Are Ping Zing Irons Still Good? Are They Forgiving for High Handicappers?

“The Ping Zing irons are certainly a blast from the past; but is it still worth gaming them in 2023?”

Think about the last time you saw a set of Ping Zing irons at your local course. We wouldn’t be surprised if you said that it wasn’t that long ago. You may even have an old set of Ping Zing irons in your closet that used to belong to your dad or your uncle or something.

The fact is that Ping Zing irons have endured because they are some of the most storied and effective game improvement irons made by Ping. And while reputation counts for a lot in the game of golf, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. In 2023, should anyone  be playing the Ping Zing irons? This is the question we plan to get to the bottom of in the following review.

Are the Ping Zing Irons Still Good?

“One of the best things we discovered about the Ping Zing irons when we tested them is that they yield pretty good roll distance.”

We were surprised that even when we topped the ball, we got a good roll-out distance. The Ping Zing irons don’t have any fancy tech. They are perimeter weighted cavity back irons which, by today’s standards, isn’t anything to write home about. But when the Ping Zing irons came out in 1991 they were pretty revolutionary.

These are midsize irons with an exaggeratedly high toe area so a lot of our mis-hits were actually being protected. Now you don’t get as much insurance on inside heel mis-hits; but the perimeter weighting does what it can.

As you might be able to imagine looking at these irons, they are forgiving. The thick topline looks very pleasing if you are a high handicapper or beginner. That being said, the performance is very basic. You get a lot of help in terms of forgiveness because of the shaping of these irons and the perimeter weighting; but the face feels thick and unresponsive so ball speed still might be an issue for some players. Overall though, these are still good irons if you are a beginner.

Are the Ping Zing Irons Forgiving for High Handicappers?

“If the bane of your existence has been striking accuracy, then yes, the Ping Zing irons are indeed forgiving.”

The high toe area will help your shot stay on-line when you mis-hit out there. And in our experience, most high handicappers start out mis-hitting near the toe region the most. The Ping Zing irons also have a smooth, rounded sole design with a moderate width.

Why is this helpful for high handicappers? Because if you find yourself in the rough (like so many of us do) the design of the sole will actually help you make solid contact with the ball. It glides through the thick stuff and helps you keep the sole over the turf so you can actually find the ball. We would say that the Ping Zing irons are actually ideal for beginners.

Ping Zing Vs Ping Zing 2 Irons

“The Ping Zing 2 irons took everything the original Ping Zing irons did, and did it better.”

One of the most notable improvements was launch. The Ping Zing 2 irons have a lower CG thanks to an even more substantial sole so getting the ball up in the air with them is no problem – to say the least.

Ping Zing First Impressions

“By today’s standards, the Ping Zing irons have a unique design – even for super game improvement clubs.”

The deep cavity back was the first thing we noticed and as far as performance goes, we were immediately smitten with how easy it was to hit with them. We also noted that so long as we were reasonably accurate with our swings, the Ping Zing irons actually yielded pretty tight shot dispersion. While the face feels muted and maybe even a little erratic, we suspect that the perimeter weighting must go a long way towards keeping the ball on-line.

Ping Zing Irons Selling Points

  • Color coded fitting system
  • Perimeter weighting
  • Rounded sole
  • Thick topline
  • Very forgiving
  • Good shot dispersion

Ping Zing Key Technology

While the tech that went into the Ping Zing’s is dated, it doesn’t mean it’s not effective for today’s beginners.

Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting helps the head to resist twisting on mis-hits which means better accuracy.

High Toe Design

You get more hitting zone to work with out near the toe which is where many beginners mis-hit.

Deep Cavity Undercut

The deep cavity undercut allows for more mass to be placed in the sole for better launch conditions.

Who Should Buy the Ping Zing Irons?

“The Ping Zing irons would be really good for beginners and just ok for high handicappers.”

If you are just starting out with the game, the Ping Zing irons will help you get your iron game down. They will give you just a bit more distance thanks to straighter shots and a bit more roll-out; but not much else.

They will also be exceptionally forgiving even if you have a hitch in your swing. You will at least begin to feel where you are supposed to be making contact so you can start making adjustments to your stance and your swing. They are ok for high handicappers; but ideal for beginners.

Distance: 94/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Workability: 91/100

Overall Performance: 93/100

Value: 93/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Ping G2 FAQs

Can you still play Ping G2 irons?

– Yes, you can still use Ping G2 irons in tournament play. However, Ping has discontinued these irons so you can only get them secondhand.

Are Ping G2 irons cast or forged?

– The Ping G2 irons are definitely cast. They are cast from stainless steel.

Should I replace my 20 year old irons?

– If you walked away from the game and are picking it back up again after many years, you may not necessarily need to replace your old irons. However, if you have been gaming the same set of irons for 10+ years, you’re likely long overdue for an upgrade.

What year did Ping make G2 irons?

– The Ping G2 irons came out in 2003 although it is now unclear as to which year they actually stopped producing them.

What are Ping’s most forgiving irons?

– That is a matter of opinion and is still a topic of hot debate today. In our experience, the Ping Zing’s were some of the most forgiving Ping irons we have ever tested. In terms of modern Ping irons though, we would have to go with the Ping G710 irons.

Are Ping G series forgiving?

– The old G series irons were known for their forgiveness. Modern G series Ping’s offer a more balanced mix of forgiveness and workability.