4 Hybrid Vs 5 Wood – Which Club Is Better To Carry?

Mid to high handicappers often ask me whether they should play with hybrids or fairway woods. The reality is that neither offers a magic potion that will enhance your long game. It depends on your swing and what you feel the most comfortable with.

Hybrids help golfers who struggle with their launch, to get the ball airborne and consistently straighter. Whereas fairway woods enable you to shape your shots.

In this post, we are looking at the 4 hybrid vs 5 wood. We will provide the features and benefits of both clubs to help you decide which one is best suited to your golf game.

Hybrids And Fairway Woods Why The Right Decision Is Important

Hybrids have been a game-changer for golfers who struggled to launch fairway woods or long irons.

They provide a consistent degree of launch, apex, distance, and accuracy.

Similarly, fairway woods are easier to hit than long irons and aid the average golfer with their launch and carry.

4-Hybrid vs 5-Wood Overview

The 4-hybrid is an excellent option for mid-to-high handicappers to use from way back in the fairway, it provides ample forgiveness and a straighter ball flight than fairway woods.

However, according to data from MyGolfSpy, shot with a 4-hybrid ended an average of 15 yards shorter than those with a 5-wood.

You will enjoy more distance with a 5-wood over a 4-hybrid. However, the average player finds it challenging to consistently middle the fairway wood off the tee and the deck.

The reason for this is because when your ball is teed up. You need to make contact with it on your upswing, otherwise you risk topping the ball, and pulling a Bryson DeChambeau.

Conversely, striking a 5-wood off the deck requires you to make contact with the ball on your downswing, otherwise you also risk topping it.

Differences Between 4 Hybrid and 5 Wood

The loft on a 4-hybrid is weakened in comparison to a 5-wood.

The 4-hybrid has an average loft of 22 to 24 degrees, while a 5-wood is set at 18 degrees. Naturally, the 5-wood delivers 15 yards more distance than the 4-hybrid.

What’s Better Off The Deck?

Hybrids are known for carrying a low center of gravity (CG) to help you achieve optimal launch, and gain consistent carry and, enjoy more forgiveness. That does not change with the 4-hybrid.

While you will lose a few yards of distance over your 5-wood shots, the 4-hybrid provides enhanced turf interaction to navigate difficult lies. Therefore the 4-hybrid is better off the deck when it comes to consistency.

What’s Better Off The Tee?

As I mentioned before, a 5-wood delivers a longer distance off the tee than a 4-hybrid.

On average, this measures 15-yards, which could be the difference between reaching a long Par 4 in regulation. Or a Par 5 in two.

the hybrid might be a bit higher launching off the tee which will suit some types of shots and types of players.

What’s Better From The Rough?

Because of the additional loft on a 4-hybrid and the club’s ability to navigate difficult lies. It is definitely a better club to hit from the rough.

How To Make Sure There Are no Distance Gaps In Your Bag?

The best way to identify the distance gaps in your bag and solve the issue. Is to get fitted for clubs.

This approach provides you with insightful advice from the Pro at your local or a fitting expert. It helps you to ensure that you equip your bag with clubs that eradicate any distance gaps from driver to putter.

Loft & Distance Comparison Table

The distance information below was taken from the MyGolfSpy test of woods vs hybrids.

As you would expect, the 5-wood was longer both off the tee and the deck. But off the, 0 – 20 handicaps hit a 5-wood 15 yards further on average.

The club’s distance advantage is reduced off the tee, as it only produces 8 yards more than a 4-hybrid.



Distance Yards (Off The Tee)

Distance Yards (Off The Deck)


22 -24 degrees




18 degrees



Pros And Cons Of A 5 Wood Over 4 Hybrid


  • Longer distance
  • It is an easier club to hit off the tee
  • Enables you to work the shape of your shots
  • The high launch helps you to land balls quickly and softly on the green


  • Not ideal for playing out of the rough
  • Less forgiving

Pros And Cons Of A 4 Hybrid Over 5 Wood


  • Higher launch
  • It is an easier club to hit off the deck
  • Delivers enhanced turf interaction to connect the ball cleanly from difficult lies.
  • Forgiving
  • Straighter and more consistent ball flight


  • Shorter distance

What’s The Perfect Mix Of Hybrids, Irons & Woods

If we follow Butch Harmon’s instructions, which is advisable. Then all amateurs should can their 3-wood and hone their skills with a 5-wood.

If we follow that advice. Then you should operate with a driver, a 5-wood, and possibly a 2-hybrid and 4-hybrid.

That setup helps to bridge the gap from driver to 5-wood and 5-wood to your long irons.

I would recommend kicking your irons off with a 4-iron and cap it off with a 54 and 60-degree wedge.

What Should High Handicappers Be Carrying?

Considering the ability of hybrids to help get your ball airborne, I would recommend that higher handicappers take advantage of these features.

A 5-wood is an incredible club to whack. But, if you struggle with ball striking, carry, and distance, I advise you to stock up on hybrids more than fairway woods.

Hybrids will help you to keep the ball straight and consistently carry even on mishits, which are features that I could have used when I started playing the game.

What About Low Handicappers And Pros?

In days gone by hybrids were seen as better suited to high handicappers and beginners.

However, these days you find some of the best golfers on tour ripping a hybrid including Dustin Johnson. It depends on your preferences.

Some golfers prefer that additional launch, while others prefer to use long irons for their workability.

Which Is Easiest To Hit?

The 4-hybrid is easier to hit and send your ball skywards with. It is also more forgiving of the two.

Bear in mind that the forgiveness and assistance the club provides comes at a price.

The tradeoff is a loss of distance over the 5-wood.

Our Recommended Fairway Woods

Callaway Mavrik Fairway Wood

Selling Points:

  • Callaway’s Jailbreak + Face Cup + T2c Carbon Crown delivers accelerated ball speed
  • The design of the club head is more aerodynamic
  • The low CG of the club prompts a higher launch.

Overall Score: 96/100

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Taylormade Sim Max Fairway Wood

Selling Points:

  • The lower CG allows for a higher launch
  • Friction with the ground is reduced due to the V-shaped soleplate design of the wood.
  • The fairway wood mitigates against off-center strikes through its Twist Face technology.

Overall Score: 97/100

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Our Recommended Hybrids

Taylormade Sim Max Rescue

Selling Points:

  • The C300 twist face promotes increased ball speed and forgiveness
  • Delivers towering ball flight to help land the ball softly into tight greens
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pockets help to maintain ball speed on low face strikes for consistent distance

Overall Score: 97/100

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Ping G410

Selling Points:

  • A customizable club that enables you to adjust your ball flight in eight variations.
  • Tungsten weighting provides weighting around the perimeter for enhanced MOI and forgiveness
  • Delivers reduced levels of spin
  • The stainless steel clubface prompts faster ball speed for longer distances

Overall Score: 95/100

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Conclusion On 4-Hybrid vs 5-Wood

After reviewing the 4-hybrid vs 5-wood it became clear that these two clubs are different. And, rather than compete for a space in your bag, I believe they can complement one another.

The 5-wood travels 15 yards further than the 4-hybrid on average. Yet, the 4-hybrid provides straighter, consistent results.

As a result, if you are looking for some new tools for your long game that offer distance, forgiveness, and a powerful launch. Then check out the TaylorMade Sim Max Fairway Wood and the Ping G410 hybrid.