Best Golf Affiliate Programs 2021

Golf Is one of the most popular sports in the world and that position has only been strengthened due to the recent corona virus pandemic.

With the popularity of the niche comes a huge amount of opportunity for bloggers, marketers, influencers and social media gurus to make a killing with golf through affiliate marketing.

`Golf is considered a rich mans sport and it’s fans are willing to spend money to learn and improve at the game so let’s take a look at a couple of the reasons why golf is such an attractive niche for affiliate marketers.

Top Ten Golf Affiliate Programs





Global Golf




Rain Or Shine Golf


Fairway Golf USA


The Golf Warehouse


Golf Outlet USA


Loudmouth Golf


Trendy Golf


American Golf


  1. Golf Equipment is expensive

If we consider getting out on the course, there is a number of costs involved.

#1 – Golf Clubs

You need to get a set of clubs which will set you back a couple of $100 bucks. Sure, you can get away with renting a set at the course you are playing at or using an old set but if you want to really get into the game, you will more than likely need to purchase a set of clubs for yourself.

#2 – Golf Shoes

Most golf courses are going to require you to wear the right shoes for the game so that you don’t mess up the greens and while golf shoes are becoming more and more like regular trainers with spiked and spikeless options, eventually, sooner rather than later, you will need to get a pair of golf shoes that a re perfectly suited to the game.

#3 – Golf Attire

More of a dilemma for female golfers, you will still need to dress the part on the golf course. Golf is a traditional game and a proper pair of kahki pants and a polo shirt will likely be necessary or a windbreaker in worse weather should get you looking the part on the course, regardless of the state of your game.

#4 Balls & Tees

If you want to get the best golf balls, they will set you back around $50 for a dozen but as a beginner you can pick good balls for much less.

Beginners need plenty advice about which balls, tees, clubs and shoes they should buy and that is where the affiliate can creep in a take a cut of the sale.

#5 Gear For Improvers

Once you want to start tracking you progress and improving at the game, there are plenty of GPS watches, Handheld GPS devices, Golf simulators, shot trackers and not to mention premium clubs where avid golfers and those trying to hit decent scores will be willing to fork out thousands of dollars in a single purchase and taking a couple of % can lead to a couple of 100 dollars in a single sale.

  1. As A Sport Golf is Huge

Not only are people playing golf and watching golf, they are betting on golf, getting lessons, buying digital products and constantly reading and watches tutorials and ways to improve at the game.

They are also travelling all around the world to stay at luxurious golf resorts, play the best courses and get some sunny golf during the winter.

Golf is not only an incredibly popular sport, it has huge and diverse search volumes that make it an attractive niche for any would be bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Top 10 Sports By Popularity


Worldwide Fans

1. Soccer 3.5 Billion
2. Cricket 2.5 Billion
3. Basketball 2.2 Billion
4. Field Hockey 2 Billion
5. Tennis 1 Billion
6. Volleyball 900 Million
7. Table Tennis 850 Million
8. Golf 600 Million
9. Baseball 500 Million
10. American Football 410 million

While we can see that golf has the 8th largest following, we can’t see from this article that the average amount that the active golf fan spends on the spend is far higher than soccer if they actually play the game, which is the most important stat for affiliate marketers.

If you want to play soccer, all you will need is a pair of boots and a football and it might cost $70. There is no real extra cost for improvers unlike golf where an active player can spend thousands annually.

.3   People In The Golf Niche Have Money And They Are Not Afraid To Spend It

People who play golf tend to be in higher income brackets, the spend money on equipment, travel and green fees, leaving plenty of opportunity for affiliate marketers to come in and make some money.

Now we have discovered why golf is such a great niche for affiliate marketing, let’s jump into the best affiliate programs on offer and where you can sign up to start making some money.

Top 10

#1 – Amazon

Amazon may have cut their affiliate rates from 4.5% to 3% this year in the sports industry but that doesn’t mean that their affiliate program has fallen from the top spot when it comes to golf.

Sure they may not have all of the premium clubs and grips on the market with the personalization that you can get elsewhere but they do command incredibly high conversion rates compared to their competitors.

Amazon is easy to sign up to and if somebody buys from anywhere in the world you can get the commission through Amazons global affiliate program.

As some who earns well in the golf niche through Amazon, we will be hoping that the next percentage cut is 2.5% or 2% and we can keep pushing our traffic there for the great conversion rates, but if not there are plenty of other options.

#2 Global Golf Affiliate Program

Global Golf offer up to 8% which is over double what Amazon is willing to give you and with impressive commission rates also on offer, it is easy to see why Global Golf has attracted a huge number of former Amazon affiliates who were not happy to drop from 4.5% to 3% and instead opted to switch over to the likes of global golf who are welcoming affiliates with open arms.

Product Range

Global golf offers a complete golf gear, catalogue with every type of equipment you can think of from every leading brand.







Sale Section

Global Golf have even teamed up with LinkConnector to ensure link accuracy and to make sure that you get every commission that you are due.

As a website heavily involved with affiliate marketing in the golf niche, it is easy to see that global golf are one of the leading competitors to Amazon in the field and sites like these are probably one of the big reasons Amazon will be hesitant to cut the affiliate commissions in the sports niche going forward.

Commission Rate: 6.5%

Commission Window: 30 Days

#3 Ebay

Ebay often get overshadowed by their big brother, Amazon but that does not mean that Ebay don’t have plenty to offer for budding and established bloggers and affiliate players alike.

Ebay work their condition structure is a slightly different way in that you get a large percentage of the profit that Ebay makes which is likely a more sustainable model than Amazon anyway and it should last longer.

