Benefits of Oversized Golf Grips

Oversized golf grips are becoming increasingly popular. In years past, these grips were saved to help seniors that had arthritis issues. This has changed quite a bit today. Players are finding that there are some significant benefits to switching to oversized grips as long as you are capable of swing with them.

If you are a golfer who wears a small cadet golf glove, this is not the article for you. Without giving away too much of our beneficial information, you do need a certain hand size to be able to play with an oversized golf grip.

Oversized golf grips are mainly used to help golfers with larger hands. When a golfer with larger hands uses an oversized golf grip, they will notice improved wrist action, decreased grip pressure, relief of pain, and potentially some better ball trajectory as well. Certainly, these are all benefits that any golfer could get used to. Now the question becomes, are oversized golf grips for you?


What Are The Benefits Of Using Oversized Golf Grips

Grip Pressure

If a golf grip is very small, it is easy to grab it harder. Although this can help a player feel as though they have more control over the golf club, it will add increased grip pressure. An increase in grip pressure will lead to poor shots and increased misses. Grip pressure that is too tight will decrease mobility in your swing.


Wrist Action

An oversized golf grip can help players who have too much wrist action in their swing. You will need your wrists to turn over during the course of your golf swing, but using them to try and get better ball flight or to control the direction of the ball will not work. Golfers with over-reactive wrists will use the larger grip to help eliminate wrist action.


Helps Ball Trajectory

For golfers, with larger hands, the oversized grips can help them feel like they have a better handle on the club without having to grip it too hard. Anytime a player has added confidence and control over the golf club, they will do a better job of compressing it.


Comfort And Pain Relief

If you happen to have arthritis, an oversized golf grip can mean that you have less bending of your fingers to do to grip the golf club. Senior golfers have been using midsized and oversized golf grips for many years to help them increase performance on all of their golf clubs.


Oversized Grips For Driver, Woods & Hybrids – Pros And Cons

If you are going to be putting oversized grips on your longer golf clubs, you need to make sure that you have the proper hand size to still be able to release the golf club. It takes quite a bit of swing speed and coordination to release a longer golf club like a fairway wood and a driver.

If you choose an oversized grip that is too big for your hands, you may start leaving the ball out to the right a lot. The positive of switching to the oversized grip on the driver is that it can give players with larger hands some more surface area on the club to get a better connection and potentially more clubhead speed.


Oversized Grips For Wedges – Pros And Cons

How Wedges Should I Have In my Bag

If your hands are large and you have oversized grips on all of your clubs, then it certainly makes sense to add them to your wedges as well. There is one positive and one negative to switching your wedges to an oversized grip.

On the positive side, the oversized grip should help a golfer from using their wrists so much while hitting their chip and pitch shots. On the negative side, the oversized grip can sometimes make it a bit harder to feel and control shots. It almost always comes down to making sure your hand can accommodate the size of the golf grip.


Oversized Grips For Putters Pros And Cons

If you are thinking of switching to a more oversized golf grip, the putter grip is the first change that you should make. Oversized putter grips are good for people that have small hands as well. In a putting stroke, you want to eliminate all wrist action. When you put an oversized or a supersized grip on your putter, it makes it much harder to flip your wrists and guide the ball with your hands.

The only issue with the extra-large grip on the putter is that some people say that it makes them feel as though they lost a bit of their feel on the putting greens. Certainly, this isn’t the case for all gofers, but there may be some trial and error in finding the right oversized putting grip.


Oversized Grips Better for large or small hands?

For golfers with small hands, an oversized grip could be a mistake. Oversized grips can lead players not to be able to release the golf ball, and they can end up causing some really poor shots when it comes to both flight and direction.

If you have smaller hands and you think that your wrist action is poor, than you may want to go with a standard size golf grip.

If you have smaller hands and you also have arthritis, than sometimes a softer grip like a Winn grip can be a good solution. These grips are not going to be as wide as an oversized or jumbo golf grip, but they will have plenty of extra cushion and padding to make it more comfortable for you to play with.


Are Jumbo Golf Grips Good For Arthritis?

Jumbo golf grips can be a great thing for arthritis. For some golfers, arthritis can get so debilitating that the game of golf becomes impossible. If you are on the verge of quitting the game because of pain in your hands, it makes sense to give the jumbo grips a try.

