Arccos Sensors Vs Grips – Which One is Better?

Arccos Caddy Smart Sensors

There is a lot of tech out there that is geared toward helping you lower your handicap. You may have tried phone apps, laser targeting, range finders or golf watches and are looking for something else. Maybe none of the aforementioned gadgets appealed to you or really helped you improve your game.

The reason the golf tech market is so diverse is because there are all kinds of players out there (just take a look at Charles Barkley’s swing). So it makes sense that golf gadgets are not “one size fits all.” That is why we continue to review and compare helpful and high quality golf tech and accessories.

Today we are going to be taking a look at a new spin on golf GPS and shot data tracking. The two products we will be comparing today offer an innovative new way to improve your golf game. So let’s take a look at the Arccos Smart Grips and Smart Sensors.

The Arccos Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddy Smart Sensors 2

So what are smart sensors? The Arccos Smart Sensors essentially do what typical Golf GPS watches do: they track every shot you take, compile data as you progress through your round and give course information including course maps.

The devices themselves are little rounded sensors with a narrow end that attaches to the bottom of your golf grip. They actually look like stubby golf tees but with a broader thicker head.

Each set comes with 14 sensors that you screw into the end of your golf grips. Then, using your phone and the Arccos Caddie app, you pair each sensor so that your clubs are registered in the app.

After that, you are good to go. All GPS data and tracking are sent to your phone. Once you get to your course, the sensors detect where you are and you simply select the course from your phone. On the Caddie App, you will see all pertinent information like hole pars, distances to hazards, and green shape.

One of the main selling points of the Arccos Smart Sensors is the Smart Caddie Advice. It offers advice on which clubs to use and shot strategy. At first, it makes suggestions based on the course, hole and lay of the ball. But as you play more rounds with the sensors, the AI advice becomes tailored to your style of play.

The Arccos Smart Grips

Arccos Caddy Smart Sensors 5

The Arccos Smart Grips are essentially a streamlined version of the Smart Sensors. They do the same thing and offer the same features through the Arccos app. The main difference is that each sensor is built into Lamkin grips.

This means there are no sensors protruding from the ends of your clubs. They offer accurate shot tracking, swing distance information, you can see your distance to any point on the course and because it will know when you are in the rough, fairway or a trap, will help you choose the right club.

The app itself offers a lot of useful information such as the percentages of shots you took in a round (birdies, eagles, bogies etc.), how much yardage you got from each of your paired clubs, shot distances and of course score.

The grips themselves look and feel really good. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to tell that there were sensors in them unless you knew better. You pair the grips by inputting which clubs you have put the grips on into the app and pointing your phone’s camera at each individual club grip.

Price Point Comparison

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The price for the Smart Grips can range between $150 and $230 for the complete set. They come with a free 30 day subscription, after that you will have to pay an annual fee of $99 to use the shot tracking feature.

The Smart Sensors range from $200 to $250 but don’t require a paid subscription for all the features.

Performance Comparison

Arccos Caddy Smart Sensors 3

Right off the bat, the main difference in performance is that you have the sensors screwed into the hilt of your club grip with the Smart Sensors. They don’t weigh a thing, but they do extend the length of your club a little bit.

We didn’t really find this lengthening to affect our swings, but we can imagine more sensitive golfers taking issue with this. Other than that, the tracking, app and shot detection perform almost identically between these 2 products.

Smart Sensors Pros & Cons

Arccos Smart Sensors Review


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with permanent batteries that are guaranteed for 2 years
  • Audio and motion detection for shots
  • Accurate distance calculation
  • Easy to set up
  • Green view with manual pin setting


  • Adds length to your clubs
  • The sensors get loose after a while
  • Your phone has to be very close to the sensors
  • Cannot differentiate between real and practice swings

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Smart Grips Pros & Cons

Lamkin Smart Grips


  • No added length to your clubs
  • The grips feel great
  • Can be paired with smart watches
  • Sensors don’t come loose
  • The grips look like normal grips
  • Full aerial view color maps of courses


  • You need to take time to actually put the grips on or pay someone to do it
  • Pairing can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes
  • $99 subscription fee after free trial period
  • Connection to phone can be spotty

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Which is Better?

Smart Sensors Review

This was another tough choice for us. The Smart Grips would be the clear-cut favorite since you don’t have to worry about the sensors coming loose or any apparatus lengthening your club and affecting your swing.

But the $99 subscription fee after a 30-day free trial is a major factor. Plus, you will have to change all the grips on your clubs or pay someone to do it for you, adding to the total cost.

The Sensors didn’t do much to affect our swings, there is no subscription fee and they offer all the same great features as the grips so we have to go with the sensors. Though they may get loose over time, they are better for the price point. We are definitely leaning towards the sensors for any regular players that want ti just plug and play, but if you are more a serious player or professional, then the grips may be a better option.

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Arccos Smart Grips

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