.

Graphite Shafts

One thing that is going to affect how fast you swing the club is how heavy it is and switching your irons from steel to graphite shafts can remove a lot of the weight, allowing you to swing the club faster again.

Senior Flex

The flex is the shaft is crucial to getting the right approach and contact on the ball. If your shaft is to stiff you may come in too heavy and slice the ball. As our swing speed slows to the senior levels, switching to a senior flex can lead to straighter shots with better distance.

Should I Get A Club Fitting As A Senior

A fitting can be a good idea if you want to get an expert opinion or if you require short or longer clubs once you dont mind spending a little bit extra on the whole process and want to get as much knowledge as possible.

If you are a newcomer to the game and just want a good set of clubs to get you around the course with a decent performance, one of our recommended sets from Amazon will be a good decision.

If you know your way around the course and already have some clubs, you could get the premium combo sets to give your game that much needed boost as a senior.

What ever you chose to do, let us know in the comments and thanks for reading.