Are Ping Zing 2 Irons Still Good?


They are arguably the most instantly recognisable irons ever made, the Ping Zing 2 irons were a massive success in their day.

Ping have long been known for being the best golf club engineers in the game and clubs like these that really started to put the company on the map in this respect.

Today I want to take a look at these throwback beauties and see if they are clubs you would still benefit from playing.

Iron technology has come an awful long way since these clubs were new but just how advanced for their day were these. Let’s dive into it and see, you may be surprised.

Are Ping Zing 2 Irons Still Good?

Like a previous article looking at Ping Eye 2 irons, the first thing we noticed was how similar these clubs feel to the current Ping line-up.

Some aspects remain unchanged from these irons right up to the modern day, the lack of ferrule being the most striking one, actually not a look I like.

The simple answer to this question is, yes, they are still good clubs. These irons maximised moment of inertia (MOI) through extreme perimeter weighting and this means that they are very forgiving.

Off-centre hits fly nicely with these irons. They make a beautiful sound at impact.

First Impressions

ping zing2 iron1

If you have been a golfer for long enough to have lived through the days when these irons first hit the market, it is impossible not to smile just by looking at these clubs.

They take us back to a different era in golf and they will just bring back a heavy does of nostalgia.

They have a love or hate design but you cannot deny that they are iconic. These irons feel and sounds great.

From the first hit you will really enjoy them. They just had me smiling more and more on every shot. They don’t look like modern irons, but I love that about them.

Ping Zing 2 vs Ping G425 Irons

Let’s put our money where our mouth is and directly compare the Ping Zing 2s to the current iron, the Ping G425s.

Straight away you notice how much iron lofts have strengthened in recent years. The G425 lofts are almost a whole club ahead of the Ping Zing 2s.

Another big difference is that the older clubs are made of just one material whereas the G425s are multi-material, this results in the new model creating much more speed.

The new tech also includes variable face thickness which further enhances the forgiveness of the G425 irons.

Ping Zing 2 Selling Points

  • Call it superficial, but the sound these clubs make is just absolutely glorious
  • They absolutely ooze nostalgic charm, they will make you smile
  • Extreme perimeter weighting creates impressive forgiveness
  • They are incredible value by today’s standards
  • They feel fantastic to hit, buttery soft and delicious
  • Finally, you can upgrade them with modern shafts, should you wish

Ping Zing 2 Key Technology

ping zing2 iron2

Clearly, there is far less technology in these irons than what you would find in a more contemporary offering.

This is simply because larger steps forward were able to be made 30 years ago with less. Here are some of the key aspects that made these irons so great.

Perimeter weighting: Even to the untrained eye, you can see that most of the weight in these irons is spread around the outside of the club. This makes these clubs far more stable through the shot and at impact.

High toe: Giving these irons their distinctive look, this high toe wasn’t just for looks. It helped with this perimeter weighting and gave these irons exceptional balance.

Exceptional sole: The sole on the Ping Zing 2 irons is sublime. It’s wide enough to be forgiving but narrow enough that the turf interaction is basically perfect.

Ping Zing 2 Lofts and Lies

As already mentioned, the loft in these irons, like all irons of their time, is far weaker than modern day clubs.

Distance wasn’t such a marketing tool back then so irons were developed with true loft rather than what we see today.

For the sake of comparison, many would suggest that these irons are one and a bit clubs short of their modern day equivalent.

Once you know this then you can forgive yourself for needing more club with these irons than your current set, don’t panic.

Club Loft (°) Lie (°)
1 iron 15.5 58
2 iron 18 58.50
3 iron 20.5 59.50
4 iron 24 60
5 iron 27 61
6 iron 30.5 61.50
7 iron 34.5 62.50
8 iron 38.5 63
9 iron 42.5 64
PW 47 64
GW 52 64.5
SW 57 64.5

Who Should Buy Ping Zing 2 Irons?

These clubs are absolutely perfect for beginners who want to build themselves a set without breaking the bank.

You get fantastic clubs that will help you learn and won’t cost much to get. They are also great for those who want to build a nostalgic set which seems to be fashionable.

Another group that should look at these are junior golfers. We all know what it’s like, kids pick up a sport then suddenly go off it.

These irons can give your kids a great set to learn with but will lessen the blow if they decide that golf isn’t for them. Although that will clearly be a sore one.


Ping Zing 2 irons are iconic for a reason. They look fantastic and their performance has weathered the decades fairly well.

These irons pushed the envelope of technology when they were first developed and it is clear that many of today’s irons owe gratitude to what Ping did with these.

Many golfers may scoff at these as tired old clubs but that would be ignorant. There is still a lot of life in these old dogs and there are many cases where people should consider these.

You could always just buy a set to have on display in your house, there would be no shame in that.

ping zing2 iron1

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