Best Golf Exercises For Women’s

Womens Squat 1

When it comes to golf, everybody wants to hit the ball further (and straight) an it often is in the weights room and in leisure centres where this can be achieved successfully by women all around the world.


It is important when it comes to increasing strength that we work on the whole body and don’t just isolate single areas as we want to maintain balance.


When it comes to weights and strength training, women are often worried about getting too bulky but this is not going to happen without a serious commitment and constant heavy lifting.


When I was doing my PT course the trainers used to say that it is very hard to become stronger and look worse and I think this is a great way of putting. If you aim for strength and avoid the muscle building rep sets (8 – 12 reps per set) then you can definitely smash your golfing targets and look better in the mirror at the same time.


What Rep Ranges Should I Aim For


We want to work with low rep sets for strength and higher rep sets along with core work for our conditioning. We are presuming you don’t just want to hit the golf ball further but actually look a lot better doing it as well.


So just before starting, if you are not joined a gym, you can probably find a local one to suit your needs from about $30 a month.


So here are the best exercises for Golfing females



  1. The Squat

Woman Squat 2


The squat is a favourite of women everywhere and why not it builds strength and adds shape to the body. It also a compound movement require a large number of muscle groups and we want to focus on compound movements for our strength training.


Squatting builds the legs, glutes, core and back and you can squat with a barbell, a kettlebell, a dumbbell or even with just your body weight.


If you an advanced squatter using the barbell, try doing some 5*5 training to add an extra strength element to your squat.



  1. Pull Ups


Pull ups are an excellent exercise for building strength in your upper back, Lats and biceps. Pull ups are said to be the squat of the upper body and that is why we include them here.

Pull Up With Band

If it doesn’t sound possible for you to do a pull up right now, there are plenty of ways to do assisted pull ups until you can get there. Most fitness clubs will have an assisted pull up machine or you can use a resistance band.

Assissted Pull Up

You should set a clear goal of doing 3 unassisted pull ups and work towards that everytime you are in the gym.



  1. Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts 2

A lot of the power in your golf swing is going to come from your hips and how you can turn them into each shot. Would great way to improve your swing is to strengthen your hips. These are a great way to improve your game and work on your glutes at the same time.

Hip Thrust

Many gyms will have some equipment for hip thrusts with the barbell but you can always work with a gym plate or just body weight if you don’t have all the equipment available.



  1. Plank


Plank is one of the all time greats when it comes to core strength. There are plenty of variations to the plank that you can incorporate into your workout for maximum gains in your golf game and 6 pack.


The straight plank

Plank 2


This is is the standard plank, great for building core stability and strength


Side Plank


The side plank involves leaning on each elbow and building the core muscles to the side of your stomach



1 Hand up


Just like the normal plank except you lift 1 hand off the ground focussing all the pressure on one arm and one area of the stomach and strengthening it.



1 Leg Up

Just like the normal plank except you lift one leg of the ground and this will really help to build your strength in each leg and also the lower stomach.




Super Woman

1 leg and the opposite arm must be lifted off the ground by an inch and this will put intense pressure on the core.

We recommend going through each exercise and holding each variation for 10 secs before moving on to the next one and then finishing with 10 seconds of normal plank and 20 push ups.




  1. Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

Ok, so a lot of your golf power is going to come from the shoulders. Many women don’t want to put on too much muscle and we if stay out of the muscle building rep ranges (7 – 12) we will achieve lean and toned shoulders that are super strong and not too bulky.


You can approach the shoulder press with dumbells on a bench, using a shoulder press machine, doing military style presses with a barbell or even using a smith machine


For strength you should do 5*5 strength training and then lighter sets with 15 to 20 reps for conditioning and toning.



  1. Lunges

Lunges And Shoulders Lunges

Lunges are another favourite for building solid legs, glutes and they are also excellent for the core. You can approach these with just your body or you can hold a dumbbell in each hand but remember to go light cos these are tough!


If you step forward into a lunge you can immediately bring your back root out to front and step into another lungem, walking the length of the floor as you lunge. Aim for 6-10 each side and do 3-4 sets.



  1. Bench Press

Bench Press

A lot of ladies focus predominantly on the lower body, but if we want to be balanced athletes and golf players, we can’t ignore any of the important muscle groups. Bench pressing will add strength to our chest, triceps and shoulders. It is a compound movement that can really get us hitting further consistently.


We should be in our strength range here of 5*5 or 6*4 reps and you can finish this off with push ups to really stimulate your body.


If you don’t have access to a gym facility you can replace these with 3 sets of 20 push ups.



  1. Mountain Climbers

Hill Climbers

These are a perfect exercise for awesome core strength and a jaw dropping flat stomach that will have your friends looking for your routine.


Mountain climbers are performed by lying in the pushup position and bring your knees up to meet your chest. We recommend building up to 50 reps with each leg for 3 sets or as part of a circuit.



  1. Sled Runs

Sled Runs

Nothing spells power like a sled run. When I used to fight muay thai, I knew I was getting an advantage over my opponent by doing sets of sled runs.


These are great for building up leg, glute, arm and core strength making it a great all rounder for improving your golf game and dropping a dress size.


We recommend 3 sets with a quite heavy load for an effective workout.


  1. Core Twist With Cable


This is a great exercise for improving your golf swing. The golf swing heavily involves a swinging motion and if we can add strength to our lateral movements, we are onto a winner in terms of hitting the ball further. Hitting it straight is the next job many of us! 😊


Check out this vid to help incorporate the cable twists at the end of your workout!


  1. Bonus Finishing Off With Crunch Circuit

What workout would be complete with some crunch circuits to finish it off.

Try aim to do these all in a row without stopping


Traditional Crunch

Bring your knees up to your stomach and hold the positions. Lift your head to meet you knees and squeeze your core at the top of the movement. Try aim for 20


Flutter Kicks

Try Aim For 20 Flutter Kicks. You can put your hands under your bum for some extra support.



Bicycle Crunches

These are super effective. Bring your left elbow to meet your right knee and vice versa. You can aim for 15 to 20 of these depending on how difficult your are finding it.



Arms to Legs

Place your legs straight up in the air and bring your hands up to touch your turns for a quality ab burn.



Plank Position Alternates

Go into the plank position resting on your elbows and then move into a press up position with your hands on the ground.


Push ups To Finish

Finish off the circuits with 20 push ups or by holding the regular plank again for 10 seconds.






This is a tough workout and contains a lot of the main ingredients to a strong golf game if you stick with it. We recommend a relatively intense workout maybe three times a week and also include a cardio session if you are not playing golf everyday. Medium intensity should be fine like a 5-10km run that will improve your fitness over time so you don’t get tired as you make your way around the course.


The best women golf are putting the work in at the gym and you need to as well if you want to compete at the top level of any sport.



What Are The Benefits Of Working Out for female golfers

Everybody should work out regularly and eat well whether you are golfer are not but if you play golf there are a lot of extra advantages. You’ll look better, move better, radiate confidence, be in a better mood and perform better on the course without fatiguing towards the end of the workout.

Who doesn’t want to look amazing in their golf outfit and play a better round than before, win a tournament or even become a pro. If you dedicate yourself to the game, anything is possible.

You know the feeling when you are losing concentration on the back nine. That is cause by being tired. Improve your fitness and you’ll perform better on the back nine for sure.