Alexandra O’Laughlin Wiki 2021 – Bio, Golf Channel, Boyfriend, Modelling, Hot Pics, Modelling

If your a golf fan you probably watch The Golf Channel. If you watch The Golf Channel then you have probably come across a little show called “Go Around with Alexandra O’Laughlin” wherein you are taken along as a charismatic and easy on the eyes hostess named Alexandra O’Laughlin brings you along as she explores golf courses and cultures from around the world.

If you have seen the show then you have probably been intrigued by this relatively unknown host. We assure though, Alexandra’s name will not remain obscure for long.

People are clamoring to know more about this young, rising star in the golf world and as always, we are here to oblige. Take a look at our bio of Alexandra O’Laughlin.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 27

  • Nationality: United States

  • Profession: Television personality/model

  • Birthday: May 23rd, 1994

  • Height: 5’9”

Profession and Net Worth

Alexandra began her career in media with the Golf Channel. She began as a correspondent, covering various golf events around the world.

As her popularity grew however, the Golf Channel actually gave Alexandra her own show called Getting Around with Alexandra O’Laughlin.

According to some sources, O’Laughlin has amassed a net worth that hovers around the $1 million mark. She has earned much of this fortune by working with the Golf Channel and as a social media influencer.

Personal Life

Alexandra does a very good job about keeping her dating life hush-hush. As of now, it would appear at least that she is not married. However, it is not clear who she is dating or if she has dated any high-profile players in the golf world.

That all being said, it can be speculated that she may be involved with Golf Channel Content Producer Matt Gibson. While it’s clear the two have an obvious professional connection, they have also been traveling together.

Where Does Alexandra O’Laughlin Live?

Alexandra calls Orlando, Florida home. This is probably because the Golf Channel headquarters is in Orlando.

Her house features a prominent shoe shelf because Alexandra is a self-described shoe lover.

There are also golf clubs and sets lying around her house at any given time.

Her home also features several full-length mirrors which, she would probably say is for keeping an eye on her golf swing but they are probably for making sure she looks good too.

Is Alexandra O’Laughlin Good At Golf?

Alexandra is definitely no slouch on the links. Before she entered the world of golf media, she played collegiate golf for the Lewis Flyers at Lewis University in Chicago. At Lewis University, she was actually a captain of the golf team.

She played for three years at Lewis University and boasted an average score of 84 in competitions. Her love for gold started at the age of 8. She has been playing the game since she was a kid and payed throughout high school and college.

As if all that weren’t enough, you can see specific and explicit examples of her golfing expertise here on her official website. This is where she actually gives golfing lessons like how to read a green and how to sink more putts.

Modeling Career And Social Media

A lot of people don’t know that Alexandra O’Laughlin has been a model since she was a child as well. She is currently represented by the Maximum talent Agency which, has earned her features with the likes of GQ Magazine.

Obviously, she is a very attractive women which is why her social media outlets are flooded with golf fans and non-golf fans alike.

Her Instagram account boasts more than 190,000 followers who love seeing the frequent pics she posts of her on the links and in scanty outfits. She is also active on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Early Life

So where did it all begin for Alexandra O’Laughlin. Alexandra was actually born in Colorado. She developed an affinity for golf at an early age before leaving for college in Chicago.

In her college career, O’Laughlin received accolades for her academic achievements. She graduated early with a degree in communications and went on to pursue a news media career.

Fun Facts

Alexandra began her career as a correspondent on the news show “Windy City Live” in Chicago.

She speaks a good amount of Japanese too. She has also called Brazil her favorite place to travel.

Last Words

It’s hard not to like Alexandra O’Laughlin. She knows what she’s doing on the links, has a winning personality and maintains that elusive “approachable” personality that you rarely see on TV these days. Oh yeah, and shes gorgeous to boot.

We hope our bio has slaked your thirst for further insight into O’Luaghlin’s life. We, like many others, will be closely following the career of this rising star.