4 Way Vs. 6 Way Vs. 14 Way Golf Bag – What’s The Best Option To Buy?


Choosing a golf bag is kind of like choosing a driver or a new golf shirt. Golfers know that every decision in their game is an important one.

A golf bag that works well to protect your clubs, your back, and your style is essential. When shopping for a bag, the 4 way vs. 6 way vs. 14 way top will come up quite a bit.

4 way dividers are great for carrying a small amount of clubs, they provide easy access and don’t over complicate things. 6 Way bags off more organization and protection of your clubs and 14 way golf bag has a separate spot for every club, great for protection of shafts and grips within the bag.

Knowing the positives and negatives of these configurations can help you end up with a golf bag that suits your needs for a much longer time period. 

Overview Of 4 Way vs. 6 Way vs. 14 Way

The difference between these three types of golf bags is the way that the top of the bag is divided. With a 4 way top, there are four dividers.

These dividers may be at the top of the bag only, or they may travel the entire length of the golf bag.

A 14 way bag has become very popular in the last few years. Players feel that the 14 way does the best job of protecting their golf clubs and organizing their golf bags.

There are, however, some negatives to a 14 way bag. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each of these.


Pros Of A 4 Way Over The Others

The 4 way golf bag is going to be the lightest bag of the three. It is not made with as much material, so, therefore, you won’t have to carry much around.

The 4 way also makes it very easy to put a club in after a shot. You won’t have to get it to fit in its exact compartment.

Organizing golf clubs with the 4 way golf bag is simple, but it takes a bit more patience.


Who Should be Buying A 4 Way

Golfers who walk and like carrying their golf bag


Pros Of A 6 Way Over The Others

A 6 way golf bag is the perfect mix between the 14 way and the 4 way. The 6 way allows you to separate your long game and short game clubs and leave the irons in the middle of the bag.

The 6 way does not add much weight to the overall bag weight, but it still allows for a bit more organization and protection of the clubs.

Who Should Be Buying A 6 Way Golf Bag

Golfers who want organization and club protection, without the frustration of each club having an individual spot


Pros Of A 14 Way Over The Others

 The 14 way top works in both cart and stand bags; however, it is most popular in the stand bags. With a 14 way top, each individual golf club has its own spot.

This helps to make sure that clubs do not get damaged, especially in the grip and shaft area.

Who Should be Buying A 14 Way?

Golfer with graphite shafts that are concerned with club protection.


How To Arrange A 4 Way Bag

  • Drivers and fairway woods on the top
  • Long irons in the middle left
  • Mid & Short irons in middle right
  • Wedges and putter in bottom section


How To Arrange A 6 Way Bag

  • Driver and 3 wood in the top compartment
  • Fairway woods and hybrids in next two compartments
  • Irons across the center two areas
  • Wedges and putter on the bottom


How To Arrange A 14 Way Bag

  • Each club will have its own spot
  • Woods and longer clubs generally put in the back


Are 14 Way Golf Bags All Anti Rattle?

Not all 14 way bags are anti-rattle. If you want anti-rattle technology, look for bags that have full-length dividers. Some bags also have a clipping type mechanism that will hold clubs in place when you play.

How Can You Stop Your Clubs Being Damaged

When taking clubs in and out of your golf bag, you should be mindful that they aren’t rubbing up against other golf clubs.

Although this is more important with graphite shafts, if you don’t store your clubs in the bag properly, they could get damaged.

Choosing a golf bag that has lots of full-length dividers can absolutely help your clubs from being damaged.

Is It Essential To Have A Separate Putter Well?

A separate putter well can help to speed up the pace of play, and it can be necessary if you have a very large putter grip.

When you purchase a golf bag, always make sure that the well is large enough to support your putter grip too.

Does It Matter If It Is A Cart or A Stand Bag?

It does not matter if you play with a cart or stand bag. It is, however, necessary for golfers to realize that the stand bags with 14 dividers are going to usually be a bit heavier.

It is also good to note that cart bags with only 4 dividers may not protect your clubs enough.

Our Favorite 4 Way Bag

Sun Mountain 2017 4.5 LS 4 Way Stand Golf Bag

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Can quickly get clubs in and out

Overall Score: 95/100

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Our Favorite 6 Way Bag

VESSEL Player 2.0 Stand Double Strap Carry Golf Bag

  • Premium materials
  • It keeps drivers and wedges easy to access
  • Great valuables pockets

Overall Score: 93/100

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Our Favorite 14 Way Bag

Sun Mountain 2021 2.5+ 14-Way Golf Stand Bag

  • Available in a few colors
  • Very lightweight
  • Keeps clubs organized

Overall Score: 96/100

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Overall Conclusion

Hopefully, this has helped you decide which golf bag is going to be the right choice for you. With all the hours we have invested in this game, we have to say that the 6 way golf bag is the best choice.

Although the concept behind the 14 way is a solid one, it just becomes very annoying to put clubs in and out of their individual compartments. Golfers need to be more focused on the shots they are hitting than on the golf club they are trying to force into a small compartment.

Choose a bag that has enough protection for your clubs but still allows you some convenience when you are on the golf course.