Ben Sayers M8 Golf Club Set Review

As golfers we know the importance of picking the right set of golf clubs. It determines so much of your play, so it’s vital to invest in quality. Of course, not all of us can afford the kind of sets the pro golfers’ caddies carry for them. This is why we checked out the Ben Sayers M8 package set.

The Ben Sayers M8 golf club set has everything you need to play well as a beginner and improver. A great selection of clubs built for forgiveness and accuracy. It comes in a premium 8 way top divider bag and the quality of the clubs is immediately evident upon viewing. 


Who is this Product For?

This is budget option for under $500, so it’s for the golfer who doesn’t want to break the bank but it is still higher quality than the bottom of the range sets that may be likely to fall apart quite quickly. Also perfect if you’re just starting out with golfing or trying it out as a new hobby.

You probably feel you just want to test the waters before investing a fortune. That’s what these types of sets are for. Ben Sayers gives you quality while making it possible for more players to afford good sets.


What’s Included?

This is a complete set, so if you’re a beginner you get everything you need to get started in one single purchase. That includes a handy bag with your clubs. We share the men’s set’s details below.




The men’s driver is a 10.5° 460cc matrix driver. It’s titanium and oversized.



You have two woods, namely a 3° and a 5°. These woods all have authentic Ben Sayers head covers.



In the hybrid you have a 23° club. It’s design actually helps prevent slicing, once again assisting newbies to improve their play while they learn about the game.



You’ll have a total of seven irons. They’re made of stainless steel and range from 5 iron to SW. The design of the irons incorporate perimeter weighting and you’ll notice a wide sole. This is a helpful design for beginners since it’s more forgiving and you’ll find it comfortable to play.



Your putter is in the mallet style. This is a classic design that works effectively, offering a firm putt.


How are the Clubs Composed?

With the driver, the woods and the hybrid clubs, you benefit from them being graphite shafted and so do the irons making these perfect clubs for all but fastest of swingers.

All these options give you quality and strength while it also allows for a faster swing speed than you may find with other clubs and you’ll launch those balls quite high.

The shafts are also lightweight, making it easier to handle your clubs, even helping to prevent fatigue.


What are Your Options?

Ben Sayers caters for many different niches and this set you can order for men, ladies or even youths. You can also match it with personal preferences, with colors like purple available for youths, blue and turquoise for ladies and red, blue and black for the men. Both right- and left-handed sets are on the market.

You want comfort on the greens but each of us has different preferences, so Ben Sayers offers both cart and stand bag options. There’s even a +1-inch length option if that will help you play better.


What Swing Speed Does this Kit Suit?

The encouraging thing is that this kit will work for you even if you don’t have the best swing speed.

The graphite shafted irons are going to suit average and even slower swingers of the clubs.

The design actually helps you attain a faster speed, which will directly impact your performance.


Pros & Cons Of The Ben Sayers M8 Package Set


  • Different bag types available
  • High Quality Set
  • Can improve your swing speed
  • Handy pockets on the premium bag
  • Graphite shafts on the irons
  • Covers for woods provided


  • Advanced players may need clubs with more feel


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Other Club Sets To Consider

You need to get a set that works for you personally, so have a look at these. Comparing them with the Ben Sayers M8 Package Set will quickly show you what’s the best for you.


Callaway Strata

Strata Main Image

Callaway offers various options, so you can pick a 12-, 14- or 16-piece set. You get quality clubs and also a bag with your purchase. It’s attractive because it’s affordable but know that it’s strictly a beginners set and you’ll quickly yearn for more. Also, the driver is not of the best quality.

There are excellent features on the clubs, such as the wood being very lightweight and the driver will be forgiving while offering an extensive sweet spot; an excellent characteristic for new players.



  • Complete set
  • Not expensive
  • Can help improve newbies’ game
  • Irons minimize curve
  • Great for beginners



  • Driver may break
  • Only useful for beginners

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Wilson Profile Platinum

Wilson Platinum Set

Wilson is a respected brand and offers this stylish kit, complete with bag and clubs. You can opt for a right or lefthanded set and different colored bags are available. You have irons from 6 to 9, as well as a sand and pitching wedge.

The brand used game improvement technology that will help you hit the ball further than before.


  • Lightweight
  • Graphite shafts
  • Caters for left and right-handed players



  • No rain cover for the bag
  • The brushed metal irons are hard to clean

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Cobra XL Speed Set

Note that this set is considerably more expensive than the Ben Sayers kit we reviewed above. Still, it comes with great features such as the undercut iron design that will help you in launching the ball. Both a pitching and sanding wedge are included.



  • Great bag design
  • Quality clubs
  • Caters for men and ladies
  • Forgiving club design



  • More expensive than many other starter kits


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Our Recommendation

You want an investment that won’t cost you too much, but that’s also a long-term investment, right? That’s how we decide on most of our golf purchases.

With the Ben Sayers M8 set, you get clubs that work for beginners, but chances are you’ll enjoy using them for a long time, unlike some sets that you may quickly want to expand on or replace.

Theses sets take up a position of a very good quality starter set but all of the clubs we have listed are good quality and have their selling points as well.

If you like the M8 set, there is no reason not to buy it.



Will you improve your golfing game in the coming year by investing in the right equipment? The Ben Sayers M8 package set is a wise option for almost any golfer, since it’s an excellent balance of quality and price.

You know golf is good for you. Now be good for your handicap and order your set today.

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