So if Ebay makes 10% profit on a sale, they are willing to give you 50-70% of that sale so you end up with an impressive 5-7% total commission at the end of the day.

The other big difference with Ebay is that they don’t just offer brands and sellers of new products with a platform to sell their goods, they are also a huge market for lightly used goods which is a major plus for the golf market where people want the best clubs and equipment but it costs thousands of dollars where a gently used option can be highly attractive.

One set back is the 24 hour cookie window.

Products Offered







Used goods

Commission Rates: 5-7%

Conversion Window: 24 Hours

#4 Rain Or Shine Golf

Rain Or Shine Golf may not yet be a household name in the golf industry by they have a ton to offer golf affiliates and bloggers.

Rain Or Shine have a beautifully simple website which helps no end and they seem to have strangled out a particular sub niche within the golf category and that is in Home Golf Simulators And Equipment. Nice Move!

It seems like they saw the future with the explosion in popularity of home golf simulators due to advancing technology, better products for less money and the covid situation which promotes spending more time at home.

A golf simulator lets you play full rounds at home with the a computer game graphics measuring how well you played your shot and where it ended up. There are even tournaments on the trackman with real prize money.

To play you need a hitting mat, hitting net, laptop and simulator and you can deck out your space as fancily as you want with all the options Rain or shine has.

They offer a price match guarantee and handsome commissions of expensively priced products with a high conversion rate. Big Wins All Round!

Products Offered:


Complete Packages

Hitting Mats

Hitting Nets

Putting Greens

Custom packages

Hitting Bays

Commission Offered: 5%

Commission Window: 30 Days

#5 Fairway Golf USA

Although I feel their website could do with a little bit of a modern touch up (I use to be a full time web designer), Fairway Golf USA are still a force to be reckoned with in the golf niche and another reason why Amazon may hesitate to reduce their commissions further.

Fairway Golf have a huge selection of all the best clubs with all the options you can need from selecting your own grips and shafts to basically customizing the clubs for your own preferences.

They also offer a huge range of other products to be a complete one stop shop for those shopping in the golf niche.

If they could increase their conversion rates, they would become a massive player in the game although they do have a massive 60 day conversion window.

Products Offered:

Custom Clubs

Japanese Clubs






Junior Gear

Womens Gear

Clear Out Section

Commission Rate: 4 – 10%

Commission Window: 60 Days

#6 The Golf Warehouse

A major player player in the golf industry who made their first sale in 1998 as one of the first online pioneers in the golf space, they have continue to grow into a strong player with a complete offering, quality prices and high conversion rates.

Their high conversion rates are driven by beautiful and simple to navigate website along with competitive prices and they are stockists of all the leading brands with custom clubs available.

Their affiliate program is run through Commission Junction and we had to apply a few times before we were accepted so bear that in mind when you go to sign up.




GPS Devices




Club Trade In

Brand Discounts

A major player in the golf game with an awesome affiliate program.

Commission: 6.5%

Commission Window: 30 Days

#7 Golf Outlet USA

Golf Outlet USA have a simple website that packs a big punch with quality products in every subsection of the golf industry, boasting a simple and easy to navigate site with a high conversion, due, in part to competitive pricing on a wide range of products.

The affiliate program runs through commission junction with a competitive 5% commission rate and the conversion rates are boosted with a live online chat function and a direct phone number to clear up any confusion before placing an order.

Products Offered

Club Sets










Overall a quality brand for your affiliate mix:

Commission Rate: 5%

Commission Window: 30 Days

#8 Loud Mouth Golf

Something slightly new for our list with Loud Mouth Golf who specialize in colouful golf apparel for women and men that is guaranteed to brighten up the course.

There is a big gap in the market for quality golf apparel, especially for women and loudmouth golf, fulfil that need beautiful with their wide range of products.

The site converts at a high percentage too which is great news for budding affiliates and bloggers looking to turn their audience into monetization opportunities.

The commissions are paid through Vig Link and generous at 6%




Custom Made

Fan Gear



Free Shipping Over $100

Commission Percentage: 6%

Commission Window: 30 Days

#9 Trendy Golf

If Loud Mouth golf cater for extroverted golfers who like nice and colourful get up, Trendy golf can clothe the rest of us for the golf course.

They have positioned themselves as leaders in the golf apparel market and as such earn a high conversion rate on their beautiful website.

They have a ton of different types of apparel for men and women along with every style and brand you can imagine.

Their affiliate program is through Viglink and you can earn an impressive 6% commission with a 30 day window. The remarketing efforts of trendy golf ensure good earnings once you start to direct your audience towards this awesome brand.

Products Offered

Mens Apparel

Womens Apparel

Tons of Brands

New Collections

Sale items

Commission Rate: 6%

Commission Window: 30 Days

#10 American Golf

American golf is a worldwide brand with a strong physical and online presence that their competitors can only drool over.

With the beautiful site and strong brand name comes a high conversion rate and you can easily rack up the dollars once you have built a strong enough audience to send them some traffic.

They run their own affiliate program and offer a generous commission rate of 6% over 30 days with a complete product range comprising of every premium brand known to the golf world.

Products Offered:

Ladies Golf




Golf Clubs





Clearance Sale

Commission Rate: 6%

Commission Window 30 Days


Golf is one the most attractive niches to start an authority site, blog or youtube chanel in and we hope that once you start to build an audience, you will be able to monetize effectively though this affiliate programs.

Amazon are still the best for beginners even though they have been slashing their commission rates recently, the easy entry process and highest conversion rates means you will be earning money in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you are thinking about setting up your own blog head over to for more information