One of the things that golfers with arthritis struggle with the most are having to bend their fingers. When you play golf, your fingers need to bend quite a bit to get the club in the right position. Luckily with an oversized grip, the amount the fingers need to bend is significantly reduced.

Golfers with arthritis will be able to keep their hands in a much more natural position, and although the grip may end up being a little unconventional, it will be worth it if it can keep a golfer on the course instead of waiting in the clubhouse for his friends to finish their round.


Bryson Dechambeau Grips

Bryson uses an extra-large golf grip known as the Jumbo Max. In addition to the fact that Bryson has very large hands, he feels as though a large grip like this gives him the best control over a golf club. He thinks that the more contact he can make with a club, the more control he has, and the better the shots that he can hit.



How To Know If You Are Using The Wrong Sized Grips

Many golfers play with the wrong sized golf grips for years without having any idea that this is something that they could change. The fact that you are aware of different grip sizes and reading this guide will certainly put you a step ahead.

Standard Golf grips are designed for golfers that wear medium to large-sized golf gloves. If your hand can comfortably fit inside these gloves than a standard grip is most likely going to work just fine for your game.

If, however, you are a player who wears an XL glove or a Small glove, then you may need to look into changing your grip size. If you feel as though a midsize or a jumbo golf grip is too big for you, there are other ways to bulk up grip size.

Under your golf grips is a layer of double-sided tape. The double-sided tape is what is used to keep your golf grip on the club and make sure it does not move while you swing. The tape can be put on in one layer, or it can be put on in several layers. When you bulk up the number of layers of tape, you are making the grip thicker and more accommodating for larger hands.

When you go for a custom fitting part of the fitting should be determining what type of grip will fit your hand best. If you are not going for a fitting but think that your golf clubs may be the wrong grip size for you, you can go to a local club repair, and they will measure your hand.

You can usually try a few different clubs with a standard, midsized, and oversized grip to see what feels the most natural for you. It is best to try and take a few swings with the grip on if you have that chance.

The way a grip feels at setup can sometimes be a bit different than the way it feels at impact. Both positions should be seriously considered before you regrip your entire set of golf clubs.



How Will It Affect Your Game If The Grip Size Is Off?

Golf Iron Grips

You will see adverse effects on your golf game if your grips are too big and also if they are too small. A small golf grip takes more grip pressure to hold in place. Since it is a smaller diameter, you won’t get as good of a grip on it, and you will grab it and squeeze it harder. If your grips are too small for you, chances are your grip pressure is also much higher than it needs to be.

If your grips are too large for you, then you will have a hard time squaring the clubface as you come through the impact position. Your hands will be slowed down, and you will have a hard time getting them to turn over and square up the clubface.


What Are NonTapered Golf Grips And How Do They Affect Your Game

Most standard golf grips are tapered. The top end of the grip known as the butt end is thicker than the bottom end of the grip where your lower hand is placed. It has become popular among some golfers to have a grip that is the same thickness from top to bottom.

What this non-tapered grip does is it lessens the grip pressure in the dominant hand and helps the player feel as though both hands are working together. If you see a grip called a +4, this is what they are talking about. Essentially they put four extra wraps of tape around the bottom portion of the grip to get it to match the width of the top portion.


Best Oversized Golf Putter Grips

The Superstroke Putter grips

The Superstroke Putter grips have become the most well-known jumbo putter golf grips. These grips come in a variety of colors and sizes, but they are all designed to help eliminate unnecessary wrist movement at impact.

The Superstroke putter grips allow players to grip the club in a variety of ways. The only thing you need to watch out for when you put one of these on your putter is that you don’t change the weighting of the putter at all.

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Conclusion – Who Should Use Oversized Golf Grips

Hopefully, our guide helped explain the oversized grips and how they can help and hurt your golf game. If you are a golfer with larger hands or a senior that has some arthritis or pain in the hands, the oversized golf grip can make a real difference in your game.

Before changing up the grips on all of your clubs, try and hit a few shots with an oversized grip to see how it will change the feel of the club. You may not be prepared for how a subtle change like this can make a tremendous difference in your game.

Starting with an oversized grip on your putter is a great way to ease into the world of larger golf grips.