Amanda Balionis Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Yoga, Instagram & What You Need To Know

If you saw Amanda Balionis covering Golf interviews for CBS recently, you may be forgiven for wondering who she is, where she came from and how this super attractive golf reporter ended up interviewing golfs greatest talents.

The appears to be a growing consensus that Amanda is excellent at the job as she moves from strength to strength.

Let’s jump straight into her Bio to see if we can uncover what makes this growing start tick

Date Of Birth: 06/26/1987

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Residents: San Diego, California

Nationality: American

Married: No

Net Worth: Under $1 million

Claim To Fame: Golf Reporter

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Amanda Balionis Net Worth

Amanda appears to be well off due to her role at CBS where she can earn a generous salary from $40,000 to $140,000 which is likely to increase as she gains in popularity and experience.

She has an estimated net worth currently of between $500k and $1million but we could expect her to become wealthy over the next number of years.

Early Life

Amanda grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a family that was mad about sports and this pushed her to try out various sports in her childhood including golf.

Her grandparents actually met and fell in love while playing golf and her parents also played golf extensively, almost every day naturally pushing her towards the sport.

Amanda played her first round of golf at 9 years old and she went on to play junior golf for a number of years but she lamented having to carry her own bags in a recent interview with Golf Digest.

“I played junior golf for a few years, my parents loved playing with me, but the minute I had to carry my own bag and walk nine holes by myself, I was like, ‘Eh, you know what, I’m gonna go join the swim team,”

Amanda would go on to excel at Volleyball through highschool and would continue to play through college until she got the opportunity to pursue her dream of becoming a sports broadcaster by attending Hofstra University in New York to study sports journalism.

She worked for various college newspapers and worked various internships including ABC News and CBS 2 before graduating from the college and pursuing her broadcasting career in 2008.

Career To Date

Amanda is well know for interviewing to top golf stars such as Rickie Fowler nowadays and while her rise to the top was quick, it started out on a less glamorous scale.

Amanda got her first real experience reporting for a Verizon Channel 1 where she covered high school sports before moving onto the MSG network where she also covered high school sport especially her number 1 sport in volley ball.

In 2011 Amanda started working in house on the PGA tour where she produce tournament highlights and reported on events until she got another break in 2016 when she joined Callaway as an in house reporter.

Her role at Callaway was in producing digital content to help with the companies marketing efforts and her efforts there and for the PGA Tour were enough to land her dream job at CBS.

CBS Golf Reporter Amanda Balionis

CBS was taking on by CBS part time in 2017 and quickly solidified a full time position with the company in 2018.

She covers many segments for CBS and gets hands on access to golfs biggest stars and she is also the main controller of the 72 Inch Smartcart screen.

Amanda is probably best known for her work in golf but she also covers college football for the network, covering the Super Bowl in 2019.

Amanda currently enjoys a growing reputation within CBS where she earns between $40,000 and $140,000 per year and gets to cover and play all the golf she wants.

Is Amanda Balionis Any Good At Golf?

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Amanda Balionis can certainly play golf but it must said that she is more likely to be considered a hacker than appearing on the golf tour herself any time soon.

She stated recently on the golf and girls podcast that she is happy to shoot anything under 100 and that her game has improved allowed after getting swing advice from CBS expert Peter Kostis.

“I bring my clubs with me on the road now, and we went to a range behind a course one day. I was just gonna hit some balls, and Peter Kostis just happened to be there working on his own game. And in true Kostis fashion, he looked at my swing and said, ‘We have a lot of work to do.’ And he proceeded to give me the most gruelling hour lesson I’ve ever had. I was drenched in sweat, and now I have a million things to work on, but it was so much fun.”

Check Out Balionis Golf Swing here and see for yourself:

Amanda Balionis Reveals Her Boyfriend – Bryan Renner

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Amanda is one of the more secretive celebrities on the golf circuit and while we have known for some time that she has a boyfriend but have been left in the dark about who he is until recently when the pair appeared happily together in an Instagram post with the following caption.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the guy who has made sure every single day since we met has been filled with so much laughter, kindness, support, and love now please continue enjoying your day with my family at their member-guest instead of being with me.”

As of yet, it appears that they are not engaged or married but only time will time and maybe she will release the details to the public.

Amanda Is A Lover Of Dogs

Just when we thought we couldn’t like Amanda anymore than we do, it is discovered that she is a keen and active lover of dogs.

She is a dog owner herself and works with the K9s for warriors dogs charity group. Before the 2019 Super Bowl she visited the Atlanta Humane society and gave them a much needed shout out through social media in Instagram account with the caption.

“This shelter is incredible, adopting out 180 animals a WEEK and being able to have up to 500 rescues between both facilities at any given time. Check out my saved story for ways to help for the ridiculous amount of puppies they currently have that are looking for homes.”

She also once did a putting challenge with the ever popular Paige Spiranic at Petco.. Check it out here:

Trauma in her personal life

Amanda’s parents suffered in a sever car accident in 2017 and it had a profound impact on Amanda. They both recovered but Amanda’s dad passed away unexpectadely in 2018 and Amanda quickly put on 15 pounds and fell into a depression but seeking professional help and getting her life back on track.

“The biggest lesson probably being, ya can’t fool your body. Listen to what it has to say. Also – ask for help when you need it. And finally – stop judging yourself so harshly and embrace the changes in life that you can’t control. I am where I am right now and it’s helping me to become the person I’m meant to be in the future… all I can change is my attitude, not the circumstances.”

She Is A Yoga Instructor On The Side

While Amanda was working for the PGA Tour she also became a certified Yoga instructor after reaching the 200 hour milestone while she resided in Jacksonville, Florida.

Amanda has no problem sharing her Yoga videos in Youtube so if want to get all of her secrets, check it out here..

Amanda Balionis Instagram

Amanda has become a popular figure on social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram where she has amassed an impressive following of 163k followers and posts regularly about Dogs, sports and golf.

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